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Tips for Facebook Ads is an extension to my previous article (Read Here) to help you and everyone Understanding and learning all about Facebook Marketing is not only a way to attract more people to your business idea or website, but it is also one of the best methods to achieve great things and improve everything related to your business.

Creating Facebook Ads is easy, you can do it without even read anything about it. But it is tricky to have a profitable Ad, to reach all the goals that you need to set for your business and your Facebook Ad.

Believe it or not, so many advertisers make mistakes simply because they did not give it time to learn and read everything about it. Some of these mistakes can be avoided just when you do a small research about Facebook Ad.


Should I Create a Threshold for My Facebook Ad Click-Through Rate?

Facebook Ads are becoming more and more popular than ever been as a form of advertising because it is so effective, precise with awesome results. That’s why everyone now is searching for Tips for Facebook Ads. However, if you do not use it properly and be careful you can go bankrupt without noticing that. That is one of the reasons to create a click-through rate threshold.

The last things you or anyone else want is to spend all this money on an ad that is not performing well and with bad results. This is a good reason for you to consider having a click-through rate threshold in a place for all Ad campaigns on Facebook.

If you create a campaign to drive more people to your page to have more fans at under $0.20 or let’s say $0.30 a fan, the ad generated 3 fans at the minimum and 21 fans at the maximum bid, assuming all the clicks converted to likes. That means the cost per fan ranged between around $0.65 and $5.60 and mostly at the very highest end of this price bid. So we notice here that the Ad cost a lot and the Ad is not performing well. Notice that if we created a Facebook Ad threshold the cost would be much less.

First, you need to decide what click-through rate you are okay with and want and then you can kill any Ad which is not performing to the standards you set or want. Doing all that will ensure that you don’t waste money or any other surprises. You need to know that when you set up an ad campaign on Facebook you have to provide your credit card information and authorize Facebook to charge that credit card, that is why you must know this.

Facebook Ads are great to grow your business up and a great way to have more visitors to your Facebook page, your website or even promote a product. I suggest you before take this huge step into this amazing method to improve your business is to learn and understand everything about it to avoid any risks or bad surprises.


How to set up Your Facebook Ad

It is imperative to know how to set up your Facebook ad to be able to get the benefit of the Tips for Facebook Ads which you find on this website. You can set up your Facebook ad with these steps:

  1. Create the Ad you want – simply press on the “Create” button beside “Find Friends” then pick Ad from the list.
  2. Choose what you want to put in your Ad – you can pick your business idea like an event, promote application or domain.
  3. Set up your Ad – By writing a short copy and then confirm it. A Preview will display so you can check how your ad will look like. Some types of Ads do not require Ad Copy.
  4. Pick and target your Geographic Area – Choose the region you want, and pay attention to pick the range of the region, for example, picking 50 miles of your region. Note that it is really important to pick something proper for your target audience.
  5. Next will be Age and Gender – You need to choose your age and gender target and try to be more specific depending on your business idea. For example, you cannot pick old age people for gaming stuff.
  6. Next step will be targeting the precise interests of your Ad – By targeting audience or users based on their interests, status, hobbies, etc. If the interest, you want not shown within broad target you can simply type your own keyword that’s relevant to your Ad. Facebook will help you by showing you the closest options to that keyword.
  7. You can target your ad based on connection, that means you can target people that are connected to your app for example and you can even target their friends.
  8. Pricing and Objective Setup – You need to be careful with this part as it is a bit tricky. For example, CPM pricing can be money consuming method, if you like that and you want it then it is okay but does not be surprised if you go bankrupt. Understand all choices before choosing!
  9. Review your Ad and check it thoroughly before you decide to take it online.
  10. Launch your Ad and do not forget to monitor it! Do not just ignore it after that.

Profitable and Non-Profitable Facebook Ads


With this part of the article, it is great to know how to get a profitable Facebook ad, which is the main goal of the training here in Tips for Facebook Ads 2019.

Having a Profitable Facebook Ad is not that simple as you imagine, it needs a little bit of skill. But don’t worry it is not that difficult too, once you know it and what the experts do, you will learn how to be an expert in this.

It is amazing how a person can expand their business idea and promote everything you want in a way to reach your fans or friends or even other people all over the world. Promoting anything is the key to achieve the best results for your business.

You need however to take your time to test your Ad campaigns as I explained in the previous post (Read Here) because it is so important for your Ad campaign. You can also split test your Ads by using an amazingly powerful tool called Facebook Power Editor. You can easily duplicate your Ad when you create it so you can have different variations of your main Ad, with this method you can test these variations with different texts and pictures. After getting 100 clicks for each Ad will drop off and create a new Ad from the lowest CTR Ad to try against the control Ad.

