Is ClickBank University A Scam? Unbiased CBU Review 2022

ClickBank University

$47 / month

Value Of Money


Educational Value




Live Q&A


CB Builder





  • The one-month money back guaranteed
  • Say goodbye to the amateurs and learn straight from the pros
  • CBU videos are easy to follow and understand
  • The education provided at CBU suits students from all different levels newbies, intermediates, and oldies
  • CBU chat forum would be a treasure if you knew how to use it properly
  • You will get a free web builder


  • $594 is super expensive for a funnel builder tool, especially for those who aren't making any profits yet
  • Your hands are tied when it comes to the educational ladder
  • With CBU, your email's spam folder will complain about annoying product pitches
  • Affiliates are somehow neglected in the learning material compared to their counterpart creators
  • Non-technical CBU students might find it harder to reap the maximum benefits of the program

Is ClickBank University a scam? It is a question asked by those who don’t want their ignorance to handcuff their ability for achieving their daydreamed – from-home – financial stability but also can’t mind-digest or authenticate how someone can humanly-teach what ClickBank University is teaching at what ClickBank University is offering.

What Is ClickBank?


ClickBank is an affiliate marketplace that saw the sunlight in 1998 in California, San Diageo. Since its creation date, the US-made e-commerce retailer has successfully dominated both local and global aspects of the market.

When it comes to success in doing business, leadership matters! And the talents behind ClickBank management (CEO-Kelly Householder/CTO-Jason Scherer/CFO-Ryan Vestal) are the ones to be thanked.

Here are a few numbers that illustrate how big ClickBank is:

  • In a world with a total of 200 and fifty-something countries, ClickBank operates in over 200 countries! 
  • August 2014 was the shiny month for the e-commerce giant, where the number of transactions handled by the e-commerce giant hit the 30K+ limit on any given regular day! 
  • Since 2011, ClickBank’s annual profits surpassed the three coma club. 
  • There are over 276 total product categories on ClickBank! 
  • As of October 2020, the gargantuan retailer has over 23789 marketplaces listing (i.e., products). 
  • ClickBank enjoys an impressive portfolio with over 6 million entrepreneurs using the website, and more than 200 million customers benefiting from ClickBank products.
  • Being on the game for over two decades, ClickBank has earned a seat for itself among the top 100 internet retailing companies (an excellent spot to be in, considering that its industry has nearly one trillion dollars in total annual revenue). 
  • According to their website, ClickBank offered its affiliates $4.2 billion in commissions throughout its 20 years + run (such skyrocketing numbers make you wonder: is ClickBank University a scam?). 
  • ClickBank reached a point where its daily purchases surpassed the 30K+ limit (this is as of October 2020).

What Is CBU?


CBU is short for ClickBank University. ClickBank University is an educational camp powered by ClickBank and was released 16 years after the e-commerce platform launched (March 2014). Version 2.0 of ClickBank University released two years afterward.

ClickBank University training center is an attempt to level-up the earning level of those making a living online. CBU is trying to serve its purpose via two approaches:

  • Guiding the internet creator on the path to learn how to engineer his/her product and market it on the web. 
  • Teaching the affiliate marketer how he/she can market other people’s stuff over the internet. 

Just like executive power determines business success, teaching power is what counts in an educational institution. Justin Atlan, Adam Horwitz, and Milana Kalimullova are the three faces that will pup-up plenty of times if you decided that there are ClickBank University scam-limiting rules that make the educational environment an inhabitable place to be in.

Here is a brief notebook about the three talented ClickBank learning-providers:

  1. Justin Atlan: he is one of ClickBank’s founders and will take the lead of the first section of the educational program (that will be the product creation/promotion course for vendors).
  2. Adam Horwitz: is also a part of the ClickBank founding team. Adam Horwitz is responsible for teaching the second section of the ClickBank University program (that’s the affiliates section).
  3. Milana Kalimullova: she is a talented UC Irvine graduate from the economics program. Milana appears on sales videos along with several other CBU videos.

Is ClickBank University A Scam? The Truth Behind CBU Revealed!

“Is ClickBank University a scam” riddle can be answered only with NO. ClickBank University is a fully-legitimate training center that seeks to help those depending on their living – or their businesses depend on their living – on the internet to reap the full benefit of the zero and one medium.


