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$9.99 / Mo

Support & Customer Service


Variety of services


User Satisfaction


My Score & My Experience


Value for money



  • Easy to use
  • Free to use with good features
  • Customer service and Support are amazing
  • Beautiful Theme
  • A phone app for PrettyMerch


  • You have to get the pro version eventually
  • It is a build-in chrome extension
  • The phone app for PrettyMerch sometimes has problems

After we talked about Print on Demand, it is time to talk about tools and apps to scale your POD business. Today, our tool “PrettyMerch” is one of the best tools for Merch by Amazon. Merch by Amazon, which is also known as MBA (we will talk about it in detail in a different post), is a popular platform for POD business; almost every POD business owner works there or used to work there.

Every online business owner knows that numbers and data are a goldmine, and everyone seeking to reach the best data they can get to improve and scale their business. It is a challenge to get the best data out there, and it could cost a tremendous amount of money or even hire experts for thousands of dollars to do so!

PrettyMerch is a google chrome extension designed to give you a beautiful look for the Merch by Amazon platform with providing the best data about your designs and business. So, with PrettyMerch, you get some beautiful cute monsters defining your Tier (Level) with an attractive layout for the analytic tool within.


How The Original MBA Platform Looks Like And What Does The PrettyMerch Addon Do?

Before I start using PrettyMerch, I would log into the MBA’s dashboard to be able to see how many shirts I’d sold over the past seven days because this is the only data you can get from amazon there. As you can see in the picture below, the Dashboard shows the last seven days of sales in total without any more data. Also, notice how (BORING) it is! 

Original Dashboard 2019/2020

If I want more data as to how many sales I did last 30 days, I would need to go to the analyze page and sort it by date range to do so; also, if I want to check my daily sales, then I need to refresh the dashboard page regularly. Here, as you can notice, you can change the date


The other thing about the original MBA dashboard is its look. As business owners, we deal with numbers and data, and sometimes it is boring as hell! The brilliant people at PrettyMerch did a great job of thinking about ease this pain for us and make it looks cute and beautiful to make our job more relaxed!

The cool people behind the idea of this Chrome extension “PrettyMerch” wanted everything to be (Pretty), and they understood that staying on top of our sales data is the key to run a successful print on demand business!

After you join PrettyMerch and subscribe to them, your new dashboard will help you do just that and more! You can notice the difference between PrettyMerch and the Original one!


The Overview and Ranking

PrettyMerch comes with many features and services; the following are some of the ratings I believe are essential to know about this device. Also, the company offers a fair refund policy “If for any reason you want to cancel your subscription, we will refund your last payment, no questions asked. You will still be able to use the free version of PrettyMerch.”

PrettyMerch-ReviewBrand Name: PrettyMerch
The number of Rating & Overall Rating: 543 ratings (4.9 out of 5) on Chrome Web Store.
Price: You can download it for Free. Or you can get the PRO version here for $9.99/month.
User Satisfaction: 4.9 out of 5
Variety of services: 4.9 out of 5
Support & Customer Service: 4.9 out of 5
Value for money: 4.8 out of 5
My Score: 4.7 out of 5
Easy to use: 4.9 out of 5

PrettyMerch Dashboard Data

With PrettyMerch, you can see now more data and details ( and a cute monster representing your current level! Best feature for me) with a more organized look for all the data you can get! These data and information, including:

  • The current number of products live
  • Maximum number of products live
  • The current number of products uploaded today
  • Maximum number of products that can be uploaded today
  • Today’s sales (Sold / Cancelled / Returned)
  • What products sold + size + color
  • Yesterday’s number sales + royalties
  • Last seven days number sales + royalties
  • Current month number sales + royalties
  • Previous month number sales + royalties
  • All-time number sales + royalties

When you start uploading designs on merch amazon, they will be available for purchase for 180 days. If the product sells, then it will be available on amazon forever for sale. PrettyMerch shows an indicator that is useful to monitor the maximum number of live products, as well as an idea of the products, were taken off after not selling. As you can see below, there are 103 out of 500 live designs. 


