What Is WP Engine? WP Engine Review for WordPress: Is It Worth the Money?


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WP Engine

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  • Security & Hack Precautions
  • Easy Backup & Restore
  • Billing Transfer Features
  • Great Customer Support
  • Multiple Plugins With Many Specialization Options


  • Expensive
  • Exclusive To WordPress Platforms Only
  • Low Storage Options
  • Only offers managed hosting on shared servers

What is WP Engine? It is the type of questions that’s been asked by many online savvies seeking to make some real cash from home.

Indeed, there are loads of budget hosts available that provide a decent service. Nevertheless, if you’re searching for more of a performance-oriented and excellent services? Then, you’ll want to check out our WP Engine review for WordPress and answer the question, what is WP Engine?

WP Engine is a WordPress-based web host offering different services and managed plans that are entirely optimized for the WordPress platform. Of course, compared to other WordPress web hosts, WP Engine’s plans are expensive. Therefore, you’ll need to grasp whether this web hosting service is worth the expense before making a buying.

Today we will attempt to enlighten you and discuss the basic concepts in the WP engine, key features, support prospects, performance capabilities, our impression on it, whether we recommend it for entrepreneurs, and everything else you’ll need to know. Let’s get started!

What Is WP Engine? An Overview For WP Engine

  • Name: WP Engine.
  • Owners: WordPress INC.
  • Starter Membership: $35 a month. 
  • Premium Membership: From $115 up to $290 a month. 
  • Reputation: 4.9 out of 5.0
  • Internal Features: 4.7 out of 5.0
  • Performance: 4.6 out of 5.0
  • Customization Options: 4.6 out of 5.0
  • Security: 4.8 out of 5.0
  • Support: 4.6 out of 5.0
  • Price: 3.4 out of 5.0

If you are still struggling with the question, what is WP Engine? Then, my simple answer would be that it’s a combination of a well-established hosting service that guarantees security, delivers reliable performance, packed with dozens of desirable features, and continuously checks with their customers to provide a clear understanding of how they work and offer value.

I won’t say that the WP engine is what creates great content (that would be you) but, it could undoubtedly ease your mission in turning that pure art into a valuable business that drives traffic and rates number one on search engines.


What Is WP Engine? About WP Engine

WP Engine is an online hosting service that helps you have the best digital representation for your brand by generating an environment designed to help you build remarkable websites and apps that allocate themselves to working tirelessly 24/7 to be the worldwide front store for your organization. The need for such services is what the WP Engine is trying (and succeeding) to fulfill.

WP Engine is a content management environment that’s hosted by the industry’s leading site WordPress. 

WordPress made it easier for all age groups founders to establish a digital presence for their foundations when it launched WP Engine service with features like threat detection algorithms, instant content cloud backups, billing transfer, experienced disaster handling technologies, personalization tools, SEO enhancing tools, google reviews, and statistic tools among other 100+ free and paid plugins.


WP Engine’s Pricing

After answering the question, what is WP Engine? Let’s take a quick tour of their pricing. WP Engine is rich with features that support hosting business sites regardless of the growth phase a business is currently in, even though they provide one type of service in prospect. They offer quality traits suitable for the early-stage startups and more specialized ones that support more significant business owners and their needs, which means you’re getting a very scalable service.

  • Startup Plan ($30/month): With this plan, you get support from WP Engine for up to 25,000 visits/month, one website, 10GB of storage, and 50GB of total data transfer allowed (bandwidth). You’ll also get a free SSL certificate, the ability to access a global CDN, and some other vital features.
  • Growth Plan ($115/month): This plan has the same key features as a startup plan but increases your traffic support to 100,000 visits/month instead of 25,000 and provides you with 10 more sites. Additionally, you’ll get more resources, 20GB of storage, 200GB of total data transfer allowed (bandwidth), and you can access 24/7 phone site support and import your SSL certificates if you want that.
  • Scale Plan ($290/month): This plan is almost identical to the growth plan. It merely provides even more resources, bumps your site count up to 30 sites, 50GB of storage, 500GB of total data transfer allowed (bandwidth), and supports up to 400,000 visits/month.
  • Custom Plan (Premium & Enterprise): The custom plan is meant for large businesses with millions of visitors monthly. So pricing will vary depending on your needs. They provide many additional resources and support and move your site from shared to dedicated servers (VIP servers). It merely offers 30 sites, 100GB-1TB of storage, 400GB++ total data transfer allowed (bandwidth), and supports up to millions of visits/month.

WP Engine Review For WordPress – Specific Features

Guaranteeing that your website is optimized, secure, and fast-loading – with less work yourself – managed hosting is worth considering. When it comes to managed WordPress web hosting, WP Engine is on the top list.

WP Engine’s service offers a few WordPress-specific characteristics, including:

  • Easy & quick migrations from your old host to WP Engine.
  • A free SSL (Secure Socket Layers) certificate is an important security measure for any website and blog.
  • Excellent Site Support for setting up staging sites.
  • Loads of performance tracking and diagnostic choices.

Pros Of WP Engine

  • Security & Hack Precautions

WP Engine does background site vulnerability checking by automatically updating WordPress whenever a new security patch has been released. Adding to the top of that, WP strictly denies permissions for any unauthorized login attempts.

Other security-related features are file transfers encryption, secure backups, and many free and paid plugins specified for fulfilling security needs, as we will see later on.

