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The first question that came to my mind before starting an affiliate marketing business is, “Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?” After I got my answer, I took action to begin in this business. With more than 15% of all digital media revenue and 12 billion dollars worth, no one can argue with the rapid growth of affiliate marketing.

Unlike other types of online income, affiliate marketing is headed in a breakneck speed, which makes almost any analyst describe it as the future of online business. Does all that mean you should just follow the “crowd” and begin your path to wealth with affiliate marketing?

Of course, not, questions like “can you make money with affiliate marketing? “are a vital part of the process, and we admire those who ask such questions before they do business.

Therefore, we will take the next 10 minutes of your valuable time in an attempt to provide what could be a sufficient answer to the question, “can you make money with affiliate marketing?” so we hope you have a pleasant reading.

Before going forward, make sure you’ve read our tutorial on affiliate marketing basics; if not, you may start with it from here.

How Far Can You Really Go With Affiliate Marketing?


Do you know who this is? She is Kylie Jenner, with more than 1 billion dollars in net worth at the age of 22, Kylie Jenner becomes the world’s youngest female billionaire. How is it relevant! You might wonder, to understand, let’s look at how Kylie gained her fortune.

Kylie kicked off her career by starring in the television series (E! reality). From 2007 she starred on (keeping up with the Kardashians), and, with time and popularity, Kylie turned into an icon. 

A media influencer, today she has more than 187 million followers on Instagram, with such amount of traffic, promoting an affiliate product isn’t going to be a hard job for Kylie anymore. 

As long as she keeps up with her style, the followers will increase, promoting will be much more comfortable, and the money will be flowing in her hand. 

So, ask me again, can you make money with affiliate marketing like Kylie? Keep reading to get a good grasp of this question’s answer!

Here Is The Worst-Case Scenario With Affiliate Marketing

If a billion-dollar is a way far goal than what you’ve planned for, you might be wondering, what could I make at my first days? How far could I go in these very early days of affiliate marketing?

To answer these types of questions, we must first define “early,” not everyone’s first days on affiliate marketing are alike, someone who has established a considerable amount of Traffic – let’s say more than 10k followers on any social media – of course, won’t have the same troubles as that who has just started.

While both will be new to affiliate marketing, one could earn from 500 up to 1000 dollars on their very first days, while the other might earn zero. 

So, here, things started to get a little messy, and the answer to the very same question, “can you make money with affiliate marketing?” could range anywhere between “few pennies” and “one billion dollars”!


Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing? Here Are The Key Elements That Turns Zero To a 7 Figure in Revenue With Affiliate Marketing

Whether you decided to begin with affiliate marketing, eCommerce, or any other investment ideas, it has to start from ZERO. However, If starting with zero isn’t a strategy you want to follow, here are few things that might help.

It Starts From The Outside

To be a great affiliate marketer, there is one rule that cannot be dismissed: Gaining Traffic. So, to put it simply, to get clicks for your affiliate links, you need high traffic. That high traffic could be gained from many sources, such as:

Whatever path you are going with, if you depend only on your online followers, gaining the required attention will be a far more tricky task that you think.

Also, I don’t recall any famous social media influencer with little or no impact outside the internet, without starting first from the outside world, they could never reach where they are today, and, so as you, if you are considering going blindly into the affiliate marketing process, it’s a wrong way to go.

We advise you to start with your already established social network outside the internet like friends and family, convince them to follow you, and then from there, and it will be easier to gain more followers.

However, if you think your current network isn’t enough, then consider expanding it first; it will provide you with new relationships and influence more people to follow you. With all that done, “YES” will be the new guaranteed answer for the question, “can you make money with affiliate marketing?”


Build Your Own Distinguished Brand

Pat Flynn, John Chow, Jeremy Schoemaker, Neil Patel, Lady Gaga & Cristiano Ronaldo are successful affiliate marketers. Some became famous because of their affiliate marketing businesses. Others started their own affiliate marketing businesses as a side-hustle once they got famous. Still, all shared one unique thing: their charisma and style, and, more importantly, the brand they shaped themselves in. 

