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Can You Make Money Blogging For Beginners in 2020?

That’s the question I got from some of my followers on social media! It is a big concern for beginners who are interested in blogging! We all want to make money and build our passive income. Who doesn’t want that!!!

So, you may be started already with your blog, or you still hesitant about starting a blog or not! Well, I can’t blame you. After all, I had such thoughts when I started all this!

Or maybe you already have a blog, and you’re searching for ways to monetize it to get the best results. Making money with a blog is possible whatever your blog niche is! However, things are different than some years ago. There are various things you have to do and know before you start noticing some results and see some cash from your blog! That’s right. You need to do some work!

And today, in this post, I’m going to provide you some easy steps showing you exactly how you can do it, starting from nothing until you get started and get traffic to your blog.

Let’s Jump In!


1. Choose A Profitable Blogging Niche

The ugly truth is that you can blog about something you have passion about, but most of the time, it will not generate money for you. If you aim to make money from your blog, you have to pick a profitable niche. Remember, passion, hard work, and expertise in something don’t guarantee anything to you.

You can be the expert behind the heart-shaped watermelon; you can create your blog and work hard every day to educate everyone on their massive supremacy to normal-shaped melons. You would work hard every day and follow every strategy, but yet you will not make money, why? Simple, because they wouldn’t spend money on such thing or they don’t even care about the shape of these melons!

Therefore, do your research for a profitable niche with a large audience who are willing to pay money to buy products or services.

But you should expect loads of competition. Whether you started now or years ago, the competition is there. After all, everyone wants a piece of the pie. By the time you spend on teaching yourself and building your blog, you will have enough skills to compete with them, and you must start right now at this moment by taking action and teach yourself all these new skills.

2. Improve Your Writing Skills For A High-Quality Content

You’ve probably read that in 100 blogs while searching for the best answer! Well, they are all correct. The best content is the king among all the contents. There is no alternative to that!

You must even ask, “but how to know that my post is the best out there?!” There must be others thinking the same as I do and doing their best to deliver the best content.

You are right. Lots of bloggers sitting at home, drinking their coffee, and doing their best to write original content with the intent to be helpful to gain their audience trust! If they’re disciplined and motivated, they may even keep doing that for months.

But… Yes, there is always a “BUT.” It rarely gives a good result. It is not because your content is terrible. It merely is you made some small mistakes with your thoughts. 

The First one is when it comes to writing content, you must know that it is not necessarily what you want to write and say what others want to read.

The second mistake you may don’t notice is that you weren’t using proven content structure, tips, and tricks. The third mistake is that you think your content is the best! But, sadly, it is not the best post ever published on the topic you are writing about.

Chances are no one told you about any of the requirements you need to have the best content ever published. And that leads us to the three essential points of content writing:

  1. Your content gives more value to your audience and readers than any other post published by your competitors.
  2. You know what popular topics and content in your niche, you know all the details about your niche, and you write exclusive topics about these popular content and trends within your niche.
  3. You have a proven content structure to follow and achieve while writing your content.

It might sound difficult to achieve all that, but don’t worry, every blogger felt that way when they started. Most successful bloggers took them years to hone their skills to reach their achievements you see now. Personally, I am learning new things every day, even now! Because I always want to achieve perfection, I learn from the best in this field.

Blogging is not different than any job out there. The more badass you are in your career (Blogging), the easier to make money from your blog. So, do you want to how to make money blogging for beginners in 2020?

First, Become a badass author, hone your skills and then get into the next step…


3. Figure Out Your Traffic Sources

When you’re just starting with the blogging world, and you’re still a rookie, getting traffic is confusing, and sometimes it makes you want to give up! Well, DON’T!

There are many many questions in your mind. Should you focus on growing a Facebook page or group? Should you roam around blogs with the same niche and leave comments there hoping for more traffic? Or maybe roam around Quora and answer questions there? Or perhaps focus on optimizing your keywords and SEO? And so many other questions!

I can start by telling you this! There are literally no limits to the sources of traffic and tactics out there to use for your advantage. You have to find the best one for your blog and yourself. 

The following chart shows the data of the referral traffic depends on the topic. As you can see, it is not always from Google!


As we saw in the chart above, pretty much all the traffic sources are either from Facebook or Google. And the rest are from different sources! Yes, there are excellent sources for traffic such as Pinterest for bloggers, but all such sources can’t be compared to these big monsters!

