How To Start Writing A Blog For Money? How To Start Blogging For Money?



Does Writing About What You Are Passionate about Make Money? How To Start Writing A Blog For Money? How To Start Blogging For Money?

That’s the most common cliché between bloggers, online experts, and internet entrepreneurs. I’m sure you heard it before. I take advantage of this advice personally. It goes like this: If you want to earn money online, you got to pick a niche that you’re passionate about. You need to enjoy it; else it will hard to work.

Writing About What You Love?

I agree with it 100%. Lately, however, I started calling into question that rule. Creating a blog on a topic that you love is undoubtedly a great technique, and it does work well for many individuals, but I’m not sure if it’s the only way to go. The first flaw I see on that rule is the following fact: if the niche or topic you love isn’t a profitable one, it will be pretty hard to make much money online with it no matter what you do.

Assume you love Cola. Should you write about it if you want to earn money online? I am not sure. You could create a popular website around Cola, but if you decided to go with more profitable niches instead while putting the same effort and time, you could end up making much more revenue.

One controversy that people use to back up the “you got writes about what you passion” argument is the fact that if you choose a topic solely because it is profitable, soon you will lose the motivation. If you write about something you passion, on the other hand, you will have content for years to come.


The Ugly Truth?

This is partially true, but not entirely, because some people get motivated by the pure desire of earning money and becoming successful.

Strictly speaking, if they start a website on a profitable niche and see that their efforts in bringing the right amount of money, they will get motivated no matter what the niche is. They will even do research, read, and learn about it if needed. So what is my position now? I think that both strategies can work. With ups and downs.

Choosing a niche or topic because you passionate about it is an excellent way to success, but choosing a profitable one and approaching it accurately can be equally successful if not better. “You need to try my assistant in Bharat who can do that for you for $3/hour and this new free plugin for your WordPress blog.”

When you need a little refresher Google the word of the niche you need help in and add either “help” or “community” next to it.

Seek a community, forum, or blog like Wealthy Affiliate online you can hang out in for a while. You’ll come off feeling rejuvenate and possibly even with some great new tips from the community who are out there suffering the same problems as you and turning them into successes.


Does Writing About What You Are Passionate about Make Money? How To Start Writing A Blog For Money? How To Start Blogging For Money? Share your opinion about it!

Is Making Money From Blogging A Fact? Or Fiction?

If I bring up my blog to my folks, they roll their eyes or smile in a friendly “I do not understand anything but okay fine!” kind of way.

If I bring up the fact that I earn money blogging, however, I precipitously have their attention.

The approach seems easy enough. I write about problems that I related, people read it, and I earn revenue from the advertising. To those of us who’ve been doing it for a while, it’s simple. However, for beginner bloggers who are just getting started in the business. All the same, it is necessary to recognize what you are getting into.

If you are new to blogging and interested in doing it for revenue, here are a couple of things to bear in mind before dedicating yourself.


A Vast Majority Of Blogs Surge In The First Few Months

Blogging is simple. Blogging for profit is more burdensome. I will not go as far as to say it is complicated to draw a secondary wage from blogging, but it is harder than most individuals think. It is not just about creating content and slapping up some ads. Excellent writing, proper tinplating, advertisement placement, developing an audience. There are many skills required to make a blog fruitful, all of which you will need to learn.

It would be best if you blogged for the long run or not at all. A vast majority of blogs surge in the first few months, falling under carelessness and discontinuance. Couple blogs see earnings during the first few months. Unless you can stick with it for at least a year, you will probably never see any profit for your effort. Pick a niche that you enjoy and stick with it.

General-purpose or multi-topic blogs have dilemma developing a readership. Deliberate the topics that you care about most, then pick one and blog about it wholly.

Start with one blog. If you have many items on your list of possible topics, don’t give in to the provocation to start a different blog for each one. By split your effort between a few blogs, you increase the possibility that all of them will fail. Put all of your energy into one blog to start. Once you get the hang of things, then you might consider branching out with more blogs.

If you’re skeptical, test drive it, the fact is that many people do not have the drive or endurance to blog for income successfully. If you are not sure, try to start a blog on a free service such as Wix, Blogger, or WordPress. Feel it out for a while (few weeks). If by the end of this time, you have stuck with it and find yourself like blogging, then it is right for you, go ahead and commit to the effort and keep blogging. This advice applies equally well to test driving new topics if you’re hesitant what to write about.

