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Are you searching for a guide on how to start with the affiliate marketing business? You just found it!

Passive income is a topic that’s always successfully finding it’s way to our dreams checklist, especially if it was from home kind of passive income. What if I tell you that we have what’s suitable for your ambitious desires?

In today’s topic, we are going to discuss in a detailed approach on how to start with the affiliate marketing business from your home with no money, and just a laptop so keep following.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Starting our guide on how to start with the affiliate marketing business from your home before understanding what is affiliate marketing can be a bad beginning. 

Therefore, we must understand the meaning of affiliate marketing and what to expect from it. 

Affiliate marketing is a process by which part A (The Seller) Pays Part B (The Affiliate) a specific amount of money C (The Commission) if A successfully managed to promote D (The Product) to particular target E (Family Or Friends).

How Does It Actually Work?

Simply the seller provides the affiliate (You) with a specific link for each product needed to be promoted. 

When one of the targeted audience that you have promoted the product to clicks on that particular link, a small file called a cookie is automatically stored in the seller computer, allowing him to tell which audience was referred by which affiliate.

For each product, get clicked by your referral link you got a commission (already agreed on) of that product’s value. 

For example, if you referred a 100 dollar product with 25% commission, you will get $25 from each click results from your referral link, if you got 100 clicks that’s an easy two and a half grand goes to your pocket.


Pros And Cons On How To Start With The Affiliate Marketing Business

Like any other passive money-making idea, affiliate marketing has its list of advantages and disadvantages, which makes this business unique by itself and not for everyone.

Pros Of Affiliate Marketing

#1 An excellent way to make money for famous and socially active people

The more social base you got in your social media, the more likely your referral link is getting clicked. 

#2 Little to no money needed to start

Affiliate marketing can be done with a regular laptop and a standard internet connection. Investment is only required when you are trying to boost your results for a specific target, but even then, only little is needed. 

#3 Requires zero experience or talent

You don’t need a million followers based on Instagram or to be a famous musician or even two-year expertise to be successful with the affiliate marketing business. 

#4 Earn money while sleeping                                                               

While many gurus out there trying so hard to complicate it, it’s actually a straightforward process.

If you post your referral link anywhere online (more on that on the tips and tricks section) you don’t actually have to be present for the magic to take effect if someone clicks on it while you are sleeping you got paid, if someone clicks on it thousand years after posting, guess what? 


You get paid too (or maybe your grandkids that case) sounds like a sweet deal. Isn’t it?

#5 Share beneficial products to those you care about

While affiliate marketing is one of the most efficient and most productive ways to generate a passive income from home, it doesn’t necessarily have to be just about money. 

When sharing good quality products that bring value to the community, you feel that heroic sense of sharing benefits.


Cons Of Affiliate Marketing

#1 Little control over what products you are promoting 

This is one of the most frustrating things about affiliate marketing because, even if you choose a specific type of product to promote, you can’t actually decide anything. Whether you like what the seller is offering or not, you have to promote it and advise friends and relevant buying it! 

#2 It’s hard to establish a customer base

Affiliate marketing differs a lot from regular marketing in that. The second one can provide a perfect sense of customer service, while the first lacks any customer base foundation. If you got a click from an individual user, it’s tough to get the same user to buy from you again.

#3 The return isn’t always guaranteed

While you may make up to billion dollars if you learned how to start with the affiliate marketing business, you may also spend months without any return. 

#4 No way to control or predict the competition

When dealing with the subject of competition, people tend to react a lot better if they owned the products. 

However, when promoting on behalf of your merchant, it’s more challenging to predict what kind of competitive products you should be aware of. Thus, it’s more of an obstacle to outcompete them.

#5 Not for everyone

Affiliate marketing isn’t necessarily for everyone. It’s hard, needs a lot of effort, and is time-consuming (at the beginning) if you are looking for some quick get rich scheme, that’s out of our offerings today.


What Amount Of Money Am I Anticipating?

This question might have come a very little late, as it’s the first thing you thought of while reading through our main title of how to start with the affiliate marketing business. 

Nevertheless, if I were to tell you specific numbers I would be lying, the actual numbers vary from zero to more than a billion dollars. Yet, this significant gap in between depends on various factors.