Also, as you notice in the picture below, there are four different shortcuts with numbers. UR means Under Review (Your designs that under review before accepting them to Merch by Amazon), PS means Processing (This means your designs are approved, and now they are being processed and added to Amazon platform). REJ means Rejected (That means your designs are rejected for any reason and can’t be sold on Amazon).

Also, to the left, you can see a cute little monster with your (Tier). This Tier describes your level in Merch Amazon and this number outlining the maximum number of products you can upload.


Then, there is to the right side three flags for the three leading marketplaces you can sell on Merch by Amazon. The numbers below each flag describe how many sales you made daily. For example, if you sold three products on the US marketplace, two on the British and nothing on the German, you will see number 3 below the American flag and two below the British and 0 below the German. Note that these are daily sales only.

Today’s Sales


For Today’s sales, PrettyMerch shows more than that! If you remember the original look for Merch Amazon, they only show Today’s sales and the Royalties. But as we can see here, there is more data for that daily information. You would know the number of products is sold that day. Also, How many of them are canceled or returned with your Royalties from these purchases.

Below that, you will have more data about Today’s sales. PrettyMerch will tag the product that has been sold that day, the type of the product ( For men, Women or Youth), and the color that has been sold. Also, you can see your top units sold and top royalties if you click on the tabs “Top Units Sold” and “Top Royalties.”

Sales Graph

Using graphs in analytic tools is always a successful move for them! And fantastic addition for sellers and business owners to have more data in a way to compare and easy to understand. The brilliant people at PrettyMerch exceeded my expectations by adding this addition. Now, instead of just looking at “ONLY” numbers, you can see this fantastic graph. However, this graph is only for the last seven days of sales.


Pro Version Of PrettyMerch

More data you have and easier to get is an essential thing in any business. With Pro PrettyMerch, you can get this and more! With this version, which costs only $9.99 per month, you can get so much data and information with only some clicks. You can use all these data to improve your business and approach in Merch by Amazon!

Once you unlock the pro version, you will have so many features, including:

  • Product Manager (New Feature)
  • A faster and easier way to manage your products
  • Filter Sold and Not Sold products
  • Find products which are pending removal and sort by days remaining ( remember each product have 180 days)
  • Use smart search to find products using only a few characters.
  • Larger thumbnails of your designs
  • All your products are indexed locally on your computer, and filtering/sorting is done instantly.
  • Batch-Edit
  • Select and edit multiple products at a time
  • Advanced Analytics tool. ( Improve the analytic tools for more data)
  • Get detailed analytics for ANY period and any marketplace ( not only last seven days or last month data)
  • Best selling days and months
  • Product Performance + 80/20 rule
  • Top selling product types, fit types, and colors.
  • Search, filter, and Bulk Edit products sold.
  • Auto Re-Login (That’s another fantastic feature because there is no “Auto-login” on Merch by Amazon platform)
  • Keeps you logged in to your account (no more annoying log outs every hour) (There is no “stay logged in” on the platform).
  • One-click Analytics
  • Click on any day on the sales charts to get details about that day’s sales
  • Click on the View Sales icons for any period on the dashboard to get details about the sales during that
  • Batch edit products that sold in the periods above increase their prices
  • View Royalties on the charts
  • See your All-Time sales with one click.


So, is it worth it “with all these features” paying $9.99 a month?

PrettyMerch Security Doubts!

The only reason preventing some people from getting this addon and using it is their doubts about the security of their accounts. But don’t worry about that! The head of PrettyMerch and their team were transparent about this and how secure their extension is! 

As they mentioned, PrettyMerch runs locally on your computer, laptop, or your phone. So, that means all your data are kept offline on your local machine. 

And here I quote from the founder: 

“It’s not in my best interest to secretly gather and use people’s data. There are strict, international laws governing how data can be collected, stored, used, and updated. As an entrepreneur, I would not like to break those laws since the penalties are severe.

To help everyone understand how secure this is, here are 3 essential facts:

1) The PrettyMerch extension is only enabled after a user has logged in. You can see the icon light up after you have logged in. On the login page, it is gray, showing that the extension is inactive. So there is not the way the extension can collect your login credentials.

