The Last Amazon Course Review: This Is Where You Can Find Praiseworthy Content At $1.00 Only!


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The Last Amazon Course


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  • Almost Free
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  • Offers Comprehensive Guide


  • Might Require Full-Commitment From The Student's Side

The last amazon course review is a comprehensive guide for everyone who wants to be an Amazon FBA seller and make 6,7 or even 8-figures on the big platform. The last Amazon course is one among many editorials on the run for arming those to-become Amazon entrepreneurs with the secrets to win the game. But it costs $1 only to start now!! Is that real? Is that even possible? Or is it just a scam?


Before The Last Amazon Course Review: What Is An Amazon FBA Seller And Why You Should Aim To Be One?

On Amazon, there are two distinct types of sellers; FBM and FBA. FBM stands for Fulfillment by Merchant. Here, Amazon sellers rely on the platform only in being an embankment between them and their targeted buyers. FBM sellers don’t depend on the Amazon marketplace to pack or ship the products to the buyers. They rely on the help of a third-party merchant to do the job for them.

And, there are Amazon FBA sellers – they are the ones that The Last Amazon Course targets. FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazo. With FBA, you – as an Amazon FBA seller – store the products you want to sell in one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers (about 75 of those in the US alone!).

From there, Amazon employees – or robots! – do their triple-part task, picking, packaging, and shipping your products to where they are supposed to go.

The Amazon FBA seller is a term that’s called to everyone enjoying such privilege on the e-commerce platform.


Here Are The Top Reasons Why You Need To Become An Amazon FBA Seller:

1. No Need To Hustle About Shipping Prices

With Fulfillment by Amazon, shipping products won’t be much of an issue anymore. Any Amazon FBA seller will ship his/her products for a price of $0.99 per item or $0.59 to $0.65 per one pound.

2. Increase In Sales Number

Each Amazon FBA seller receives automatic qualification for Amazon Prime and, thus, more trustworthiness from the buyers’ side.

3. Quick Delivery 

Since it’s a multinational e-commerce empire (operating physically in more than 13 countries), shipping with Amazon guarantees fast delivery to any geographical-pinpoint compared to your regular merchants’ delivery.

4. Post-Shipping Customer Service By Amazon Itself

Amazon is well-known for its excellent customer service. The e-commerce giant at handling customer issues jumped the online world to the real one where they – Amazon customer service staff – ensure the product’s arrival and double-check the customer satisfaction by the service.

5. Management Of Returns

What happens when a pissed-off customer thinks that your product doesn’t match his/her expectations? Yup, you will be forced to stick with your money-back guaranteed offer and accept his/her return.

Returning a product is never an easy job, and Amazon is ready to be the one who takes fall and do the necessary steps so that you get your product in good health back on shelves ready to be ordered again.

Here Are A Few Reasons (Disadvantages) To Stay Away From Fulfillment By Amazon:

1. Storage Fees Might Be Applied On The Long Term

When your product never leaves the shelves for over six months, the landlord has to ask for rent. Amazon’s long-term storage fees are $6.90 per cubic foot. They aren’t too bad. Nevertheless, it puts additional concerns on top of the fact that you didn’t get lucky with selling your product.

2. Pooling Products From Several Buyers Might End In Catastrophic Results! 

To save time, Amazon offers buyers the ability to mix their products with the goods of other Amazon FBA sellers during the shipping process.

Although this might be well-coordinated and work smoothly at times, it can lead to miss-shipment accidents that might leave your customer with a bad envisage in mind.


Why Are There So Many Amazon FBA Courses?

The last amazon course review is one of the many must-wanted amazon FBA course reviews. Amazon FBA courses are a market that’s never empty from suppliers. The reason behind that can be attributed to two things:

  • The high demand from students’ side to learn about what it needs to achieve success on Amazon. 
  • The skyrocketing figures that invaded the internet that is made by people who are either Amazon success stories or gurus proclaim to be self-made Amazon millionaires.

About Brock Johnson


Before his thirteenth, Brock Johnson became a self-made multi-millionaire and profited over $6 million selling solar viewers on Amazon. Think that’s impressive. What if I told you he did it in a half-year period!

Still not convinced Brock Johnson deserves your buck? Then you might want to sit back and keep reading because the proofs for why Brock Johnson is a model teacher are just starting.