You may wonder how do you get Google and Facebook to send you such traffic? You have two options: option one is to advertise and gain paid traffic. However, you are here because you want to make money and avoid spending money.

Free traffic is what every blogger wants to achieve, either from social media or search engines. You will face troubles and challenges to get this traffic for free, and it will take time. However, if you keep at it and defeat these challenges, you will get your traffic.

However, while learning all these new skills and building your blog and social media profiles, you must put in your mind that you have to study your competitors in the same niche. After all, this is a challenge between you and them to attract the same audience.

As a blogger, you will experience your first challenge when you begin your journey learning all that about SEO (search engine optimization) and how to build your Facebook page or group.

Fear nothing! The process will take a long time; it will take years to master all the skills for blogging. Yes, years! However, you will notice good results and decent traffic to your website after a few months of working on your blog.

But, which one should you focus on more than the other?

Well, to answer your question, you have to ask yourself two questions.

  • Is your niche blog about something your audience actively searches for information about on Google? Such as specific information, questions, expert related questions, product reviews, etc. Then, focus on your SEO.
  • Or Is your niche blog about something your audience regularly search for and talk about on social media such as Facebook? For example, Health, Pets, Parenting, video games, etc. If yes, then focus more on your social media or Facebook.

BUT, eventually, you will do both of them and even add more sources such as Pinterest or Instagram. However, there will always be one of these dominant compared to the other.

As an example, if your blog about cats, it is occasionally going viral on social media because millions of people love cats. Also, it is easier for you to talk about cats with your friends and family. However, business-related stuff such as affiliate marketing is a different story, and it isn’t very easy, if not rare, to talk about them with your family and friends. Therefore you will search for them on search engines such as Google.

The truth is, you and many bloggers ignore social media (Including Facebook). Bloggers believe if they do everything right for SEO, then that’s the only thing they need for their blog.

Well, that’s wrong!

But, don’t worry in time you will get better as I will get better. After all, blogging needs time and many skills to learn.


4. Grow Your Email List With Pop-Ups

Growing an Email list is an essential task for any blogger. However, chances are, you and every blogger see pop-ups as an irritant thing to have. They interfere with what you’re trying to read and do on the website.

Maybe pop-ups are annoying sometimes, and they ask you to hand over personal information, which makes them less trustworthy and makes you feel hassled about it.

But here’s the thing…

An email list is one of the best sources for money for your blog. The bigger your email list, the more money you make. That’s where the money comes from. To make it simple, if you make $1 from every subscriber and you have 10,000 subscribers, you could make up to $10,000 a month.

Also, when you a good email list number, it is a great way to have returning visitors compared to unsubscribed visitors for your blog, which the chance for them to come back is nearly zero.

Obviously, your blog will have more opportunities to become bigger with an email list and returning visitors. So, begin now building your email list, if you aim to make money from your blog.

But after that, you can focus on how to…

5. Monetize Your Blog With These Ideas To Make Money

After and during building your blog, you can monetize it with different ways to make money from it. Yes, it will need time to see a good amount of income from the blog, but you will see some good results after several months of working.

10 Ways To Make Money Blogging (With Examples!)

  1. Advertising – CPC Or CPM Ads
  2. Advertising – Selling Private Ads
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Sell Digital Products – Online Courses and Workshops
  5. Sell Digital Products – Ebooks
  6. Speaking Gigs
  7. Consulting/Coaching
  8. Selling Freelance Services
  9. Sell Physical Products
  10. Sell Memberships


1. Monetize With CPC Or CPM Ads

One of the many ways to make money from your blog is by placing ads on your blog. Now, there are two different types of these ads. CPC and CPM. 

  • CPC Ads: it means Cost per click (also called pay per click PPC) ads. They usually are banners that you place in your content or sidebar of your blog. So, for each time a reader clicks on the ad, you are paid for that click. Now the other type is…
  • CPM Ads: CPM Ads, or “cost per 1,000 impressions,” are ads that pay you a fixed amount of money based on how many people view your ad.

By all means, the most popular network for placing these types of ads is Google AdSense. With Google AdSense, you will have an indirect relation with these advertisers as Google AdSense is a 3rd party between you and them. Moreover, there are many related programs available if you find that AdSense doesn’t suit you, such as Media.netAdsterra, and Infolinks.