Let’s take Lady Gaga, for example, from the name, the look, the clothing, and, even the voice, everything in her tells you; either she was born that way or wants you to think so, as a brilliant marketing technique for going popular quickly!

Lady Gaga isn’t what we want to debate on today, but, since you asked “can you make money with affiliate marketing?” we will say “YES” only if you’ve managed to shape yourself into an exceptional brand, one that will ease your way on affiliate marketing path to reach your goals.

If You Like It You Will Sell It!

Getting high traffic is one thing, but selling is another. To be able to sell your product “or the merchant’s product” efficiently you will face many obstacles down the road, here we put the light on some of them, from the very start till the purchase in the order they are.

Your product should be well fitted with the content you are already posting so that your followers (or future customers) don’t feel like they are sitting in an advertising channel. 

  • Describing The Product The Right Way

You need to provide a good description of your product, what will it look like? How will the customer benefit from it? And, will it be for anyone? The best offer, etc.

  • To Be Able To Review The Product With Your Customers In A Private Messaging

You should be able to describe your product in a perfect way, showing any unique features or any special offers, a flawless presentation must be given to your customer.

  • Be Honest By Telling Your Own Experience And Story With The Product

Your followers, readers, and customers will be curious about why you are encouraging them to try such a product, and they need to get answers for their questions from you and be sincere about it. Remember that they are following you because they trust you.

In every challenge you face promoting your product, you will have a more tricky job if you weren’t familiar with the product, or even if you hate it!

To answer the question “can you make money with affiliate marketing?” you should first consider the one thing you are familiar with and likes the most. Once you identify such a thing, you need to do proper research for it in the affiliate programs available and promote it and, only it.

With time you will understand why such a choice is unique and essential. The advantages that come with promoting something that you already liked versus the disadvantages of something you aren’t familiar with.


Don’t Forget About Statistics – Numbers Make Money!

If you aren’t keeping track of your daily visitors, clicks, and purchasing, then you aren’t making the most out of your high traffic. Statistics are vital when it comes to affiliate marketing, but, even though many people seem to forget about it altogether.

Here is a brief description of what statistics could show you, and with this information, you can make more money with affiliate marketing.

  • Are Followers Responding Well With That Specific Product You Are Offering?
  • Should You Increase Marketing On That Product Or Keep It As It Is? 
  • Who Are Your Targeted Customers?
  • Is It Useless To Continue Promoting That Certain Product?
  • Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing By Promoting Your Products?
  • Should You Change Your Strategies?
  • Should You Change The Products?
  • Which Is The Social Media Platform Sending You High-Quality Customers More?

Let’s take a quick example to show how statistics work.

If you were promoting a product for six months, and, with statistics that show zero clicks or visits, then probably there is something wrong you are doing in this promotion, and it needs to be changed.

With more information you gather from different statistics, you can understand your audience’s behavior more and, therefore, make changes accordingly, which will improve your promotion.


Final Thought On Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing‘s Question

Affiliate marketing isn’t an easy road, and it’s certainly not for anyone. These previous points could help ease your path to making money from affiliate marketing. However, the only thing between making a side hustle, making almost nothing, and doing a billion-dollar business, is how passionate you are and how much time, effort, energy, work, and even money you are willing to put in the process.

If you are following my blog for a while, you already know my opinion about affiliate marketing and how I decided to learn everything from a wealthy affiliate as they have the best affiliate marketing training program. After I finished the training, I decided to help people just like you to make money online.

You will find many blogs that will teach you every detail and aspect of affiliate marketing, eCommerce, and many other ways. However, they all have one thing in common; they need effort and hard work with a passion for continuing to the end of this road to reach your goals.

Are you ready to do so?

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