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Today I want to write the third part of Facebook Ads Tips and Tricks of this amazing Your Homepage to Master Marketing 2019-2020 series to master Facebook ads and marketing! If you want to improve yourself more you have to read all the tips and tricks which I am providing here on this website.

I am not here telling you that my tips are the best on the internet! in fact, if you go now and start searching you will for sure find so many of them floating around. However, there are many uncommon tips that it is rare to find or we don’t find them anyway. These uncommon tips are what I want to talk about today to make your Facebook ad campaigns much more successful.

That way you can combine all of the great tips you get or already know together with these tips I am about to write to create solid and successful Facebook ad campaigns.


The Uncommon Tips for Facebook Ad Success – Facebook Ads Tips and Tricks

To continue our journey in Facebook Ads Tips and Tricks, you will enjoy reading these uncommon tips for facebook ad success!!

1- Your Performance – Track it and Study it.

There is one thing that’s often forgotten, which is tracking ad performance, either intentionally or forgetfully. Don’t be one of those that publish their ad and then sit back and wait for results (Really?). You need to know if your ad is performing well or poorly! There are many tools you can use to have a huge advantage like Google Analytics to track your ad overall performance.

You need to make sure that your ad is on the right track to achieving your goals, make sure your ad is generation interests and that it hasn’t reached the burnout phase as they call it! You need to keep your ad up to date and change it every 5-6 months, New of everything!

Even you get bored from seeing the same thing for too long, right!?

2- You Should Have a Landing Page Clear Call to Action

Don’t make your audience confused! Once they start clicking the ad, they need and want to know what they are supposed to do next? if the message is mixed and not clear on the landing page, most of them will simply be gone.

Make it simple, make it clear! Your visitors need a single clear call to action that can easily be understood and they can easily follow the directions. The best examples that tend to work the best are “Click here” or “sign up now”.

3- Understand ROI (Return On Investment)

It is a very crucial part of knowing you ad success, that’s why you have to know how to track your ROI and how to calculate it. There are five things needed to do that: Total number of impressions, the total cost of your Facebook ad, click rate or response rate, conversion rate and average profit per sale. Once you do that you will be able to know your profitability.

4- Keep Your Landing Page on Facebook

The cost to send the traffic to another website is higher than when you send them to a landing page on Facebook, so you should consider having one on Facebook and take your traffic to it! It is valuable to you as well because it will give you a bonus of receiving more likes and still meet your conversion goals. Cool, right?

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The “How to Expand My Audience With Facebook Ads” Guide

You, me and everyone knowing already how great Facebook Ads as a tool for any online business and even offline business. So many details and different ways and methods provided by Facebook to any type of audience and a tool to expand that audience for you. The goal of this post facebook ads Tips and Tricks is to reach the understanding point to get the best outcome from facebook ads campaign.

With Facebook Ads, you can target people based on any preferences or interests they have such as what they do, who they are, what they like or hate, where do they live and many things they do online that can tell more about them.

Facebook ads system are extremely targeted and amazing, it can target anyone who has likes that are close to your business or related to it.

By now, you already know how easy to set up a Facebook ad and how easy is to use it and of course how amazing and powerful tool for your business it can be. You can use it pretty much for anything to your benefit! with Facebook ads, you can promote anything, including offers, events, apps install, website conversion and many ways to benefit from Facebook ads.


It is really not difficult to expand your audience to your website, all you have to do is to convince your targeted people to click your ad and find out what it is you offer for them. Your targeted website better has something to offer for your targeted audience to convince them to give you their email address and become your customers such as free E-book or newsletter access or special offer, sale for them.

Note that website clicks are the main type of Facebook ad you will use, in the end, your purpose is to get people to click your ad, which will take them to your landing website or Facebook page. Just make sure you have a strong landing page for your traffic to land on is an attractive place to start.

I said that before in previous parts! it is important to make sure your ad is attractive and create a very strong desire inside your audience to click your ad.

You need to know that the cost for your Facebook ads is under your control, use it wrongly you will lose money! use it wisely you will have a huge advantage. You can set a Cost per Click in combination with a daily limit for your campaign so you don’t lose all the money you have without noticing that.

What does that mean? Simple! I will give you a small example: Set your CPC ( Cost per Click) at 0.50 cents and your daily budget at $100? $10? as you wish!

Before doing that you need to do a little research on your keyword because you need to be careful at your CPC maximum, it might go very high for some keywords. So if you bid high you will watch your bank account losing money faster than a Lamborghini, if you bid too low your ad has a high chance to never show.

