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Today’s Tips on Facebook ads going to be special to get your Facebook ads in 2019 running and earning the best outcome from your ad campaign. This is the goal for any business owner, to gain more traffic, sales, page views, etc.

You aren’t alone that looking for more exposure for the business you own from Facebook using Facebook ads. This great tool or “option” has become very popular among business owners and companies.

After all, this platform has more than 1.56 billion users which make it one of the most powerful platforms if not the best on the internet.


Your Facebook Ad Campaign – Click Farms

We will start our tips on Facebook ads on Facebook ads in 2019 with Click Farms. It is important to know what does this mean.

Your Campaign

Many of the advertisers have been captivated by Facebook’s Suggested Page/Post. Both of them are offered at an acceptable rate. The goal and purpose of these ads to earn more likes for your advertising pages and increase the audience of your business.

at first sight, it would seem like a great strategy that was worth pursuing. all in all, it appears to work. Many of these businesses have increased their likes in this way.

When a person ‘likes’ a certain business fan page that person will start to see this business page’s updates on their newsfeed and then they may be starting to share those posts with their friends, which is the main and a great way of gaining a Facebook audience.

So What’s the Problem with this way?

just a while ago, a Business Insider published an article. In this article, it has been written about some of the complaints being made by some of Facebook page owners. They are saying that their ads have created problems and chaos on their pages.

These businesses owners say that markedly too many of their new likes are actually coming from something called (click farms). This is a method where a group or a company employ low paid workers to conduct some tasks that are constructed to get more traffic to a page or site.

But these business owners are paying for legitimate traffic so these ‘click farms’ are very annoying for them.

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Why Are There Click Farms?

The next question here or better say the next problem, Why would click farms groups pay people to click “like” on Facebook Pages?

Simply, they do it because the more likes they get the more privilege on their Facebook page they have. It gives the Page’s appearance that those “likes” coming from real people.

Facebook aren’t idiots, they already know that there is a problem and has been working since then on pinpointing these fake accounts and delete them from the platform. You can notice this if you search about this issue, you will notice that so Facebook became firm with these accounts and trying their best to clean the platform from such acts

But!!! How to Empower Your Business?

Facebook business pages owners start to make requests to have the ability to delete fake accounts in bulk. Right now, you need to delete them one by one, which is really a waste of time and annoying to do.

It is not even practical, as it is a slow method to get rid of those accounts it actually leads to more if not thousands of face accounts to building up.

Some of these Owners actually requested to even ban or limit access to some countries that pose such problem such as Mexico, Portugal, India, etc.

Right now, this remains a big Facebook issue for business owners and advertisers. However, Facebook facing bigger worries and problems than advertisers problems. These fake accounts are said to have affected Facebook’s ad revenue negatively.


How to Choose an Effective Image for Your Facebook Ad

Our tips on Facebook ads on Facebook ads in 2019 will not be complete if we forgot the most important part about it. Images are one of the most important areas when you create a Facebook ad. Therefore, choosing a great image is a “MUST”. Your image can be the reason your ad is a big hit or a big fail.

The following are to be kept in your mind when you are choosing your Facebook ad!

#1 A Friendly Face Seems Inviting

For unknown reasons, People like to click on an image of a person. People tend to feel more inviting with a friendly face and it works like a magic on Facebook.

When the image is more familiar to people, it will give a big impact on your ad campaign, so try to find a way to give your audience a familiar face, someone they wait for to just checks the new product or offer he has! For example, a picture of you or a spokesperson in your firm or business.

#2 Video Play Buttons vs An Image!

How many ads did you saw on facebook with an attractive video in it? I am pretty sure you clicked on one of them at least once! Yes, People like to click on video play buttons.

Especially, when this video appears so attractive to them. For ads that redirect the audience to YouTube or another video host, this is considered as pure gold! Think about it for a minute.

#3 Keep It Simple

When you have a messy image with bad appearance, your audience for 100% will stop clicking on your ad! Remember what we said in previous posts! the image is 100p x 72p. So try to optimize your image and colour perfectly.

#4 More CAPS Fewer Clicks!

That is true! Caps are not appealing to people, they want a service or a product to solve their needs or problems. Provide them with this product or service and they will be happy about it!

The other tip I can tell you here, When you have a discount or an offer, use that in your favour instead of an image, using discount ad is a great way to motivate your audience. And if you are giving something away for free! Oh boy, that can work like magic for you.

Everyone Love Free Stuff! Don’t You?

#5 It is an Ad NOT an investigation!

Just be Direct! If you ask too many questions, your audience will run away like no tomorrow. If you are running an ad campaign that uses images with a question in it, don’t write questions in the ad copy too.

#6 Work Smart NOT Hard

Don’t just start to overthink about everything, you will start to do mistakes like that. Be original, simple, direct, funny and be witty. But more importantly, don’t make a joke that you alone understand it.

