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Who Am I?!

I’m Mohammad, 30, blogging coach, affiliate marketing strategist, eCommerce expert, full-time doctor, and part-time entrepreneur (soon to be full-time). Other people in this industry have labeled me as a community player AND a hustler! Yes, you can be both!

I believe in working smart, hard, and ethically—all while encircling myself with a passionate community of other productive business-folk who keep me focused and motivated.

I started earning an income from blogging without a HUGE blog by being affiliate savvy after only 6 months into the industry, and I still needed to learn a lot more that time.

I also started to make money selling both physical and digital products on various marketplaces and platforms with a small list of subscribers.

Being successful and thriving in your business is not about page views and subscriber numbers. It’s about authority, trust, quality, connection, authenticity, and above all, an ethical approach and strategy.

I’m here to teach you all of that and more!

But first, 3 fun facts about me!

  1. Before becoming a blogger, affiliate marketer, and eCommerce seller, I was a full-time medical doctor. (I still work as a doctor.)
  2. I started to learn about all the make money online hustles out of curiosity, and now it is a passion.
  3. I lived in Egypt for 7 years, and I moved 3 years ago to Germany. My biggest regret was not starting my internet journey years ago!

My Journey Into The Blogging World

I walked into the mysterious online business world back in July 2015.

After finishing my WA training, I began to feel doubtful about my role as a physician. I loved helping others in need but felt frustrated and stressed by the shortage of time I had in the hospital. I comprehended that if I kept working full-time “as a doctor” with all the stress it comes with, I would burn out promptly. Don’t get me wrong! I love and still want to help others, but by my rules.

Around the same period, I also suffered a bad breakup and was left feeling broken. I wanted a way to take control and feel more “me” again!

I decided to take a short vacation and booked a 1 month trip to Jordan. Having always kept a hobby blog when I traveled, I intended to do the same until a colleague showed out that this could be the productive opportunity I was searching for. So I decided to read every article about eCommerce, blogging, SEO, etc. I could get my hands on it.

And so my blogs were born.

Learning To Blog For Success

I won’t lie to you. I made COUNTLESS mistakes along the way. But over time, I learned the skills that I needed to run a successful online business talking about the things I love the most, such as pets, video games, travel, and cooking.

Through “trial and error,” a lot of studying, learning, research, and a LOT of hard work, I mastered the skill of earning passive income through my stores and blogs, gradually allowing me to overcome my working hours as a doctor.

I now work more-or-less as a full-time entrepreneur and freelancer. I still do medical shifts daily to keep my skills up to date and achieve other goals in my life, such as helping people in need. But this is now out of choice, not a constraint, and that feels pretty awesome.

Being a doctor is stressful and tiring, and on days when I step back, being a physician allows me to be a better one and actually enjoy the job more. I can’t ever imagine giving up medicine altogether – I’ve worked hard to get this far – but I’ve found the balance that keeps me happy and stimulated.

I promptly realized I didn’t want to earn my money through sponsored posts when I started my blogs—the occasional one with a brand I loved, maybe. I also felt uneasy navigating the idea of being paid to have positive opinions “all the time” – what if I didn’t like that service or product? I just wasn’t ready to lose my authenticity or the trust of my audience and followers.

I spent days and weeks reading and learning everything about SEO and blogging income reports, and it grew evident that the big players who were really killing it were not earning much of their money from sponsorship. Instead, they were earning their money passively, obtaining exceptional work-life balance in the process.

Over time, I emerged a geeky fascination with studying and learning everything imaginable about obtaining traffic through search engine optimization and Pinterest and monetizing that traffic through affiliate marketing, ads, and/or selling products.

I consider my years of medical training provided me the groundwork for learning, analyzing, and putting in some earnest hard work to take me to where I am now. It also provided me a foundation in understanding psychology which is SO significant for affiliate marketers.

I remember the time when I built my first website (a pet blog). A close friend told me (out of genuine concern) that there was no way I could make decent money from a blog (or even online in general), let alone match my doctor’s income.

I told him that we would see the results in a year and was delighted to say to him a year later that I was earning a steady income from only one site. After that, I’ve started to witness some months where my websites’ passive income actually surpassed what I earned as a physician!