  • One time at college, Brock sold a microphone; he just got with 10 bucks for $500 online (a decent chunk of change for a student!). 
  • Brock Johnson was at college when he first gets to know what is Amazon FBA all about. 
  • Age 12 was the first time Brock started selling on the internet. 
  • By 2014, Brock Johnson sold over 5,000 different products on Amazon to more than one million customers. 
  • $7,500 was the starting budget for the famous $6 million in a 6-month brand that’s associated with Brock’s name. 

The $1.00: Is It Any Indicator?

It’s hard to think of anything but low-quality content or a seller desperate for buyers when a course price tag points to only $1.00!

Nevertheless, neither of the cases is true with The Last Amazon Course.

See, Brock Johnson wasn’t just a self-made millionaire or a model Amazon FBA teacher. Brock was also someone to make an impact, a huge one on those wanting to hold-still the ladder to their financial success.

His desire for making an Amazon-army full of knowledge who are capable of achieving similar success to his is what drove Brock Johnson to give his difficulty-made 45 hours-long self-helping guides almost for free.

Brock wanted to provide a rich-content for an affordable price to the world around, and one buck was the price that tickles his ears!


Let’s Talk About The 45+ Hours Course Videos, Do I Need All That?

The last Amazon course runs for 45 hours and contains 350 videos. The course attempts to provide a comprehensive guide into Amazon for sellers; thus, you might feel like it’s a little hefty to be digested, at least not on the weekend!

The good thing is, you don’t need to watch all 375+ videos to be well-knowledgeable about the course’s topics and outlines. To get your feet on the road, the first 3 hours could be sufficient. The Last Amazon Course’s main content, on the other hand, isn’t time-lengthy for nothing. Between the hours, you will find full strategies and techniques to master the game on Amazon.

Won’t your time allow you to chew it all at once? No problem! The course is made so that you can have the freedom to jump lessons without being affected. Know your destination, and look for it among the 375+ videos.

Is The Last Amazon Course Legit?

Yes. The Last Amazon Course is a 100% legitimate coaching program that contains no scams and – unlike many other popular Amazon FBA courses – isn’t an attempt from the sellers to mind-luring you into checking out that mind-blowing – 3-figure in-cost – course with the one secret key to the game.

There weren’t any affiliated links or millionaire-by-night schemes during the last Amazon Course review or anything else but pure knowledge from a respected coach.

Is The Last Amazon Course For Anyone?

Nope. It’s not. The last amazon course review will only benefit those who are:

  • Full-time or half-time internet entrepreneurs. 
  • Anyone is seeking a profitable side hustle. 
  • A newbie to selling at Amazon.
  • Those who aren’t fully satisfied with what their daily jobs provide.
  • Anyone seeking to make a passive income from home.

Pricing Of The Last Amazon Course

The Last Amazon Course costs you only $1.00 a week. If paying weekly is uncomfortable for you, you can easily get the lifetime plan for only $24 paid once.

On top of that, The Last Amazon Course offers a plan called a lifetime exclusive plan. By purchasing that $39 (paid once) plan, you will receive extra privileges than the normal students, such as the ability to discuss course’s topics matters on-air with Brock Johnson Himself!


The Last Amazon Course Review: What Will You Learn?

The Last Amazon Course spares nothing when it comes to subjects covered. The course successfully covers it all!

1. Amazon Algorithm

Some people call it the Amazon ranking algorithm. It’s similar to Google’s SEO, except here the stakes are much higher than getting your website viewed!

2. Business Model

You can’t start a road-trip expecting success will hop-in your automobile in a glimpse of a second. Neither can you walk blindly into Amazon, expecting to make millions from your products!

The Last Amazon Course prepares you to structure a solid business plan that could be your most relayed-upon asset during the time spent on Amazon.

3. Human Algorithm!

It might be silly, but humans act and react on a specific set of algorithms that can be hard to differentiate from Amazon’s SEO!

You can’t succeed without revealing how your buyer – or to-become buyer – will react once hearing about your product or service.

4. Opportunity-Hunting

Opportunity-scouting is yet another hot meal ready to be served by The Last Amazon Course.

During this, you will learn 70+ ways to find products (i.e., product ideas) to supply during your Amazon selling carrier.

5. Manufacturing

Is manufacturing a bet hard to swallow topic for you? No worries! The Last Amazon Course covers it as well. The course won’t tell you how to master your industry, but it can be the right-hand you need to know where to get top-quality outsourcing that can help you have your product ready on time.

