What Is Wealthy Affiliate Review – What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Program For Or About?

What is Wealthy Affiliate review is an interesting review that I want to share with everyone today. Before we start, I want to thank you for stopping by to read My Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Since your reading this review, you must be curious if the Wealthy Affiliate is the answer you’ve been looking for to make money online. Therefore, I want in this post to give my honest, insightful, and the most thorough The Wealthy Affiliate Review, What is the Wealthy Affiliate Program for or about? And what the platform can do for you and your business, maybe you want to know what is the best affiliate programs. Whether you are new to affiliate marketing (a beginner and just starting) or whether you are an expert in affiliate marketing, there is always space to learn more and get better.

Last Updated On August 18th, 2020.


Before I start my review, I want to write briefly on the topic of the question (What Is Wealthy Affiliate) and how it can help you and your business and, in the long run, how to have passive online income.

Many of my friends asked me, “Was Wealthy Affiliate the answer to all my problems and questions?” And my answer was and still the same as I am telling you now (No, inevitably not all my problems. But it helped me a lot to solve many issues and learned many new things).

Also, you may have noticed that there are a few negative reviews. If you are like me, you must be searching for negative reviews to make sure that this program is the answer to most of your problems.

It was October of 2010 when I sat down to look for a way to make money online. I tried so many different programs since then until July of 2019 when I came across and found Wealthy Affiliate.

Of course, I had no idea what is wealthy affiliate all about. Then, I found a review just like this one. After being confused about all that and I was expecting it to be another (scam and make fast money scheme). But I was surprised by the results.

However, let’s be clear here. It wasn’t quick or easy!

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-inclusive Affiliate marketing platform that will allow and help you to create, grow, and manage any business you want at all levels online. The Service includes more than 1,000’s training with daily new training and up-to-date lessons, live classes, personal and expert support (Live Chat), websites and hosting, and the ability to connect with more than 1,400,000 members. It is the largest Affiliate marketing community in the world and absolutely the most caring. But do not take my word on it, read my full, honest, comprehensive, and insightful review below.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate Review – The Overview And Ranking

Wealthy Affiliate Co-Founders Carson To The Left and Kyle To The Right

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle and Carson


(No Credit Card, No Cancellation Required)

PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP: $49/month or, $29/month ($359 paid annually)

Current Discounts: 59% discount to try all premium features for the first month (Join Here)

Reputation: 4.8 out of 5

Training: 4.8 out of 5.0

Support: 4.7 out of 5.0

Website builder: 4.8 out of 5.0

WordPress Hosting: 4.7 out of 5.0

Research Tools: 4.7 out of 5.0

Value Of Money: 4.6 out of 5.0

You must know that Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely not perfect, and it’s not for everyone. You must want more freedom, independence, and to have a passive income in your life, and therefore Wealthy Affiliate maybe is your next station to achieve all that and perhaps not!

I already started explaining what is Wealthy Affiliate all about, once you read the full review you will have a considerable amount of information to decide whether Wealthy Affiliate is your choice or not! Also, I will state some updates and changes they are making, which in my opinion, are game-changers for me and other affiliates!

Furthermore, if you are looking for a fast make-money plot, then you will not like Wealthy Affiliate at all! Wealthy Affiliate needs real effort. It’s not a click-on-button system that fills your bank with cash.

The most common questions I get about Wealthy Affiliate. Are there any hidden costs?

Well, no! There are no hidden costs. Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive training platform with a big community with built-in tools that include keyword research and content creation software as well as advanced web hosting and domain registration. Let’s say a whole package of everything you need!

Wealthy Affiliate Training, My Experience

Before you get the whole story about what is wealthy affiliate review, I will share my story that answered my question “what is the Wealthy Affiliate Program for or about.” My start was full of rage, disbelief, and doubts as anyone else that did not find the answer and maybe experienced bad history with scammers. I started to ask myself, Is this real? Am I really going to see results soon enough? And then I started for FREE with Wealthy Affiliate, and I was telling myself there is no way this platform is free, and they will ask money from FIRST VIDEO as others did and do! But then the surprise was huge for me! I created my first website for free; in fact, I could create two websites for free and learn so many things I did not know in just two days. At that moment I decided THIS IS IT! THIS IS WHAT I AM SEARCHING FOR ALL THESE YEARS.

In Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn how to follow your passion and turn it into a fantastic business idea to reach financial freedom to quit your job and earn more free time to spend it with your family and kids with stable passive income.

As any new member, I had no idea what I am doing. Actually, I doubted myself to learn things like how to create a website. Still, with Wealthy Affiliate’s high-standard online training, I managed to learn everything from A-Z. Not only that in Wealthy Affiliate the community share their experiences daily and support each other (using Live Chat which is impressive to solve momenta problems during your working on your business idea) whenever they can and even provide you with one on one small training to answer and solve your problem if you have any. Remember that Wealthy Affiliate has more than 1,400,000 members from 195 countries that are growing every day.

Wealthy Affiliate – My Reasons Why Wealthy Affiliate Is The Best

Many reasons make Wealthy Affiliate the best choice for me, and this will be the perfect way to share what is Wealthy Affiliate review in my point of view, I will share some of these reasons:

  1. Wealthy Affiliate is FREE (Check it here) to start, to check it out and test it they will not ask for a credit card or anything like that to join them, not only that even as for FIRST MONTH they offer a 59% discount to try to test the premium if you do not like it you can leave anytime without any problem. ISN’T THAT AWESOME?
  2. Wealthy Affiliate has an awesome big community, and they are ready to help you anytime Day and Night because they are from 195 countries. Most of them are Experts and prepared to help you with any problem you face while training or even working on advanced matters.
  3. I am not a programmer or anything related to designing websites, and Wealthy Affiliate great training lessons with more than 1,000 lessons taught me everything from A-Z. I was able to develop my first website within two weeks.
  4. Wealthy Affiliate has the fastest and best Customer Support I ever saw, they answered and helped me with every problem I had within 24 hours, I never had any issues with them.
  5. Wealthy Affiliate Helped me not only by teaching me but Supporting me to make my website a piece of art, and I am improving myself every day.

Wealthy Affiliate – To Make A Long Story Short

Here I will put some facts about WA that will make the picture even clear to the question What is the Wealthy Affiliate Program for or about. Wealthy Affiliate created the best community of more than 1.4 million members who started the same as me, and maybe you soon their business ideas based on their passion. And most of them began to earn a passive income from home just by following the training lessons Wealthy Affiliate provides.

Believe me. Almost all the members had no clue how to be an Affiliate before starting the extensive training with more than 1,000 training lessons and live classes every week. As a matter of fact, you can join now for free and check it by yourself with your own eyes by entering each member’s profile and read their bio. You will see with your own eyes that most of them are just ordinary people like you and me.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a fantastic point and clicks web hosting, which makes it easy for any beginner to get started and learn everything you desire related to website design and Affiliate programs.

They also have some huge advantages, which I will discuss below, such as 24/7 built-in social network live members chat, Free keywords search engine, and much more…

I believe you had already tried to earn money online before the same as I did, or even if you are just getting started, I am pretty sure you know it is not an easy task as some people “Scammers” say it is. Wealthy Affiliate is not an EARN MONEY OVER-NIGHT scam thingy, and you will experience this by yourself as a free starter membership.

The key to earning money is to get traffic, the more traffic you have, the more money you can gain, Free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate teaches you step-by-step how to get it without paying a penny on ads or other forms of paid traffic. And it is the same strategy I use now to improve my business ideas. I will show you now how Wealthy Affiliate within the last six months got more than 1 million visits (screenshot below). As you can see, they got around 1.2 Million visits from January 2019 – June 2019.


I am not showing you that to brag about it but to get the whole picture of what is the Wealthy Affiliate Program for or about and the results you can get from joining them. I do not even take credit for it… I am just following the same step-by-step strategy that Wealthy Affiliate teaches with their extensive lessons. And if you want to make money online, traffic is what you need, and that what you are going to learn on this platform. And here, you can see the visits in June 2019.


Some Amazing Community Members Who Made Their 1st Sale

So, after going through this thorough answer to what is Wealthy Affiliate review, it is a great thing to add some of the amazing successful affiliates. Therefore, These are Few people celebrating their 1st sales with the community all the years! It is part of the happiness we all feel when we see results.




I hope At the end of this modest and honest review about, what is Wealthy Affiliate review, to answer important questions like what is the Wealthy Affiliate Program for or about? That everyone got all the information they need or/and want. And I hope you enjoyed reading this review and found what you need for your online journey here. If you have a question about Wealthy Affiliate, which provides the best training programs in my opinion and experience or want to leave your own personal review about Wealthy Affiliate, leave a comment below.

