18 Best T-shirt Printing Machines To Use In 2020: Take Your First Step Into T-Shirt Business World With Confidence!


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Googling the best t-shirt printing machine might be what brought you here today. So, why do you need that? Do you want to give your friend a lovely t-shirt as a birthday gift? Do you want to imprint your art on a t-shirt to make it memorable? Or are you the kind of team coach who thinks that the team’s outfit plays an important role when things get heavy?

How do you wish to achieve financial stability? Is it through a passive income source? A side-hustle? Or by starting your own business? Cheers, it’s 2020, your goal is a few clicks away. All you need is a laptop, a good sense of style and, one of those best t-shirt printing machines to start.

Let’s face it, choosing the best t-shirt printing machine is now more challenging than ever due to the ever-expanding list of 3D printing startups. This article isn’t going to be your only key to finding what’s best for you, but it should at least reduce some of the efforts you have to go through and narrow-down your searching zone to reach your decision faster.

18 Best T-shirt Printing Machines In 2020

? Flatbed Printer T-shirt Printing Machine 


This 77-pound printer first came to light in March 2020. It suits both dark and light colors. So, it doesn’t matter if you were planning to make a party-night black t-shirt or a summertime-friendly white one. It’s all available.

Additionally, the printed image will have a long lifetime due to the scratch resistance and waterproof ability that flatbed printer promises. So, you can expect the next t-shirt you print with this beast to last for a long time.

Furthermore, it can print 8 pages of text per minute; this came in handy when your t-shirt design was complex, or in case you were planning to have a writing-style t-shirt art.

? The Transfer Crafts 9×12 Inch Heat Press


Do you want a personal, fast, lightweight, fully assembled, and easy to use heat press machine that not only works perfectly in printing t-shirts, but you can also use it to print all different types of garments, plates, ceramic tiles, and bags? Then this might be the best t-shirt printing machine for you.

? SURPCOS 5 in 1 Heat Press Machine


Although it might be a little bit expensive compared to the previous options, the 59 bound 2018 SURPCOS product deserves every penny you pay for, and here is why:

  • It’s A Multi-Usage Printing Machine: you can print words on caps, bags, ceramic tiles, mouse mats, jigsaw puzzles, plates, and t-shirts.
  • Adjustable Pressure. 
  • It Takes All Safety Measures With Its 360° Rotation Of The Swing Arm.

? PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Press Machine 


This 15″ x15″ t-shirt heat press machine is for industrial use (despite the mid-range price). It has a digital controller, 17 ½” long arm handle, 1440 Watt, 110 voltage, and 32-455°F temperature range. It’s hard to describe it as the best t-shirt printing machine, but it can easily climb its way to the top 5 list.

? Professional Digital Transfer Sublimation Swing-Away 360-degree Rotation Heat Press Machine


You can use this long-term survivor printing machine to print words on multiple surfaces other than t-shirts, including caps, bags, and plates. It has a modern digital time display, a time controller, and an electronic pointer to make it even more desirable to use.

? A3 Flatbed Printer With Touch Screen


This is a more expensive choice, which isn’t for personal use and early-stage businesses. It has an astonishing 5760 × 1440bDPI printing accuracy and about 1440 DPI / 10 min printing speed, making it one of the best t-shirt printing machines on our list.

? Bettersub Print T-Shirt Machine


This style-friendly black mid-range t-shirt printing machine is suitable for everyone. It’s easy to use, affordable, adjustable pressure, and come with 26,280 hours lifetime!

? Transfer Crafts T-Shirt Heat Press & Digital Sublimation Machine (9 x 12)


This fully-assembled t-shirt printing machine has a unique alarm that tells you when your t-shirt is ready, wait! There is more to say about transfer craft (9×12). It has a temperature range from 0-500°F. It can permanently transfer the design into your t-shirt (lasts relatively longer than others) and has digital and LCDs that show time and temperature. All that with a budget-friendly irresistible price!

? PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Press Machine 


Fancierstudio Power Heat Press introduces you to a whole new printing industry where simple design meats with high-quality and unlimited unique features give the user an unforgettable printing experience.

? DTG Printer T-Shirt Printing Machine A4 


There is a reason why this HRM printing machine expensive. DTG commercial printer has a 12 ppm printing speed. It’s compatible with Windows XP up to Windows 10 operating systems, it has no discrimination regarding t-shirt’s color, and can change real-time temperature settings.