Tracking codes are awesome to the ad on both your Facebook ad and your landing page or website to see your campaign performance.

What are you waiting for? With these Facebook Ads Tips and Tricks, you can achieve everything you want and need! Get busy and put your Facebook ads to work, to help to expand your audience and ultimately your sales. Go to Facebook now and start improving your business.


Create a Solid Facebook Ad Copy

Do you want to create a solid Facebook ad copy that both works and gets quickly approved? Here are three tips that will help you achieve that!

1- Write a Clear and Concise Message!

Anyone can write a Facebook ad, but it is important to answer these questions while writing your Facebook ad: What is it about? Who is it about? What does it want one to do?

Let’s see this small example to understand what I mean.

So let’s say that you own a company and let’s name it Y and you have a brand named X and your ad’s goal is to bring the brand X awareness for your company Y that sells (anything you want to sell). Here we want to answer the question “who is it about?” if the audience read the ad and know that the brand X is for your company Y and by that, we answered the question then it also answers the question “what the ad is about?”(anything you want to sell)”, the message of the ad is clear for the audience and if they interested they would know what you are selling.

2- Create a Strong Call to Action!

Yes, I will spread this everywhere! because it is so important!

When you are setting up your Facebook ad, it is so important and essential to include a strong call to action or (CTA). “Click here”, “Buy now”, “Sign up now” or “Book today”, these are famous examples for the call to action. So your CTA must be short, telling your audience what they need to do exactly as an order form, recent studies show that writing an order kind of words actually increase the desire for so many people to do that. So when you use “Buy now” it will be much better than “Please Buy”.

However, If you want to run a Facebook Suggested Post ad that appears in the news feed you can and able to write a longer call to action since there is no restriction of characters.

3- Have Your Friends or Family Check Your Copy!

Don’t underestimate the power of this point! This is especially important if you are new to this. Having a second opinion from your friends or family is a huge advantage for you, you will know then if your ad makes sense simply by letting them read it. After that, you can ask them what they think about your ad, what is the message of the ad and whether they feel they should act.

Of course, you need to get as many opinions and answers as you can get from different people, if you don’t get the answers you are looking for, then you should go back and redesign tour ad again. If you are having troubles creating good ads with strong CTA then you need to search for companies that offer you designs for ads. Remember there is “The Facebook Help” which is also a good resource to help you get a good idea about the do’s and don’ts of your Facebook ads to reach the goals of your campaign.

Do you have more tips and tricks to add to our Facebook Ads Tips and Tricks, Do you have another opinion about it? or a question about Facebook ads? feel free to write your comment, opinion or question below!

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Fred Ota
4 years ago

Hi Mohammad, thanks for the helpful tips. I have not tried FB ads yet but its something I will definitely need to do in the near future.
Excellent post.

4 years ago

Hi Mohammad,
The information here is precious. I have never dared to venture into paid traffic yet for my business, I’m still working on free organic traffic, and it’s serving me well for now.

I do hope to gather the courage to try out Facebook ads some day. Will refer back to your post. Lots of valuable advice, all for free!

4 years ago

This is an article rich with great info. I am glad I came across it. I have only recently started looking into ways to make money online, so I guess Facebook ads will be something I’ll have to consider at some point. Thanks to your article, I get to learn a bit more on the topic earlier than I would have.
Thanks a lot for sharing!

4 years ago

I don’t use FB right now because I don’t like it very much but in a near future I will probably consider it. With your precious tips, I don’t feel like it could go wrong.

Thank you for sharing these!

4 years ago

Hi Mohammad, These are great tips for anyone thinking of doing ads on facebook. Instead of jumping straight in they should read your 3 articles on the subject. It may save them a lot of grief later when their ads fail because they didn’t do it right.

You are right to emphasise to people about the importance of a call to action. Without it potential customers won’t know what to do next. This of course means lost revenue.

Thanks for these helpful tips, I will bookmark this page and look it up when I am ready to do facebook ads.


Jeff Schumn
4 years ago

Good article Mohammad. Just about the right length actually. Not too long, but long enough to cover what needs to be said.

I personally do not use Facebook Ads, but I know they work.

How do I know that?

Because I see the same ads over and over everyday. Then a new one replaces it and I see it over and over. Marketers would not be doing this if they were not getting results, or at lease at the very minimum enough to cover the cost of running their ads on Facebook.

One other thing I like about your article. I like the table of contents you have at the top. A great way to direct people to where they want to go without reading the whole article. Did you use a plugin to create that?


Jeff Schuman

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