  • Easy Backup & Restore

Thanks to WordPress, there is a dedicated section named backup points; its core functionality enables easier accessibility to a library filled with auto-generated and manual backups.

If things go wrong (and at some point in business, things always go wrong) WP Engine secure backup system will act to save the day.

  • Billing Transfer Features

WordPress initially created the billing transfer feature for backend web developers, not customers!

It eases the process of linking credit cards (or any other payment methods) to the URL currently under establishment, thus helping both developers and content makers do business faster.

  • Great Customer Support

Customer support is an essential part of every institution, which could mainly reflect on its reputation.

The customer support team includes more than 100 WordPress experts working around the clock to boost customer satisfaction.

  • Multiple Plugins With Many Specialization Options

The service allows it’s users to enjoy publishing content with a variety of useful plugins that support their mission (we’ve dedicated a full section for this) and themes that help them release the artist within.


Cons Of WP Engine

  • Expensive

Compared to other similar platforms, the WP Engine is by far the most expensive content handling site. This would pose many problems, especially for businesses that are barely getting any traffic.

  • Exclusive To WordPress Platforms Only

If you are using Jimdo, Wix, or Joomla to publish your content, we have bad news. You can’t benefit from the WP Engine, not unless you switch platforms.

This is something that many customers have always complained about, yet, it sounds like no change should be expected anytime soon. 

  • Low Storage Options

Storage options like 10 GB or even 20 GB are considerably low when considering the development in the video-content field and its implications on blogging. Many successful bloggers already use videos always on their blogs (especially in tutorials), and that won’t be going to change any time soon.

  • Only offers managed hosting on shared servers

All of their plans offer managed hosting only on shared servers unless you use their custom plan for Enterprise (Which costs a lot). Their custom plan switches to dedicated servers (VIP server).


What Is WP Engine User Interface? An Overview

Once the site has been successfully created, the Engine’s dashboard will contain mainly status messages, alerts window, links for downloading or buying extra features whenever that’s needed. On the top of your plan name, you will also find a link with additional info you might need, such as IP address, PHP version, etc.

One of the site’s default functionalities is showing precise details regarding many stats, including recent site visitors, percentage of remained storage, and more site experience related info, which can all be downloaded in CSV format for better viewing.

  • Personalization 

Personalization is what defines a company’s brand. By definition, all great entrepreneurs know that and try to extinguish themselves from competitors by their unique style, and that’s what is WP Engine customers are seeking in the first place.

After going through the site’s main user interface and different pages and layouts, we are forced to admit that their default theme is well-done to suit all needs. Free themes work just fine as well, and paid ones deliver the maximum value for those who care about art first, business second.

  • Performance

WP Engine, if not a perfect professional market tool, uptime is surprisingly great, and speed is just the same with the response rate of an excellent 149ms you won’t spend the night worrying about customer’s reachability.

Uptime is a great free resource that can be used to run checks for your WP Engine blog. It offers more than 2000 checks covering all performance aspects of the site.

  • Support

Brief browsing on the WP Engine official support site was enough to draw a picture of what type of support you will get. It’s not a step-by-step guide, but, unlike many sites, it was enough to satisfy the needs and answer questions with video tutorials and a professional course theme you won’t be leaving disappointed, 100% guaranteed.

  • Plugins

What is the WP Engine strategy if not leveraging other site’s failures in expecting what customers want? The services features are packed into free and paid ones with specific benefits behind each, here we will only cover the basic ones, but you are free to check them all from their site if you need to.

  • Yoast SEO

Have been around since 2008, many small and large sites benefited from it in achieving higher ranked in search engines, it runs multiple checks on your text and tells you what needs to be altered for better SEO articles. They offer free and paid services depending on your needs.

  • Jetpack

Jetpack works as your 24/7 guardian offering security checks, checking for unapproved logins, daily site backup, two-factor authentication, malware scanning, and far more. Thus, helping you to sleep better at night by knowing that your business is in safe hand.

  • Google XML Sitemaps

This is yet another SEO optimization tool helping you establish what is known to be “XML sitemaps” these are like the roads that guide search engines towards your page. 

The plugin has no side effects on your site’s performance whatsoever, giving Yahoo, Bing, Google, and other search engines a better opportunity to index your page. It’s also worth noting that the plugin is recommended by many customers as the best WordPress tool for more than 10 now.

  • WooCommerce

Although a website will deliver the best representation of your business needs, a store will do even better. Woocommerce is like your online store builder. It allows the creation of professional e-commerce stores and backs them up with customization themes, tax deductions calculations, analytics, and social media linking availability.


Cheaper Alternatives To Support Early Startups

It’s worth noting that other than GoDaddy, all the alternatives provide less price and far fewer features.


After answering the question of what is WP Engine with our WP Engine review for WordPress, you have all the details you need. If you are a serious businessman with a decent budget in hand, we don’t see any reason why you should aim for other hosting services.

Yes, there might be some downside. But when compared to what is WP Engine offering, you will be able to make the obvious one right choice. You’ll get high-quality host services in exchange for your investment. WP Engine offers many vital WordPress-specific features, reliable performance, and fantastic support.

? Disclaimer:

Please note, this review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain as well as my personal experience and research. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See the full disclaimer for more info.

? This page includes affiliate links. Please be aware we only promote advertising from companies that we feel we can legitimately recommend to our readers. Please see our Affiliate Disclosure for further information.

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