About Mohammad

I will start by writing about who I am, My name is Mohammad, and I am from Jordan. Being an affiliate and eCommerce seller is now a massive part of my life and something near to my heart, as a matter of fact, I can not believe my life now without it. I am laughing at my previous years I wasted without knowing the right path online.

Every day I spend as an affiliate, and a seller teaches me something new and makes me love everything related to it. And that is why I want to share my experience with everyone to help them reach their goals and dreams without getting into the net of the scam and scammers.

I had my share with those “Make Money Fast” Sites or people who sell ideas/ways to gain money fast online; in fact, I felt so bad back then, and I wanted to give up. I am here to explain exactly how I got acquainted with the affiliate world and what are my goals in the future are. I am not one of those typical rags-to-riches stories. Those are annoying and spread their lies like a virus, and believe me, and I tasted that in my life.

A Little STORY About Me

I was always a big dreamer… when I was a kid I had a challenging time choosing what I want, and it was frustrating to see all my friends knowing precisely what they want to become in the future.

Time passed, and my Grandmother died, she was so close to me that I decided to become a doctor to help people, YES, I achieved that I finished my medical school and became a doctor. However, I was in a shock with the real-life problems that started to come day after day, all that debt and loans I need to pay, no income in my country until I finish specializing, which takes more than seven years and much more.

So I decided to stop worrying and thinking negatively and start searching for a way to start a business to support myself. I started my online business journey and all its problems that I faced for more than four years from false ways to gain money, scammersand much more of suffering that made me want to give up.

While I was losing hope, I discovered eCommerce and affiliate marketing with this fantastic program from someone making massive money from it. So I decided to give it a last chance and try it! That’s when my real money-making journey started, No fast money gain, no bullshit money gain. It is only working hard and see the results of your work.


My start was full of rage and disbelief and doubts and started to ask myself, Is this real? Am I really going to see results soon enough? And then I started for FREE, and I was telling myself it is no way free, and they will ask money from FIRST VIDEO as others did and do! But then the surprise was huge for me! 

created my first website for free; in fact, I could create two websites for free and learn many things I did not know two days ago. At that moment I decided THIS IS IT! THIS IS WHAT I AM SEARCHING FOR ALL THESE YEARS.


Many people like me had huge losses searching for Online businesses and searching for a better life. So my goal is to help others to discover the magic of affiliate marketing and even Online marketing choices that might interest you where they can build a profitable online business starting for FREE, Yes for free! Check It Out!

And suppose they wish to get into the fast lane. In that case, the option is available to use the strength of an online university course at a bargain-basement cost, which means you will pay less than your University just to start a huge business idea.

Now that my eyes are opened, I want to share the possibilities with others. As I did, they can check this out for free and make up their own minds if this is right for them or not, No scammers to twist your mind about the truth you will check these businesses for free and decide by yourself if it is right for you or not.

MY MISSION IN ProWealthyAffiliate.com

The goal of my site and the mission of my life is to educate my readers through a series of thought-provoking Blogs to see the possibilities available to them from small online businesses to huge chances out there. There is absolutely nothing to lose to give this system a try. I shall show you a world of more than 1,500,000 members worldwide who are actively participating in affiliate marketing businesses that changed my world itself. We are a community of entrepreneurs who are led by a team of genuinely caring members.

The level of mentoring is merely fantastic and so simple that they can turn any beginner into a professional in no time. Nothing extra is charged for this incredible group of knowledgeable individuals who are willing to help as I said you start as a free member and you will see that with your own eyes. All that is necessary is to ask any questions you may have.

The caliber of courses is incredible and easily absorbed for all beginners and professionals.

More will be revealed in the Blogs and posts that I am creating at my Pro Wealthy Affiliate site. This is an ongoing process to change others’ life as it changed mine.

All the best,

M. Alkhawaldeh

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Dalin Mohammad
Dalin Mohammad
1 year ago

Your words are wonderful and close to the heart. God bless you, Dr. Muhammad, in all your steps.

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