Nowadays, I also create and sell both physical and digital products. Nonetheless, using ad platforms with email marketing is also a huge part of my business.

So guys and girls, don’t let anyone tell you (even if they have you no harm) that you can’t realize success and achievements doing something you choose and have passionate about. You unquestionably can. Prove it to them, and Let’s do it – together!

My “Why,” What Is Yours?

As my geeky obsession with eCommerce, blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing gained momentum, family members and friends started coming to me for help and guidance. I love teaching and coaching others, always have, and if any of my students asked a simple question, they frequently received more than they imagine!

This ignited an idea that perhaps I could teach others about the different topics I’m so enthusiastic and passionate about to allow them to make money online?

However, self-doubt initially held me back. When starting this website back in 2019, I had around 1000 page views a month which I know for years into a blogging career certainly wasn’t bad for a new website, and it wasn’t gaining me full-time revenue. But there were bloggers out there who’ve been doing it for years and years who have more than 100,000 page views and are making a tremendous amount of money! Could I even be taken earnestly and seriously among such big players in the industry?!

But then I realized that is precisely why I SHOULD build ProWealthyAffiliate. I wanted to teach everyone that you don’t require years of expertise, 100k+ followers, or massive traffic to make a stable passive income from your website. You don’t have to accept these ailing paid sponsored campaigns that frequently demand risky do-follow links just to earn some pennies. I want to teach people how to be intelligent, active, strategic and turn their small or medium-sized business into a viable full-time profession just like I did.

I realized I thrive off teaching and brainstorming creative strategies and out-of-the-box ideas for students. I am never happier than helping other bloggers realize their dream of becoming professional bloggers.

And as our community in ProWealthyAffiliate grew, so did my own sites. I used and still am using them as a testing ground for my different strategies to understand and work out what works and what doesn’t and share my conclusions with our community to keep improving our knowledge and approach to the various online businesses.

At the time of writing this post, I have been able to help over 7000 entrepreneurs earn more money selling and blogging with my various courses and ebooks. That feels pretty amazing!

Some of my students have achieved impressive results. For example, one of my students in the pet niche who was making barely any affiliate income enrolled in my one on one coach course and the next few months earned 5x the course price and has been paying his bills and mortgage with affiliate revenue. Every single time I see a success story like this from my students, it holds me to stay motivated and keep helping more entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

Will you be next?!

My Expertise

My Experience With SEO

It took me years, reading and learning to understand SEO fully. Had I known about it from the beginning, my blogs would be much more influential momentarily. Therefore, I want to guide you on how to do it right from the START.

My Affiliate Marketing Growth

I began affiliate marketing when I had a few pages views/month. Within a short period (weeks), I got my first purchase resulting in a $100 commission from 1 company. I assumed it was a bit of beginner luck, but then every month, it started growing.

My Experience With Designing And Selling Digital Products

In 2019, I started designing and selling digital products (On Etsy), and it is now up there with affiliate marketing as my favorite way to earn money blogging! I’ve built and sold everything from printables to digital tools, ebooks, courses, and templates!

My Experience With Creating And Selling Physical Products

Also, in 2019 I started my journey selling online with POD (print on demand), dropshipping, and Amazon FBA out of curiosity and the love of learning everything about eCommerce. I also joined platforms such as Merch by Amazon and Redbubble to achieve more passive income, and within only one year, I now gain money passively every month without even sweating.

My Experience With Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, And Ads On Various Platforms

Email marketing has been a massive part of my business, and I love connecting with my audience with my weekly/monthly emails. What many bloggers don’t realize is just how powerful email marketing can be as a means to promote your products. You don’t need your own goods to be thriving in making money with an email list!

One of the most significant hurdles most bloggers have is expanding their email list. Building the right lead magnet is a considerable part of the action. Still, if you truly want to accelerate your growth, I suggest collaborating with other bloggers in your niche by cross-promoting each other’s freebies.

With a combination of various lead magnets and collaborating with other bloggers, I have grown my email list by up to 800-1000 subscribers per month!

Another skill every business owner should consider is learning how to manage their social media account and grow them. Yes, you can hire someone to do that. But you must learn that yourself first before hiring anyone to understand the process!



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