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Recently, I received some messages from my followers on social media asking me ” how do people make money from blogging”. It is not about The How To Make Money From Blogging, it is about how to make your blog ready and good enough to receive such opportunities.

Although, some people think that blogging is not that difficult but in fact, it is not easy at all. Writing an article and publishing it is something but preparing your website to the point to generate money is something completely different.

To be honest, if you open google now and start searching about “The How To Make Money From Blogging”, you will find so many ways to earn money such as affiliate marketing, Ads or you can even Sell Advertising Space on Your Website for companies that will pay good amount of money happily!

But, ask yourself these questions. Is my blog good enough to get such opportunities? Do you have enough traffic to gain money?

Before we answer your question “How To Sell Advertising Space on Your Website”, you need to make sure that your blog is good to go to receive this kind of opportunity.

Here are some tips on how to get advertisers to buy advertising space on your blog and therefore, earning money monthly from them.


Getting Traffic to Website

Think about it! When you good numbers to show these companies, you will seduce them to work with you. Actually, when you start to have good traffic, some companies will contact you to buy ad space on your website.

Getting traffic to the website can be annoying when you start, but once you start doing it, it will increase by time. You will need to create good quality content that attracts readers to your website.

Of course, you also need to publish articles and content regularly, to keep growing your traffic as well as keep your followers in contact with you on your blog.

Any blogger should know how to track all this about traffic, you will need to register with Google Analytics and keep tracking all your website information about traffic.

With this information, you even understand and know from where your traffic coming and how to improve your content to serve their needs to improve your blog.


How to Get More Traffic for Your Website

  1. Write thoughtful comments on other blogs with the same niche as yours.
  2. Write shorter articles and consistently.
  3. Write to help people and be a resource.
  4. Organize your articles.
  5. trackbacks. Use them!
  6. Use Social Media on your advantage! such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  7. Use questions for more engagement.
  8. Be clever, be funny and be remarkable.
  9. SEO optimization for search engines.
  10. Guest posts on other blogs.
  11. Use “You” not “Me”
  12. Take your time and write killer content!
  13. Attractive headlines.
  14. Public speaking.
  15. Tell Stories, people love them.


Set Up Your Blog For Ads

At this point, your traffic and numbers should be good enough to move to the next step. Now, you could indicate on your website that you accept ads.

That can be done by creating an advertising page, which is good to let your potential advertisers know that you are accepting ads now. You should also indicate why they should buy ad space on your blog.

You’ll need to mention some information that will attract those advertisers to your blog such as your blog stats, engagement information, great imagery, you have an award-winning blog, Testimonials and information about ad sizes, prices, etc. All of this can be done on your ad page or something called Media Kit.

Setting up ad space on your website can be done easily by using some plugins like Adsanity or by a third-party application like OIO Publisher.

How Much to Charge advertisers for Ad Space on your blog

Now pricing can be something some bloggers get confused with. Because simply they don’t want to scare advertisers and send them away.

Don’t worry! first, you can check other blogs from the same niche as you, check how much they charge for ad space. Do some research and you will have a good idea about the pricing.

After you do all of that, now you need to pick your own model of pricing. For example, do you want to charge them on a CPM model? where advertising is bought depends on the impression. Or you charging a fixed price for example 250 x 250 ad for $180 for 30 days.


Where/How to find potential advertisers

To continue our “The How To Make Money From Blogging” and “How To Sell Advertising Space on Your Website” you need to find these advertisers. After you finished setting up your website, getting traffic to website as well as your goals and how much you are going to charge your potential advertisers. It is time to start looking for them.

The best and easiest method is to use google search, you can just write keywords related to your website’s niche and start writing down all the potential advertisers.

The other method I like but it is difficult and somehow annoying to do. Is to search for blogs with the same niche as yours and then do your research on companies that use these blogs for advertising and write them down on your list.

The third method is to search for “sponsored links” that related to your keywords and write them down on your list. These are paying to be on the top! They will be interested to advertise on your blog!

Another good method is to use Social media, you can use Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to find potential advertisers.

All these methods can be done by you, with good research you will have a good and long list to contact them and get in touch with them! eventually you will get into business with some of them if not all of them.

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Approaching the Sponsor

This is where you are going to work really hard but gain results too. Now, I suggest you organize your list starting with the best companies you would like to work with. You can organize it with the biggest companies and most likely will pay more if you want that.

After you finish doing that, you will start now showing yourself to them. They need to see your activity before you contact them. How?

It is a bit tricky, but imagine yourself trying to impress someone you love or admire. You need to start building a good relationship with them. Start by following them on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest.

Share, comment and like their posts. Try their products and post a picture with it on your Instagram and tag them. You can also write a blog article or review about them or their product and link it to your social media and tag them on it.