Please note, this review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain as well as my personal experience as a member. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See full disclaimer for more info.

This page includes affiliate links. Please be aware we only promote advertising from companies that we feel we can legitimately recommend to our readers. Please see our Affiliate Disclosure for further information.

Do you have another opinion about what is Wealthy Affiliate review? Or a question about the Wealthy Affiliate platform? Feel free to write your comment, opinion, or question below!

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4 years ago

Dear Mohammad
Thank you very much for your fantastic website that shows the cheapest and most effective approach to start up your own business which can grow gradually.
Kind regards,

4 years ago

This is amazing! I can honestly say that Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be to learn affiliate marketing! One day I was bored and stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate and like most of us my first thought was just another scam. NO! This is for real,I have learned so much from the comprehensive yet easy training. The amount you would be spending in a university or training program would be thousands upon thousands more than the monthly payment here. They give you ALL the tools needed to start your own website. In just 1 month I have built my own website and 12 articles all indexed in google. Now I am continuing the training, you can never stop learning!! Thank you for this informative article I know it will help a lot of people!! I also like the way your site is set up, easy to navigate! Have a great day!!

4 years ago

One of the best days of my affiliate marketing career was the day I found Wealthy Affiliate. They really gave me true perspective on affiliate marketing and what does it take to be successful in this business.

I reccommend it to anyone, and especially to those who are new to the field of affiliate marketing. Their training and the community are unmatched.

Loved your post.


4 years ago

Thank you for a great overview of Wealthy Affiliate. I have been marketing online in the Make Money Online (MMO) for 20+ years. While there are many good training programs, Wealthy Affiliate is the best one for beginners. The thing that stands out about the community of helpful members is the learning environment is spam-free. Wealthy Affiliate has a strong NO SPAM policy that they enforce. Members can feel safe in this learning environment without worrying about spam or anyone trying to recruit them into other programs.

4 years ago

You really have provided a review which highlights the essence of Wealthy Affiliate. 

The community, support and training are outstanding and I like you didn’t believe something like this existed in the online world. 

I would highly recommend it to all your readers, at least try it for free, what have you got to loose! 



4 years ago

This is a very good one here. Its nice to see that you can add an insight to show people that wealthy affiliate is really good way to make money. Having said this, I am also a member of wealthy affiliate and its been a beautiful ride. When I first joined, I was skeptical, tbis is normal but when I found out how great it is, it didn’t take me so much time to jump into the premium. The training is awesome and the community is very helpful. Overall, this is an indept review that has touched the nitty gritty of the platform. Great one

Nice Gal Nikki
Nice Gal Nikki
4 years ago

Hey great review on wealthy affiliate! I joined wealthy affiliate myself months ago and have created 3 professional looking websites. I have learned a lot from wealthy affiliate and am learning more every day when I log in. I am just starting to earn money from wealthy affiliate. People just need to understand like any other business it takes time to build the business so they won’t make a bunch of money over night, they need to be patient. Great job on your review you’re are spot on!

4 years ago

I guess my success story on wealthy Affiliate will soon be published out soon. This platform is definitely the best platform made available to any affiliate marketer and it surely has everything in stock for any marketer who is aiming towards attaining success. Just follow the blue prints through trianing and replicate all that has been learnt, then success rolls in. The training, support, community and everything concerning the platform is top notch. Also, the success stories kept on rolling every time and people are making a difference through the platform. Great review! Thanks

4 years ago

I’m still very new to this: I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate a little under two months ago and thought “no, that’s not for me, I couldn’t do that.” It looked good interesting though, the site was well laid out and easy to use and people seemed to be helping each other and being supportive. So I signed up to the free membership package thinking that I’d just look at it for a while and not do anything. But the training sparked something in me which I didn’t know existed, I signed up for Premium membership, and here I am just over six weeks later with 25,000 words over 24 articles under my belt, twitter and Pinterest followers, and the money is starting to trickle in. 

It’s an incredible platform, packed full of all the training you would ever need to get started in affiliate marketing, the very best community of people to help and the site support for my website is absolutely outstanding. 

Welcome to Pro Wealthy Affiliate, your trusted source for diverse online wealth-building strategies. With years of experience, I'll guide you through e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and more for online financial success. Join me on the path to prosperity today.







Pro Wealthy Affiliate


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