You need also to pay attention and set a daily budget goal for your Ad campaign, set your maximum for the day, otherwise, they will keep charging you without noticing that until you get a big surprise. You can always overtime continuing to work at improving both your Ad and CTR, Bid few cents over the lowest recommended bid.

As I explained in Part 1 (Read Here) you need to understand and figure out when is the best to time run your Ads. Find your peak time and use it in your benefit. It can vary and be different depending on your business idea and your target audience. Once you figure that out! You can play your Ad as a video, starting it when the time is right! And stopping it when it is not which is going to save money and effort for you.


Ad Campaign Creation

Tips for Facebook Ads will not be effective if you have no idea how to create an Ad Campaign. Facebook is one if not the best social media marketing tool for small and large businesses as they let anyone control all the details related to marketing from budget to other tools to target all the audience you want to target with tools that allow you to evaluate how your campaign(s) doing.

Number One:

Before anyone starts any kind of business either online or offline, they start with planning for it and setting Goals. This is your first Task! Create your own plan and set your Goals. What you want from this Ad campaign to achieve, who is your target audience, etc…

Number Two:

Determine your own budget is the logical and most important Task for you before starting anything, you cannot simply visit IKEA to buy every furniture you see! First, you check how much you have and buy anything you want accordingly.

When you start creating your account, you will choose your paying budget based on clicks or ad impressions. Cost per click aka CPC means you will pay each person clicks on your Ad. Cost per impressions aka CPM means you will be charged for each time your ad appears in front of 1000 users. The minimum bid for CPC is $0.01, but you need to pay attention to suggested bid that displayed when you set up your ad to help increase your ad success.

Number Three:

As I said the Part1 Post (Read Here) You need, No, you have to understand and know your target audience. If you just throw your ad at them blindly you will suffer from losing money (Unless you are super lucky then I suggest you play poker! LOL) You have methods and tools that will help you understand them and their needs.

Number Four:

Use the amazing tool Facebook Connections & Social Reach! Do not be shy to use this amazing tool as you can attract more traffic by expanding your campaign’s reach. Isn’t that what you want?

Number Five:

As I mentioned before (Read Here), Do not publish your Ad and forget it, monitor your ad and check its Performance. It is mandatory to keep regularly checking and viewing your ad performance using Ads Manager. You will have access to the surrounding data in your ad campaign.

You can check reports about all activity in your ad. Doing that will ensure and increase the chances of success of your Ad campaigns as well as understanding your audience and then changing your ads accordingly.

The Higher the Bid Quicker the Approval


The Placement of your Facebook Ad depends on your bid and what most the people don’t know is the higher the bid rate the faster your ad will be approved. Don’t forget that Time is money, Facebook ads are your gate to increase and build your likes, direct people to your website and much more opportunities you can create to improve your business.

So if your approval takes a long time, that means you are losing money and losing time which you can use to test your ads as it is very important to improve your ads. Increasing the bid rate make it happen faster and get the approval as fast as possible and then you can start your campaign and focus on the important part of all this.

Maybe It seems unfair for some advertisers but this the system Facebook use, it prioritizes how much you spend regularly. So if you bid $1.10 CPM but then switch it to $0.25 Facebook will figure this out. You can use this trick as the new advertiser but you do not want to use it for a long time (Facebook is watching you!).

You can earn a big advantage of the Facebook conversion tracking tools, as it is your main reason of using your Facebook ads is to get more traffic to your site or increase the fans for your page. Tracking tools are just amazing add in Facebook Ads that you can use for your benefit and keep your ad performing the way you want it to.

My advice for you now is to not focus on your Ad and become a machine of writing and advertising, read and learn from Tips for Facebook Ads and my other articles for more tips and tricks, you are dealing with people and they are passionate and you should be passion while creating your Ad. It is always good to ask people around you to check your ad, to avoid boring or unwanted ads and get good feedback from them.

Do you have more tips and tricks to add to our Tips for Facebook Ads 2019, Do you have another opinion about it? or a question about Facebook ads? feel free to write your comment, opinion or question below!

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Suzanne Stoddart
4 years ago

Hi Mohammad, and thanks for your awesome post!
This has given me some wonderful insight into using Facebook marketing.
I hadn’t started using these ads yet because I was nervous about how to start. Your posts have given me the added confidence I needed.
It’s also nice to know that they have their own tracking tools and reports that you can monitor. My biggest concern is spending too much money, lol.
Thanks again,

Dr saef Allhaly
Dr saef Allhaly
4 years ago

Yet another great post, I enjoyed reading part 2, it is so great that I already have the confidence to do it and I will try my best to achieve my goals. looking forward to more information and cool posts.

Thabo Khoza
4 years ago

I was thinking of adding Facebook ads for my campaigns and your post has helped me understand more about social media marketing.

I did know about the monitoring of the ads and this is what I will be complimenting.
Would you recommend this for a new website?

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