  • The actual value of the products you are promoting

If you were to get only a 10% commission on each click per product, you gained more when promoting a 1000 dollar product than 100 dollars one.

  • The Percentage of the commission provided by your merchant

If that same 1000 dollar product provided by two different merchants, one that offers the original 10% commission, while the other offering a 25% percent commission, it’s certainly more beneficial to go with the second offer.

  • The medium in which the product is promoted

A product being promoted in a 10 thousand followers Twitter account clearly shows more likelihood of getting clicks than the same product promoted in one thousand accounts. 

We don’t mean to say that this experience or fame is needed. There are surely more ways for the products to get promoted without such accounts. Still, if a high potential buyers base would have been found, that’s a win-win.

  • Market relevancy to a specific audience

It is as simple as this. If most of your family and friends are tech consumers, it’s better to look for that merchant offering tech devices instead of promoting clothes.

Therefore, offering products that are meant for dog owners to cat owners is irrelevant, and it will only give you a waste of time and nothing more. Therefore, knowing your audience and their needs is a must for your affiliate marketing business.


A Step-By-Step Guide Into Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Books were written, and courses produced on the topic of affiliate marketing. Yeah, maybe sometimes it’s a tricky business. 

However, it would be best if you concerned only by learning the basics first. Accordingly, there are only 3 easy steps every affiliate marketer goes through in his journey on how to start with the affiliate marketing business. 

These steps won’t change with time and will never be much more straightforward. And it would help if you learned them one by one until you have a perfect idea about them.

  • Sign Up With An Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate marketing program or site is a simple website that joined merchants seeking to get their products promoted with affiliates looking for passive income in the form of a commission. 

Many different sites provide such service, but the most trusted and popular ones are:

By all means, there are many other affiliate marketing programs focused on specific Niche. But those five are the largest ones, and the signup process should be quickly done in a few minutes. While it really doesn’t differ a lot from site to site as they ask from the same necessary routine information with the payment methods.

  • Finding A Product And Promoting It

Once you have successfully signed up to any of the previous programs, you will automatically find yourself on a page with many types of products shown according to specific interests. 

Your next step would be to choose whatever suits you (or be more precious, whatever suits your already established audience, like we previously stated earlier).

Once you put your mind on a specific type of product, you will be given a list of all products found within that particular field (i.e., list of smartphones on the tech field). Then you will have to choose one of these products, and a referral link will be provided to you immediately.

The last part of this step is merely advertising the referral link everywhere you possibly can, through social media, personal messages, or even in one to one encounters.


  • Analyze, Re-Do, And Get Paid!

No matter how vast your influence was, or how many followers you got, analysis is a fundamental part of your affiliate marketer job and can never be avoided. 

Using specific tools (More on that in other articles), you can analyze your campaign, and show the results and expected return of your marketing effort to determine whether it’s an unbeaten run or not. 

If the answer was the last (and in your first days it will very much be always the last), then you have to re-do your marketing campaign with other strategies (more on affiliate marketing strategies in upcoming articles). 

Once you get your head wrapped up with the right strategy and the perfect results, MONEY FOLLOWS.

Extra Tips And Tricks For Better Results

  • A successful YouTube channel in a specific field (Niche), which also happens to be the same one as your affiliate products program, is always a great deal.
  • Instagram accounts would come at number two if YouTube weren’t an option for you. More followers you build, the more potential income you can make.
  • A successful Blog that features articles on the same field as your affiliate program products are your number 3 option (YouTube is preferred as video content consumers are more extensive than text content consumers).
  • If you want to get the best results, why not combine all the three together. Sure it’s a hard job, but the results are guaranteed and high!


Is Affiliate Marketing For You?

After going through this guide on how to start with the affiliate marketing business, you have a good idea about this field. Also, if you are interested to learn more about affiliate marketing, read our other articles here. 

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to build a passive income with hard work and commitment. However, you must understand that affiliate marketing is not for everyone. 

To earn good money through affiliate marketing and build your business, you need to be patient and work hard work. Hence, commit yourself today to achieve your goals with affiliate marketing, and eventually, you will gain great rewards.

Remember, blogging, vlogging, and affiliate marketing are marvelous when you combine them together. Personally, I believe they are fun, informative, educational, and you will earn trust and love from your audience, readers, and followers!

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