2) PrettyMerch stores some data locally on your computer in memory allocated by Chrome. This makes the extension faster since it doesn’t have to load the data from scratch every time. This also allows PrettyMerch to synchronize your extension with other computers you are using Chrome on, making the experience seamless.

3) Three is A SECRET, which most extension developers don’t tell. The code of all the extensions you’re using in Chrome is saved locally on your computer. So anyone with at least beginner level programming skills can open the source code and see how it works. That means that if the extension is doing anything sketchy, then it will soon be discovered and called out.”


Pros & Cons Of PrettyMerch

Like any other tool, there are some Pros and Cons people may find! Here I will put some of the pros and cons I found with Pretty Merch. However, I found that its Cons are not that important because the team behind Pretty Merch always up to date and fixing problems all the time.

Pros of Pretty Merch

  • Easy to use, it is amazing how easy you can use this tool and install it. All you can to do is head to the chrome webs store and download the extension, and that’s it!
  • Free to use with excellent features, even though there is a Pro version, the free one is amazing with so many features you can benefit from.
  • Customer service and Support are amazing and easy to deal with. They answer your questions, fix your problems, and so fast in answering any question you write to them!
  • An active Facebook page this is one of the best features! You can talk to them directly and keep you up to date with any new addition on their Facebook page.
  • Beautiful Theme, Beautiful, and Cute Monsters. Oh well, I love cute things! Don’t you?
  • The price is affordable and worth paying it for all these features.
  • PrettyMerch offers a phone app to observe all your data there! Isn’t that amazing for you? You can go anywhere you want and still monitor all your data anytime.

Cons of Pretty Merch

  • It is a build-in chrome extension with Merch by Amazon platform. To be honest, this is the idea behind PrettyMerch, but with being like that, some problems may occur. For example, when Merch by Amazon team change anything in their dashboard, PrettyMerch crash and stop working until they upgrade it again.
  • You have to get the pro version eventually. Well, this is obvious and not a Con for Pretty Merch. But if you are looking for a completely free tool, then this can be a bad side for you! PrettyMerch is a free tool with limited data. Get Pro Version for more data. Simple as that.
  • The phone app for PrettyMerch sometimes has problems and needs a strong connection to work properly. Well, I am not a big fan of phone apps, but sometimes you need such apps to observe your data while you are away from your office.


I went ahead and took some screenshots for some of the reviews and testimonials of PrettyMerch.

PrettyMerch chrome extension




It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are doing. Data and numbers are so important to scale it and improve it! For POD business, it is about data, we live and breathe to know more data about our performance and how customers are reacting to our products!

PrettyMerch succeeded in providing us with everything we need in Merch by Amazon, which is considered one of the most important platforms in the POD world. I am using it, and I will keep using it because PrettyMerch is Pretty and Useful! And you can also get it now and try it by yourself.

What do you think of PrettyMerch?? Do you have more information about PrettyMerch? Or do you have another opinion/question about it? Feel free to write your comment, advice, or question below!

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4 years ago

Hey, I have applied to MBA but they declined my application! Being a graphic designer, this would’ve been a great opportunity for me to offer my designs on Amazon for Sale. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t tell me why my application was rejected, but I will try again after some time passed. This article was a great read and very informative and I am interested to use PrettyMerch, unfortunately, it’s not of any use for me yet, as I was rejected. Can you give me any advice on how to get into Business with MBA?
greetings & Thanks a lot!

4 years ago

POD is an amazing way yo secure some passive income using our websites or on other platforms. I also do POD on my own website, but I don’t use the PrettyMerch for Merch by Amazon. I use the Printful. Do you think that they are comparable and do you think it matters?

Thank you

4 years ago

I’d never heard of pretty merch, but it sounds like a very useful tool for Amazon merch sellers. I am seriously considering Amazon merch as started designing t-shirts. If I’m successful, I’ll be downloading pretty merch. Thank you for explaining everything so well:)

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