2. Sell Private Ads On Your Blog

Making money from advertising networks like Google Adsense is not the only option in this field. In fact, I already talked about it in another post because it is an excellent option for you when you have good traffic.

But, you don’t need to worry much about it. When you have enough traffic, advertisers in your niche will begin contacting you about different deals to place their ads on your blog. If you don’t like waiting for such opportunities, you can always search and contact them, and they will be happy to work with you.

The good part about this option, you will be able to put your own price, and therefore you could earn much more than several cents from the ads as mentioned earlier.

These ads have different forms, such as banners, buttons, or links. You can also write a sponsored post and/or give a review of their product or service for a decent amount of money. Another form of these ads is to write a post about something related to your niche, and then you will mention the advertiser in the popular form we all know “Brought to you by.”


3. Monetizing With Affiliate Links & Programs

Another great way to make money (A great way to build a passive income, in my opinion) is with affiliate marketing. When I started and began to learn all that about affiliate marketing (Read Here About The Program I used To Learn Everything), I thought it is not a great way to make money. But, after a while, I discovered that with good traffic, affiliate links could be a great way to have a good passive income.

So, if you are already blogging in a profitable niche, and you have traffic, affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize your blog. (Learn more here).

Some bloggers rush things out. They began to create their own books and products to sell them to their audience. In my opinion, that’s a big mistake. As a blogger, you have a great asset within your hand to test products and do different experiments on different products in the same niche. After a while, you will know precisely what your readers want to buy, and then you can sell your own products.

In other words, affiliate programs are an excellent research tool to have a precise decision about the product you want to sell to your readers. Also, it is a free tool that will give you money in the process from the commission you will take if your readers buy these products through your affiliate links. Isn’t that a great thing!!

Therefore, Here is how affiliate marketing goes:

  1. Advertisers have different products related to your niche; they agree with you to give you a commission for each sale from buyers who come from your blog.
  2. Then these advertisers will give you a unique link that is marked for you and track a special code in your link. That way, if a buyer from your blog clicks on this unique link, they will know it.
  3. You begin to include your affiliate links on your blog in different ways, such as banners, reviews, or directly to posts. Once your readers click on this link and purchase something, you will get a commission.

You can appropriate affiliate marketing through many different programs. One of the popular ones is Amazon Associates, or you can build private partnerships with advertisers and businesses with an affiliate program by contacting them.


4. Sell Digital Products

Another fantastic way of earning money from your blog is by selling your products to your readers. They may be as simple as an ebook, or it can be a course. There is no limit to what you can sell on your blog.

However, before launching your own product, there is something important you have to understand. People are searching for products that will help them one way or another. They expect a transition from point A to point B when they buy a product.

For example, when you buy a course on Affiliate marketing or SEO, you want a transition from feeling confused and not knowing anything about affiliate marketing or getting ignored by Google (Point A) to ranking for competitive keywords, getting traffic, and/or seeing actual results such as making money (Point B).

That’s how I felt when I subscribed to the course where I learn everything about the world of blogging and affiliate marketing.

Also, you have to remember that if you are going to choose a product, it must be relevant to your audience within your blog niche. Therefore, you must always try to listen and monitor what your audience needs! You can always ask them. They will tell you what they need!

5. Selling Online Courses And Workshops

Selling online courses are the best by far for well-established blogs. So many bloggers earn millions of dollars from different courses that it may sound silly.

For instance, you may think that is not going to work for everyone. Well, I agree with you! But, after hard work for several years and establish an excellent blog with good traffic to it. You can create your course and sell it, and your audience will love to pay money to learn from you! The Expert!

6. Speaking Gigs

Speaking Gigs is not something you need to worry about now. Once your blog is recognized as an authority in your niche, you will be surprised how many invitations you will get to speak at conferences. Yes, you guessed it right. They will give you good money with a minimum of $10,000 per speech, and you can benefit from this speech to sell more products and more money to make!

7. Consulting & Coaching

Not everyone loves doing consulting and coaching. But, this is a great way to make up to $1000 an hour or even more using the only phone. If you are one of those people who love such things and you have an excellent blog, this way can be a great method to make some serious cash!


8. Selling Freelance Services

Some bloggers go ahead and sell freelance services on different known platforms for such things. These platforms offer you good traffic who search for services you have to give. 

The most famous example is writing. So many writers make a considerable amount of money by writing blog posts or anything you can imagine. So, if you have excellent skills such as writing (which you should have as a blogger), you can use this skill to make extra cash and later on some serious money!