ClickBank University: An Overview

  • Name: ClickBank University
  • Owner: Keynetics, Inc.
  • Pricing: $47/month
  • Overall Review: 4.3 out of 5.0
  • Value Of Money: 4.0 out of 5.0
  • Educational Value: 4.9 out of 5.0
  • Community: 4.6 out of 5.0
  • Live Q&A: 4.3 out of 5.0
  • CB Builder: 3.5 out of 5.0
  • Toolkit: 4.4 out of 5.0

ClickBank University: The Pros And Cons

The Advantages Of ClickBank University

  • The one-month money back guaranteed

Been struggling with the question “is ClickBank University a scam?” lately? No worries! You aren’t time-tied into making your decision about CBU authenticity.

With CBU, you will have up to 30 days to decide once and for all: is ClickBank university a scam or legitimate. If you noticed any scam-like behavior on the platform pre the end of your first month, you are free to cancel and get your 47 bucks back (doesn’t sound like a brilliant move for someone with scam-intensions to me).

  • With ClickBank University, say goodbye to the amateurs and learn straight from the pros

Whether you are a vendor or an affiliate, you can guarantee that you will not receive anything but top-quality education when choosing CBU.

The lessons are provided by ClickBank’s founders, who have years of experience om the topics they teach. No amateur is among the teaching team of ClickBank University.

  • CBU videos are easy to follow and understand

The manpower behind it is well-educated, and training videos at ClickBank University are made to be super easy to digest and understand.

  • The education provided at CBU suits students from all different levels newbies, intermediates, and oldies

There is no value of top-quality education if it only serves the top 5% – or the lower 5%. People at CBU understood this quite often and did the best of what they humanly-capable of to ensure CBU students at any level can digest their learning material without hurdles.

  • CBU chat forum would be a treasure if you knew how to use it properly

Valuable education doesn’t come cheap; neither does it comes obstacle-free. CBU’s founding team knew such a fact and tried – successfully – to erase any during-learning hurdles that might pause the teaching journey for the students, not by themselves, but by making it much easier for those with experience to reach out to those with problems.

If you aren’t satisfied enough with the education you received so far, ClickBank University has something more to add to the table – a free web builder!

You can use that web builder to create your killer funnel page or launch a leading page that converts. It’s all yours to use, and it also comes with the manual book to help you learn when and how to use it (see section toolkit of the ClickBank University review).

The Disadvantages Of ClickBank University

  • $594 is super expensive for a funnel builder tool, especially for those who aren’t making any profits yet

The price dedicated to educational-related tools is very high. $594 is twice the monthly payment you will pay for during your whole CBU stay.

  • Your hands are tied when it comes to the educational ladder (i.e., you can’t jump lessons without having to wait weeks first!)

Can’t wait to see “The Easy Video Sales Letter” lesson? Think “Creating Your Avatar” is a waste of time? Sorry, dear vendor, the folks at CBU love to go by the rules. Just like you can’t skip a junior year to senior in a university, you’ll need to follow along with the weekly assigned lessons at ClickBank University.

  • With CBU, your email’s spam folder will complain about annoying product pitches

Remember those 23789 marketplace items ClickBank has; they are going to pay your email spam folder a regular visit now and then. Some might not have a problem with it. Some might see it as annoying.

  • Affiliates are somehow neglected in the learning material compared to their counterpart creators

That’s correct. ClickBank University’s vendors’ section is far more information-rich and worthy than affiliates.

  • Non-technical CBU students might find it harder to reap the maximum benefits of the program

Besides a few copywriting knowledge and a bit of designing lessons, ClickBank University isn’t a place for non-technical savvies to be in.


CBU Version 2.0: How Much Improvement Is There?

Two years after the original release (ClickBank University v1.0), CBU returns more robust, informative, and reliable. Improvements at CBU aren’t a nutshell. A complete section – The Affiliate section – wasn’t originally there in ClickBank University’s first release.

With the affiliates training lesson, anyone hoping to score a fixed-income behind the computer’s screen will have the complete knowledge to do so.

Adam Horwitz is the new face of ClickBank University. He is a very successful internet entrepreneur making millions on ClickBank and has no problem sharing the secrets to success.

The Value Of Money

So, let’s break down the pricing at ClickBank. It’s super easy.

  • Vendors pay a fee of $49.95 (paid once).
  • ClickBank University students pay $47 (paid monthly).
  • ClickBank affiliates are ready to go without paying a dime!

Considering the parties who are responsible for spoon-feeding you, your education, and the success they’ve made themselves on the platform, adding to it the top-quality, easy to understand nature of videos at CBU, your money is well invested in an education that will hopefully lead to somewhere.