#7 Always Be on Top of Your Facebook Ads

Learn, Fail then learn again. start to monitor your Facebook ads, take notes and feedback. Go do some research on ads that have been done by professionals like Amy Porterfield. Then ask yourself, does my admeasure up or resemble one of their ads?



Tips on Facebook ads on Facebook ads in 2019 is my favourite part of writing articles. Because Facebook Ads are a strong tool to be able to get your business or company to a whole new level. You have more than 1.5 billion users to attract to your product or service.

You need to learn all of these tips and tricks, do your research, understand and know your audience well and then you will be ready to start it with full confidence.

It is not a bad thing to fail, but it is the worst to give up! Keep going and you will achieve all your goals. Don’t worry about anything just do it!

Do you have more tips and tricks to add to our Tips on Facebook ads – Facebook ads in 2019, Do you have another opinion about it? or a question about Facebook ads? feel free to write your comment, opinion or question below!

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4 years ago

I hadn’t previously thought about a FB ad. The ads on FB are usually so annoying; I just thought they were so irrelevant and repetitive. And yes, I have, indeed, seen so many that look like the comments are fake. You have convinced me to look into this further. I’m going to bookmark your site and come back. Seriously, so don’t bore me. 😉

4 years ago

Wow! I never would have known all these concerning Facebook ads. I actually ran a campaign last week and the traffic and likes I got were more like generated ones and not of real people. At first, it thought the campaign was yielding great result not until I realised that it was mere likes and no traffic. I never knew its the work of clickfarm. I would head back to Facebook right now to clear off all these from my page. Also, thanks so much for giving so much information concerning Facebook ads and how to really go about it to get positive results. I will surely put all these into consideration. Thanks

Anthony Hu
Anthony Hu
4 years ago

Thank for your post. I started my online business this year and heard a lot of people talking about how effective the facebook ads are on their business. I want to try facebook ads, but never take time to investigate it.

Your article is a nice introduction to me. I bookmarked your webpage and will study in detail on how to advertise my business on facebook.

Money is always an issue. I have very limited fund for ads. What is minimal money required for me to start my facebook advertisement.

It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us.

Russ Green
Russ Green
4 years ago

Thank you so much for these tips and advice on getting traffic to my website, getting visitors to me website is the single most difficult thing I have come across while being in the process of building my online business, I have tried many different ways of getting more traffic to my website but nothing seems to work with any kind of great success, I have tried using Facebook before but I just haven’t tried all of the different methods that you suggest here in this post I will most definitely be trying these methods out, thank you for sharing. 

4 years ago

Thanks for this really amazing idea on getting ones products to the world through Facebook ads. I am into selling of shoes and bag, accessories generally. And I have had quite a little progress in selling because of low turn up of customers. I have tried some other program who promised to help with it but its not quite effective. I’ll love to give this Facebook ads a try and following your instructions, I hope it works the magic.

4 years ago

I think Facebook ads are very powerful when you know how to use and target the right audience for your business. I have started to use facebook ads for my shop lately and the results are really good. But what I understood is that you need to build an audience before enjoying Facebook ads’ best features, like facebook pixels and retargeting. So, it is very important to create ads in order to build a custom audience first.


Nate MC
Nate MC
4 years ago

These are all excellent tips for running Facebook Ads. Especially not using caps. I’ve come across plenty of FB Ads that have used nearly all caps and it’s not a good look at all.

How much do you recommend a person spends on their FB Ads? I think a lot of newbies get discouraged when they don’t get immediate results, but have only spent a very small amount of money.

4 years ago

Thanks for this post on how to get your head around using the Facebook advert platform – a friend of mine tried using it to promote a service about a year back and he got it all wrong!

The one worry I have is about the amount of money Facebook charges per click – do you have any newbie-safe tips on how to keep your cost per click down when first starting out?

Melinda Curle
Melinda Curle
4 years ago

Oh my goodness! I hadn’t heard about click farms before. Thanks for writing about this. 

I like your advice on Facebook ads. I tend to overthink everything, so I’m glad that you reminded us not to. I hadn’t thought that more CAPS would mean fewer clicks though. I’ll be judicious when using capital letters now. 

Do you find that certain colors or images work better than others in Facebook ads? 

4 years ago

This is very good honestly, I am an affiliate marketer and I am looking to dive into social media marketing and I feel ads are a very hood way to attract people into your products. I like this tips you have given on creating good facbeokk ads. I’m going to put all this in mind. Thank you also for adding encouraging words to this post. I’m glad I read this.

4 years ago

Excellent article,this is so amazing and the latest trend to advertise, its true Facebook Ads are a strong tool to be able to get your business or company to a whole new level,the normal requirements to have a quality Ads campaign which will attracts audience,the quality picture,smiling face,keeping it simple etc,all these are wonderful things to keep in mind when choosing a Facebook ad,I’ve learned from your article,kudos to your writing skills,thank you for sharing this educative write-up.

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