? Smartxchoices Pro 5 in 1 Heat Press Machine


The modern look wasn’t the only reason Smartxchoices pro got its 4.6 out of 5 reviews on Amazon. What drove people’s attention towards it because it is easy to use, secure, offers full-range pressure adjustment, and the fact that it can preserve images’ colors in a spectacular way that’s hard to find somewhere else.

? TUSY Industrial Quality Clamshell Heat Press Machine for T-shirts 15×15 Inch


If none of the above 12 options was a match for you, then here is why this 1400 watt, 110 voltage, and full-range pressure adjustable t-shirt printing machine might be the one:

  • It is Affordable.
  • It has a Large Plate. 
  • It has a Catchy Design. 
  • It’s Easy To Use 
  • It has an LCD Control Board. 
  • It has Adjustable Pressure. 

? Seeutek Heat Press 12″ X 10″ Professional Heat Transfer Digital Sublimation Machine


Seeutek Heat Press 12″ X 10″ is a rare example where you can find a budget-friendly modern t-shirt printing machine with an LED intelligent memory digital controller and a multi-usage structure (caps, mugs, ceramic tiles, and more).

? Seeutek Heat Press Machine 15×15 Inch Industrial Digital Heat Transfer Printing Machine 


Seeutek keeps surprising us with its t-shirt printing machines that are made “for-all.” Although the name suggests an industrial-only use, the Seeutek heat press machine’s low price says something entirely different. You can use this mega 15″ ×15″ printer to print your name into your new phone’s case, shopping totes, mouse mats, and that new bag you got on your birthday.

? RoyalPress 12″x15″ Color LED Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Transfer Machine.


This is another 12″×15″ mega printer. Its release date was 2019, it weighs only 10 pounds and has a color LED intelligent memory digital temperature. It’s used for industrial purposes and can be the best t-shirt printing machine if you are looking for a high-quality option that lasts long.

? Automatic A3 F3050 Flatbed Printer (L1800)


This lovely yet expensive 2020-made black t-shirt printing beast might be the thing your well-scaled t-shirt business needs to go wild. Automatic A3 F3050 Flatbed injects printing machine gives you the freedom to manually or automatically adjust the printable high. RIP9.0 software that came as a default option with the device also gives it enhanced production efficiency by printing color and white simultaneously and avoiding minor printing errors.

? A4 DTG T-Shirts Printer Machine


This CYQ neat-in-black printing machine is for commercial use only. One of its many characteristics is the ability to get the work done in no time! The speedy t-shirt printing machine can print 210 x 297mm size page (an A4-size paged) in only 5 minutes, making it a suitable choice for multitasking and always-busy businesses.

AcroRip9.0 system-powered gives this machine the ability to print white and color simultaneously to get things done faster. It takes 10

? Super Deal Newest 12″ X 10″ Heat Press Machine Clamshell Sublimation Transfer Machine


This is another 12″ ×10″ mega printer. Its release date was 2017, it weighs only 10 pounds and has a color LED intelligent memory digital temperature. It’s used for industrial purposes and can be the best t-shirt printing machine if you are looking for a high-quality option that lasts long.

Selecting A T-Shirt Printing Machine

Now that you have successfully familiarized yourself with the leading t-shirt printing machines, it’s time to settle with one and exclude the other 16.

Before you select your t-shirt printing machine, you should be well-informed about the methods used to print a t-shirt. Generally, there are 3 methods; heat printing, screen printing, and digital printing.

Each printing method has its pros and cons; thus, your preferred method should depend on your pre-defined needs.

If you want full color, quick delivery, and darker images, and you don’t bother with the high costs, digital printing should be your go-to type. You can use a heat printing machine if you want to have more customization and don’t mind waiting extra time.

Screen printing machines are the last type of t-shirt printing machine. Their advantages include giving designs that are more durable than digital and heat printing designs. Their main downside is that they are limited in color variety.

The Bottom Line

Whatever you think is the best t-shirt printing machine for you, you need to know that it won’t do its purpose without the creativity and sense of style you add to the process. This well-mix between the industrial part (the high quality) and the art part (your touch) result in creating a high-end t-shirt that you can use as a self-brand, company identity, and a future fashion.

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