6. Other Topics Included In The Course Are:

  • 100x Return Criteria. 
  • Product Failure Checklist. 
  • Supplier Negotiation Template. 
  • Shipping. 
  • Photos. 
  • Reviews. 
  • Product Launch. 
  • Amazon Advertising. 
  • Ranking. 
  • Taxes

What To Expect To Make As An Amazon FBA Seller After Purchasing The Last Amazon Course

There is no specific number on the profits of the successful Amazon FBA seller (neither do the course promises one). You can make as good as a few hundred, couple thousand dollars, or you can hit the millionaire-club like Brock, and many others like him did.

There is no limit to where you can go when the right strategies and the pro-tips put into apply. Nevertheless, your product’s nature, market digestibility, and quality are all factors that can shape a number for you.

The Last Amazon Course Review: The Pros And Cons

The Advantages Of The Last Amazon Course 

  • Almost Free

The Last Amazon Course will cost you $1.00 a week (just $24 if you paid upfront), which is cheaper than any other Amazon FBA course on the market. Add to that, even with its low price tag, and The Last Amazon Course tops them all!

  • From An Experienced Coach In The Subject

Brock Johnson needs no recommendation from me. The guy’s impressive bio (feel free to check it above) can easily convince everyone to crown him as his/her number one Amazon knowledge supplier.

  • Easy to Digest for Beginners

Unlike many similar tutorials, The Last Amazon Course doesn’t discr9liminate against a specific level of education.

The course is full of beginner-friendly material and dedicates a decent space for expert-only content.

  • Offers Comprehensive Guide

The Last Amazon Course isn’t trying to bait you into an empty set of educational content that’s knowledge-free, ads-rich (like most course providers do). By the time you finish with The Last Amazon Course, you will be Amazon-ready and fully-armed with the knowledge to make big chunks of change on the e-commerce platform.

The Disadvantages Of The Last Amazon Course

  • Might Require Full-Commitment From The Student’s Side

You can’t finish The Last Amazon Course during a Friday night; neither can you be fully-knowledgeable about the course’s outlines if you dealt with it like a quick video editorial.

To achieve the most from The Last Amazon Course, you will need to be fully-indulged with it as a university program instead of a tip-feeding video-based tutorial.

You might need to dedicate time and effort to succeed as an Amazon FBA seller or put the knowledge you’ve gained from this program into action.

Alternative Amazon FBA Courses To Check Out Today!

1. Amazon Selling Machine (ASM12) 


Making 8 figures on Amazon isn’t a dream anymore with Amazon Selling Machine. This brand new step-by-step training program is made by the internet entrepreneurs Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark, who made combined more than $150 million from Amazon – the model figure of a teacher!

Although $4997 is a little pricey for an Amazon FBA course, the educational content you will receive will do-away the regret-feelings and more importantly, if you are serious about Amazon FBA selling, this is the best tool to carry with.

The course has 30-day money-back 100% guaranteed.

2. Amazon Boot Camp v4.0


This is another recommended coaching program for those who aren’t quite convinced that the last amazon course review matched their expectations.

The price tag on this Amazon FBA course points to $495 (although you can pay for it in three easy $195 payments).

This video-based course offers a comprehensive guide to Amazon for both the newbie and the oldie Amazon sellers to benefit from in their 6-figure money-making journey on the world’s most dominating e-commerce platform.

3. Proven Amazon Course


With only 29 bucks a month, prepare yourself to be Amazon-ready with this comprehensive 18-year old coaching program. The program is made by yet another teacher who is the model at his game, Jim Cockrum.

Jim takes you through a long journey during which you will learn almost everything from wholesale, private labeling, secondhand, online arbitrage, and retail arbitrage.

The course is a fun – yet beneficial – ride to take if The Last Amazon Course wasn’t your type of thing.

The Last Amazon Course Review: The Verdict

Although The Last Amazon Course review economizes no effort in bringing you closer to the course’s environment and what it teaches, it’s not among its capacity, neither its ability to provide the student with a full illustrative look over Brock’s coaching guide.

Purchase The Last Amazon Course and see for yourself what the review can’t possibly tell you. Areas like the style of teaching are only yours to qualify. At the end of the day, if it’s not your kind of thing, you will receive a full refund!

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