Some examples of platforms where you can work are:


9. Use It As A Content Marketing Tool For Your Business To Sell Physical Products

It is possible to offer great content in your blog to market for your physical product. That been said, your blog will not be optimized to make money from other ways (But you can do it too) your focus will be selling your product.

An example of that is to have a blog about cats and different things related to cats to sell various products for cats, such as cat food and gadgets. Or, you could sell hand-made products, manufactured products, books, and so much more.

10. Sell Memberships

You might already be paying for a membership in different websites. This way is so popular to lock an excellent passive income from your visitors and loyal readers. You would offer extraordinary things for your members to access for a few $$$. 

There are many possibilities for you to optimize great membership advantages for your readers to attract them to sign up and pay you money. A great example of this is the different tools where you pay to get to use everything these tools offer.

Which option will you start with?

Let me know in the comment section :).


Final Thought

So, we’ve covered the underlying process in detail. Now let’s step back for a moment and say few last words before you begin your blogging world as I did!

Blogging is a great way to make passive income. Yes, it is slow, and it needs a lot of work. But it is worth it. Building credibility can lead to many money-making opportunities. For instance, you may start thinking it is not very easy to do so. But, take a moment and look at all these blogs out there and how they make money.

Before you jump too deep into blogging, remember these little bits of advice:

Create High-Quality Content

You must offer high-quality content, which is a benefit for your readers. After all, you will not be able to make money if no one trusts you or read your content. People want to find an answer and a solution for what they are searching for. Give them the best solution! Always put your readers first.

Don’t Spend Your Time Completely On Your Blog

Developing a successful blog has a lot to do with building relationships, either online or offline. I have to admit that my relationship side within my field is weak! But hey, I am working on that and so should you. One of the best communities I met, where we all share the same ideas and have the benefits to help each other is within a Wealthy Affiliate. So, be sure some of your time is spent on social media, forums, and other blogs (or whatever works the best for you) to build these relationships and your blog.

Don’t Be Afraid To Always Experiment

Doing your own experiments is the best method to learn and find the best answer for you and your blog. Yes, you may read every day for hours in the best blogs, but without experimenting, you will find the best answer for your blog.

Also, Don’t be afraid to tweak your ways to see what works best for you and your audience.

Making money blogging can take a lot of tenacity and time, but it can pay off in the long-run if you’re starting out from scratch. Don’t search for shortcuts and learn everything you have to learn slowly and take your time doing so.

What do you think of Our today’s topic “How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners In 2020”?? Do you have more information about or other ways to make money online? Or do you have another opinion/question about it? Feel free to write your comment, advice, or question below!

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4 years ago

Excellent post…I’m new to Blogging, affiliate marketing and trying to build an online business…there’s so much noise around these topics that it’s a lot like drinking water from a fire hose. What I like about this post is that it’s not a salesy – make a zillion dollars overnight landing page type of post. It’s a realistic approach to this business…setting different (proper) expectations…I’ve bookmarked this site for future reference…thanks for the information!

4 years ago

I have been trying to figure out how to increase traffic and find revenue sources outside of affiliate marketing for a while. I really appreciate your advice on figuring out where your traffic will be coming from! I feel like that will help me focus my marketing attention and end up saving me a lot of time and money.
I also like the idea of ebooks, speaking gigs and memberships as additional sources of revenue! I am looking forward to taking advantage of these tips!
Thank you!

Don Sacco
4 years ago

What a fantastic post here. People always wonder if blogging would be a good way to enter the online world. You have given a lot of information here to help them make an informed decision. I myself am just getting started with blogging and you have given me some great information here.

You cover everything from choosing a niche, to writing, traffic sources all the way to monetizing their blog. You also cover many different types of blogs that folks could focus on. This article is very in depth and detailed compared to most that I read out there.

Kedia Rattray
Kedia Rattray
4 years ago

Very helpful post! I’ve bookmarked your site for future reference. Looks like you really have done your research and know what you talking about. As a new blogger I like the tips you gave on how to monetize it and affiliate marketing is something really considering. Also like the point you made about facing completion as this can sometimes be discouraging for newbies – we often think there is no room for newcomers and then get intimidated. I will follow your advice: study my competition, work hard and definitely take the time to understand my niche and determine if worth pursuing it or come up with a new one. Thanks for the insight

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