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Your Homepage to Master Marketing 2019-2020 Posts will be your way for Facebook Ad Targeting Tips and to make it your Referal Home Page to understand and learn different topics related to Social Media Marketing – Facebook, I will write about different concepts and Tips to master Facebook Marketing.

I want to write about something so important for Social Media Marketing, in one of the best and biggest platforms on the internet “ FACEBOOK “, I want you to understand that Facebook Ads are more than Just adding and popping your Ads on Facebook, to be more effective it involves much more than that.

On this part, I will focus on different Tips and Tricks as well as some advice to Master Facebook Ads …

Tips to Ensure Your Facebook Ad Campaign is Effective:


  1. Nowadays, more than 70% of people on the world access Facebook using smartphones, and we are talking about ten of millions of people IMAGINE THE OPPORTUNITY you have with that many of people, Mobile-only Ads can be your strategy targeting many people. Many advertisers are splitting their target audience between Mobile and Desktop campaigns, remember that Facebook offers you the opportunity to do that.
  2. If you are one of those that have an app for your business idea, Facebook gives you the ability to have a campaign for your app by tracking it. This is an amazing way to create your own community and have more people to download your app. Ads for your app on Facebook is an awesome method to have a strong and good start for your app.
  3. Now, these days there is a huge rise in the Retargeting in Social Media Marketing. This Type of Ad will follow the customer around the internet. For example, If the customer opens a website to buy let’s say a PC, whether the customer purchases this item or not, it is highly that they will see ads related to Computers and PCs. It is a powerful tool to target your audience that might be interested in your product or app and it is easy to use and learn which gives the advantage to do it all by yourself.
  4. This one is the most important tip in my opinion which is to Experiment with your post or product before the real deal! When you start your ad campaign you have the choice to promote an old post that you already published or a new post that you want to publish at that moment. It is for the best to do an experiment on an old published post that already has engagement with your audience, this will provide with enough information about your target audience and provide the highest return on investment (ROI).
  5. The last Tip is to be creative with your Design, It is important to be creative with your design for your ad as it gets your audience attention and love!

This video is a Guide to Facebook Retargeting Ads 2019.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EC-psvwgm-k[/embedyt]

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Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaign

To get the best from the Facebook Ad Targeting Tips training, you need to start by improving your Facebook ad campaign, How? Keep reading!

As you may know Social media Marketing evolves constantly and every year there are new things added or improved within it, that been said you have to understand that what works on other Social media like Instagram or YouTube does not mean it will work on Facebook and the same for Facebook what works on Facebook might not work on other social media venues.

That means you need to always keep yourself up to date, as there are always new things to learn to make your marketing campaign on the top and improve your ad the way to get the most out of it.

The following are some things you can do to improve your Facebook Ad Campaign, by improving your facebook ad campaign you will improve your target audience. Which is the goal from Facebook Ad Targeting Tips post? However, that does not mean they are the only things to do to improve your Ad Campaign.

  • If you want your business idea or your niche to be on the top and succeed, it is imperative that you use Facebook to Advertise. Facebook has always been on the top for their ability to micro-target an audience and give you what you need exactly. As I said before Face is evolving and improving every year, that means you will have more advantages to get the best Ad system on the internet. Do not forget that nowadays, almost everyone uses Facebook or at least tried it, that means you have a huge community to target. Be Aware that Less than 5% of the audience you already have will not see your posts on Facebook, in order to reach them you need to increase or use paid advertising.
  • Use Facebook analytics to your advantage, to post your Ad during peak times. You have a huge advantage here to review and check your Facebook analytic or any other tools that can serve you to know exactly when is the Peak Times.
  • Improve your Ad Designs, Research, get feedback or ask others. It is so important to have a catchy Design to the eyes as they can attract more people to your ad and interact with it.
  • Understand what your audience need and want. It is useless to just run an Ad campaign on something ONLY you like or want or you think others need, you need to take your time to understand what your target audience wants.
  • So many people fail to reach people even though they post more than 5 times a day, and they always ask the same question, how many posts are good to publish every week? There is no specific answer for such questions, some experts said that 5 to 10 posts per week are good but others said the opposite. I believe whatever you do it depends on who your target audience is, as I said above it is important to take your time and understand and find out what your target audience need or want.