However, if you want to drive the fast lane road to wealth, then CBU money would’ve been wasted for nothing since time is the only thing that will be stopping between you and fast results (time to fully-absorb your education, time to be able to apply it in the real world, and time for the results to show itself).


The Educational Program

The weekly-based educational program at CBU is highly beneficial for you as a vendor or an affiliate marketer. The program covers it all! From the slow-base introduction to where the real fun happens and eventually to the tips and tricks part. Here is a quick outline of the lessons you will receive in CBU as a vendor or an affiliate.

A. For Vendors

  1. How to Find Your Product Idea. 
  2. How to Create an Avatar that Sells. 
  3. In Which Form Can You Create Your Product.
  4. Upsells. 
  5. Conversions. 
  6. Video Sales. 
  7. Introducing Your Product to CB Marketplace. 
  8. Making Relations with Affiliates. 
  9. Scaling Your Business.

B. For Affiliates

  1. What is Affiliate Marketing?
  2. Niche-Haunting. 
  3. The Sale’s Writing. 
  4. The Email that Sells. 
  5. Expanding your success as an affiliate

The Chat Forum

The chat forum is like the university’s backyard. It’s where all CBU students – from different levels – get to meet and exchange their experiences during their CBU stay period.

At the chat forum, you will find who has been using ClickBank for years, who joined the program three months ago, and who has been here for a week or so.

ClickBank University‘s community is well-organized and functions to be the best place for students to be in if they aren’t watching their training videos (i.e., you don’t have to leave ClickBank at all!).

Live Q&A

The live Q&A is one of ClickBank University’s many support methods. Experts will go on-air to share tips and tricks regarding different ClickBank University lessons. It’s a beneficial bonus to those who think they have a place left to receive one or two more info or solve a problem in one of the lessons.

Besides live Q&A, support methods are plenty. There is email support, phone support, and for those in a hurry, you can receive the solution to your problems via live chats.


CBU Refund Policy

I’ve hared many people asking: “is ClickBank University a scam?”. Well, this refund policy is how the platform responds to such claims. It’s a one-month money back guaranteed refund policy. It’s made just in case the teaching method was compelling you or that you’ve decided to switch roads from online work to the offline one.


ClickBank’s marketplace isn’t a jewelry shop. It’s a human-made store were your chances at finding the “extremely bad” as far as your chances at finding the “remarkably good!”.


Can you do your schooling properly without a notebook, a pen, and a reference, or too? For the ClickBank University program to offer real-life teaching experience, you must visit the section toolkit. The toolkit section covers many money-making-related topics, such as designing and website optimization.

In this section of ClickBank University, you will learn how to set up a domain name for your website (using GoDaddy), how to create the PowerPoint sale presentation that sells, and how to use Camtasia software to record and edit your sales.

Plus, during your stay at toolkit, you learn a little bit about design-related topics such as creating banners, designing posts, and designing software such as Canva.

Finally, you will learn a little bit about ClickBank Builder and its use in creating your next funnel page, how Optimonk increases conversions, and why Upwork is the best place to outsource.

CB Builder

ClickBank Builder is ClickBank’s own funnel page builder. With it, you can build a solid funnel page without having to worry about coding skills or programmers drinking money away from your budget.


Is CBU For Everyone?

No. ClickBank university isn’t for anyone. Only those who need digital marketing knowledge to fully-perform their online job/business (mostly blogging, e-commerce, or creating YouTube content) are the ones that can justify dedicating so much time (more than 6-months period to conclude both CBU vendors and affiliates programs) and so much money (a total of nearly $900 during that half-an-year period) into ClickBank University program.

The many reasons why is ClickBank University, a scam-free, healthy environment, might magnet you into blindly-checking out the platform.

Nevertheless, if leading pages, funnel pages, and copywriting skills aren’t things that exist on your job description or things your business desperately needs, then ClickBank university doesn’t worth the time and money you put for.

The Bottom Line

You are the only one capable of answering, “is ClickBank University a scam?”. If you think you’ve been scammed by paying 47 bucks a month for the knowledge fellers at ClickBank University spoon-feed you, simply don’t renew your CBU monthly subscription!

If you are on team CBU, then you will need to know this: ClickBank University – like any university – is only throwing the ladder for you. The ability to climb through successfully isn’t something folks at ClickBank University included on their monthly payment agreement – this is where your desire plays a part.

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