Place ads wisely. Some individuals do not recommend placing ads on a blog until it’s matured somewhat. Others advocate putting them up right away. There are rewards and risks to both approaches. Just make sure to place your ads tactfully so as not to overwhelm your readers. Put the user experience in the first place.


Enjoy yourself. This is the real key to successful blogging. If you pick a topic that you enjoy and passionate about and start blogging about it with passion for months and years on end, your blog will build a readership, generate revenue, and generally be a success.

If, however, your blog becomes difficult to maintain, it will inevitably one day fail. Thus, if you keep up with your blog, and you love it, it will succeed and generate profit. If you do not do your research, write about things that are not of interest, and generally, don’t keep up with it; your blog will inevitably fail. So make sure always to do your research about anything you are going to blog about.

When clients buy your product or service for the first time, they make a trial purchase. If they’re satisfied, they’ll keep coming back to you. Making a beneficial product isn’t the end of the story. Many business owners make the same mistake.

lAs soon as a product is purchased, they forget the buyer. If you want to hold a customer for repeat purchases, you should improve your customer service. Provide exceptional service to a buyer who’s bought a product or service. They’ll certainly come back to you as everyone prefers safe, familiar, and quality products.

Providing the right quality product or service is just the start of the story. Don’t try to fool the buyer. When an emptor gets an excellent product from you at a fair price, he develops certain expectations. Now it’s your responsibility to live up to that expectation by keeping up the quality.

If they don’t get the right products in the next two or three purchases, they’ll search for and switch to another brand. Remember that you have competitors; they are there to draw in their attention. Brand loyalty not only earns you quick profits but maximizes your revenue in the long haul.



Does Writing About What You Are Passionate about Make Money? How To Start Writing A Blog For Money? How To Start Blogging For Money? Share your opinion about it!

Whether you choose a niche, you are passionate about or a niche that will be a considerable profit for you. Blogging needs patience and persistence to be able to achieve all your goals.

Take your time, be strong, and never give up. Blogging can take months before you start earning money, but after that, you will be the artist to find so many ways to make money from blogging.

Blogging is beautiful, fun, informative, educational, and you will earn trust and love from your visitors, followers, and readers!

What do you think about “Does Writing About What You Are Passionate about Make Money? How To Start Writing A Blog For Money? How To Start Blogging For Money?”? Do you have another opinion about it? Or a question about it? Feel free to write your comment, advice, or question below!

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Anthony Howard
Anthony Howard
4 years ago

Hello, thank you so much. For once a true reflection of what blogging for money really entails. Determination, dedication and persistence.

As you said there ain’t too many blogs out there that make a decent profit within the first few months most not even in the first year. I know this as I’ve been going just under 2 years now and I’m only just starting to see some results.

Fair enough, I had run out of steam at around the year mark and had a few months off but I decided to give it another go and yes finally, the holy grail that is “organic traffic” is starting to flow!

My top tips for anyone thinking about starting a blog is to enter a knowledgeable and supportive community, pick a niche that isn’t over saturated (believe me travel is!) and write the headings for 50 articles that you could passionately write 1500 words for each. Do that and you’ve got a good chance.

And again, thanks for the honesty.

Tamika G
4 years ago

Hi there, this was an interesting read. I think there is a sweet spot where what you are passionate about and what is profitable as it relates to a niche, overlaps. However, you’re right it’s not applicable to everyone so each person should see which option works for them. Do you think that as a beginner, it is easier to get starting blogging on something you are passionate about in terms of building momentum?

4 years ago

You make a good point here. We can still write about what we’re passionate about but the problem is sometimes it’s just too general. Better to drill down as far as possible to a very specific tight niche of people. I made that mistake early on but am just too far gone now to change it. So, I keep plugging on.

I’m a firm believer that you can make money from your blog. I’ve already done so! However, I view blogs as a tool that drives traffic and sales. Therefore, they have to be comprehensive, address problems and provide solutions.

Ruthlyn Bailey
4 years ago

Hello, This post is really an eye-opener to me and the fact that you will get passionate about your blog if you see results of making an income is true, writing a blog just because you are passionate about the subject and not being rewarded can be disappointing.

And as you said patience and determination consistency is needed.
Thank you for this post, I enjoyed reading it.

4 years ago

I wish I had articles like these when I was starting to understand everything about “How To Start Writing A Blog For Money? How To Start Blogging For Money?”. I had so many failures and missed opportunities. You really nailed it with this one — covered everything from start to finish.
I appreciate each of your posts. I have you on bookmarks.

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