Now after doing all that, you will mostly attract their attention to you and started to give them a good impression and they most likely visited your website. You can now send them a professional attractive e-mail with some sponsorship ideas and suggestions.

Attention Attention Attention Attention Attention

This is the point where some people make mistakes. Make sure that you did your homework and good research about the company you are contacting. About every detail of their products and services. As they always say! The first impression is the key!

So again! take your time, do your research then contact them. Sometimes you will get no answer from them, don’t get alert and send another follow-up email to ensure that your message has been received, Some suggest contacting them via social media too. But I prefer e-mails.


Work with Ad Network

Some people “LIKE ME” are lazy to do some stuff like this one. If you believe this is too much work to do, you can work with some ad networks.

Why is it good for you to work with an ad network? well, do you remember all the work you have to do to secure a sponsor? These guys can do it for you. However, you will share your cake with them!

These ad networks have so many pros and cons. One of the pros I love, these are some kind of “brands” known to big companies which as a blogger will never reach them that easily.

Some ad networks:

  • Google Adsense – One of the most popular out there among bloggers, Google Adsense allows new Bloggers to place both text ads and image ads on their blogs. You will be paid per click (PPC).
  • – Yahoo and Bing’s advertising network. You can place ads that are relevant to your content, and you will be paid per impression. is great for new Blogs.
  • Sovrn – Works with Bloggers of all sizes.
  • Mediavine – Full-service ad management company; You must have at least 25,000 sessions in the last month.
  • GumGum – An ad network that uses in-image advertising to help Bloggers turn images into profitable ads.
  • Blogads – You can name your price here.
  • Gorilla Nation – You need to have a minimum of 1 million page views per month.
  • Exponential – They claims to offer the highest CPMs. You must have at least 500,000 page views a month.
  • Adblade – They evaluates Bloggers based on the number of page views they receive each month.
  • AdThrive – Full-service ad agency. But You must have at least 100,0000 page views a month.

Keep Giving Good Results

After you finish with all this process, it is not the end or time to rest. You need to make sure to deliver and provide them with excellent customer service, follow up with their campaign stats. After all, they want results, not just promises.

Actually, some advertisers if not most of them will include their own tracking link to keep an eye on their ads. Good results = more work!



It is not about “The How To Make Money From Blogging”, it is about what are you going to do to prepare to get these opportunities to gain money. When you sell advertising space on your website, it is just one method to earn money.

Remember, it is best to work on different roads to reach your goals. As a blogger, you have so many ways to earn money from your blog. When you search for “the how to make money from blogging”, make sure to be prepared first to get the most of the anything you follow.

Write good quality content, write to help people and always try to aim to solve a problem out there. Gain traffic then gains money.

Do you have tips and tricks to add to our How To Sell Advertising Space on Your Website – The How To Make Money From Blogging, Do you have another opinion about it? or a question about selling ads space on a website? feel free to write your comment, opinion or question below!

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Krissy Ramritu
4 years ago

Beautifully written article! The internet can be a scary place but when you put that fear aside you can accomplish great things, Blogging is a great way to send our messages to other people that enjoy reading our articles. Gaining money from Blogs is not good for us but also good for the blog itself to improve it. How To Sell Advertising Space on Your Website – The How To Make Money From Blogging is a really great way to improve our Blogs!

And I think you send that message with your writing. I am looking forward to reading more of ways and methods to gain money from Blogging.

All the best in your endeavours!

4 years ago


Thanks so much for this informative article.

I have a new blog, so I need all the information I can get. I love your point about getting my blog ready for ads first. This is so important, and I’m working on it.

I’m pleased that you included information about Adsense. I was thinking about contancting them, but I wasn’t too sure how they worked.

I’ll be back to read some more of your tips soon!


4 years ago

Hello Mohamed,

Your title attract me as I don’t know much about this topic. You did not left any side about this topic (How To Sell Advertising Space on Your Website) without informative input.

My question : is selling ads place on our blog best option to earn money?does this option affect traffic ability to follow our recommendations within contents?


Amanda Whiteneck
Amanda Whiteneck
4 years ago

Awesome read! I love the content and the steps you laid out to build a great foundation first and then jumping into the money making second. Thanks for sharing!!

4 years ago


Thank you very much for this informative article. I recently started a website but was not sure how to monetize it. I had heard of Google Adsense before, but I had not heard of other networks until today. Thanks for the info.

Torgny Aukland
Torgny Aukland
4 years ago

Great article, I know for sure there are a lot of people struggling with this. Lots of useful information, thanks! 🙂

4 years ago

Great article. Thanks for sharing.
I have been looking to add advertising on my blog, but haven’t been sure how to do it. I didn’t want to use google adverts as they wouldn’t go with the looking of my blog.
Going direct for people to sell ad space sounds like a great idea, i wouldn’t have know how to go about doing that. Thank you!

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