How to Have a Successful Facebook Advertising

Yes, Facebook Ads are cool and everything but some of these Ads are just consuming bank accounts without a good result, that is why you have to understand and learn Facebook ads system before you use it. It is easy to use, an amazing tool to reach so many people, the best tool to target any audience you want and even an awesome method to get your app running and gaining money but it is still something you need to study before you use it perfectly to gain the most out of it.

First you need to know your campaign and study it well, you need to know and understand what is your purpose of this campaign, running one blindly will lead to a fail Ad campaign because you simply do not know what you want from it, just ask yourself who are your target audience, what do you want them to do, give you likes? Buy your produce? Download your app? Define the main purpose of your Ad campaign After you know every detail about your audience and campaign you can pick which type of ads you can use. For example, if you want your audience to just recognize your brand or product then cost per impression Ad is the best choice for you.

You now know your Ad campaign purpose and you successfully found the method of your Campaign Ad now you need to use the ad space very well to get the most out of it. You are allowed to enter 25 characters for your title, 135 for your body and an image. So be smart write short and be creative to have an attractive Ad, make sure to use a catchy image for the eyes.

Without a doubt it is imperative to monitor your Ad’s performance, it is not like anyone other than you will monitor your Ad and give you feedback, STOP BEING LAZY. You different tools to use and benefits from them like Facebook Ad Manager and Facebook Reports, they are very useful that provide you with information as how many people saw your ad or how many clicks on your ad and so on and depending on these results you can decide to keep going with your ad or do some changes/upgrades to improve your ad performance.

Best Tips to Get More Clicks on Your Ads

  • Create Multi-Ads: More Ads more chances to reach more people, plus you will have more freedom to write and use more characters as I said above you do not have enough to characters to write everything you want. Also, it is a good way to improve your experiments with your target audience to determine what they want or need which is really important for you and it lets you decide what or how to improve your Ads.
  • Target relevant audience: If you want your audience to download a phone game app, it is silly to target old people for example! It is important to target the relevant audience for your niche to get more clicks from your targeted audience and reach them faster. So this is an important tip from Facebook Ad Targeting Tips.
  • Use an attractive image: Do not underestimate the image in your Ad, it is a powerful tool to attract more people to get more clicks, you need to use the right size with good resolution and an attractive image to look good and increase your chances to get more clicks.
  • Use the right call to action button: You need to use a strong call to action button in your Ad. It is in our psychology when you use for example an order-like- button “Click Here” to follow this order and click.


Tactics are the Answer

Tactics, Tips and Tricks to master anything is the answer! That is our goal on Facebook Ad Targeting Tips (part 1). You can improve yourself even more by reading more of this training to master social media marketing.

Social Media marketers out there can achieve great results with the help of Facebook Ads. However, so many of them can make mistakes simply because they do not know enough about it. with this post and the next posts, I want you all to understand and know how to use Facebook Ad to its maximum potential to reach as many people as you want. There are so many tips and tools to be used to be able to have your best outcome and once you know your stuff you can do whatever you desire.

Do you have more tips and tricks to add to our Facebook Ad Targeting Tips, Do you have another opinion about it? or a question about Facebook ads? feel free to write your comment, opinion or question below!

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    • Thank you very much! I Will post more tips and tricks to master Social Media Marketing and I hope you find them all helpful as this one.

  1. So informative and to be honest I feel a more enlightened on the topic. I am prepping for Prime Day with Amazon and needed to read this post to better understand and strategize. Thank you very much for the info, I’m sure it will help me in the future 🙂

    • I am glad that you found this topic informative and helpful for you. I wish you luck for Prime Day with Amazon.

  2. Thank you for writing about all of these – where can I learn more about retargeting and how to use it to my benefit?

  3. Thank you so much for this very informative article on Facebook and it’s advertising. I have in the past had a bad experience with facebook adds, I either got no results at all, or a lot of bad quality enquiries. Back then however I didn’t do any training or really think about how to construct my advert.

    Your article has given me the confidence to maybe give facebook another try and to focus much more on my social media presence.

    Thank You

    • Before we do anything we should research every information about it and try our best to plan for every detail. Facebook ads are one of the best if you understand and know everything about it! Good luck next time and I will post more details that will help you.

  4. I have a facebook group with 2000 members now and I am hoping to make it even bigger and have more members, your tips are just amazing and so helpful. Thank you again for another awesome post. I will read part 2 too and I hope to read more of your website posts.

    • That is amazing, I hope you achieve what you want. Believe me once you understand what to do and how to do it it is going to be easier than it seems.
      Best wishes and glad to know this post was helpful for you.


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