How To Make Money With Video Games?

You may be thinking about how to make money with video games, as many people use these games to fill their spare time. Still, you will be really amazed when you know that video games can help you earn a considerable amount of money. 

Earning money through video games is one of the newest ways to make money online and build your passive income besides the fun of playing these games, meaning that you will achieve two benefits: entertainment and money.

Therefore in today’s article, we will mention various ways on how to make money with video games. is your gate to the gaming world.

How To Make Money With Video Games? 20 Great Methods To Make Money Today As A Gamer!


#1 Play In Competitive Tournaments

Esports games have spread since the nineties, and they have been expanding to this day. You can earn $27,000+ per month if you are a professional gamer by playing some popular games such as Fortnite, Dota2, StarCraft ll, League of Legends, etc.

If you are a professional with the necessary skills and thinking about how to make money with video games, you may find that it is simple and easy with this method. 

But it takes a lot of practice to acquire these skills. Nonetheless, you can follow and learn from professionals to become one yourself and earn money.

#2 Train Other Players

Suppose you are a pro at playing specific video games. In that case, this is your chance to take advantage of your professionalism, where you can use your skills to train other professional players and coach players who aspire to take their games to the next level. 

This is another way on how to make money with video games, and you will probably be surprised if we tell you that this way and by training the players, you will earn about $20 to $80+ per hour. You can also get sponsorship from some of the big brands.

#3 Broadcast Your Gameplay On Social Media Platforms

If you have gaming skills, you can use social media platforms like Twitch and YouTube to build your career and earn money. It may be difficult at first due to the intense competition, but it is worth trying, as you can make money using Twitch from $10,000 to $40,000 per year.  

You can also create your own YouTube channel and live stream your games, criticize other people’s games or give tips on games. Thus you have monetized your channel. But for YouTube, it is related to the topics of advertisements and the number of views, so it is more difficult, but you can also achieve great success.

Here you have learned another way on how to make money with video games, but there are many other methods we still need to talk about.

#4 Sponsors

After you get enough followers on YouTube or Twitch, you can reach out to sponsors in the same niche to get more compensation. All you have to do is search for them. You can do a bit of a bargain by promoting branded products to your followers on social media and gain money in return.

Nonetheless, these companies are always searching for influencers like you, and they will get in touch with you. But, make sure to make it easy for them to find your contact information.


#5 Create Your Own Gaming Blog

Creating your own blog is a significant step to build a greater audience and earn a side income. You may be wondering how to make money with video games through your blog. It is easy to start, as we explained in a previous article. Yes, you can make a profit through this method, and all you have to do is write compelling, high-quality content that will attract visitors and sponsors. 

You can also associate your blog with your YouTube or Twitch channel to increase your followers. Once you learn how to create ideas for your blog posts, you’ll always have new video game topics to write about.

#6 Write Reviews About Video Games

If you want to know how to make money with video games in this way, it is simple, and all you need is the skill to write and play at the same time, and write reviews about games either PC or console games, where video game journalists can earn up to $26,000 per year. You can make more money from each review if you make a video about the game instead of writing about it.

You can also create gaming product reviews, and after a while, gaming companies send free products to be reviewed by you. If you write or shoot quality video reviews, the door is open for you to make more money.

#7 Get Paid To Play

You may not be aware that there are sites that pay you to play their games. The payment will not be in cash but maybe in electronic currency or cryptocurrency, which you can later convert to prepaid or gift cards such as Inbox Dollars and Fnatic.

#8 Act As A Bodyguard For A Video Game

The game bodyguard is similar to the bodyguard in reality, and your job is to keep the clients safe while playing. If you act as a bodyguard in a video game, your tasks will include:

  • Protecting the player from enemy fire.
  • Helping the player identify goals.
  • Guiding them to the right path.

You might be wondering how to make money with video games as a bodyguard. We will tell you that although this job is not very popular, and therefore there is no specific amount we say you will get. 

Still, for example, on Fiverr, the player charges $15 for a 90-minute session to be a bodyguard for you, and if he provides more services, the amount increases to $25 in the session. This job just needs you to showcase your skills on Fiverr or create your own website.


#9 Become A Game Developer

This requires many technical skills from you, as there is a single game project to find developers for this game. This job is found by game studios such as:

An example of a game developer is solo developer Eric Barone, who has sold more than 10 million copies across platforms as of 2020. This job may be a way to earn money for teenagers through the famous Roblox game, and so far, this game has more than two million developers, and the top developers are making millions of dollars per year.

#10 Be A Fact And Date Checker

Many video games draw megacities, cultures, and historical events, and this needs fact-checkers and events to make sure the information is correct.

This requires you to have experience writing and checking the facts and being familiar with a wide knowledge of history, and you will get a good salary, which depends on each video game.

#11 Create & Sell Your Own Products

You can create your own products based on your favorite games, but how to make money with video games with your own products and merchandise? 

You can sell your favorite Esports or gamer’s t-shirts, mugs, cell phones, or laptops with logos, and some of the sites you can use to sell your products are Teespring, Redbubble, Merch by Amazon, Teepublic, Society6, Cafepress, etc. And another great marketplace to sell your print-on-demand products is Etsy and as we discussed in previous articles starting on Etsy is easy, but you need to learn some new skills.  

The profits differ according to the product you sell, and you have to abide by all agreements, trademarks, and copyrights. So, you can undoubtedly make profits without getting into problems or lawsuits.

#12 Sell Accounts Or Digital Items

If you have spent enough time in video games, you can resell the acquired trading cards to players they wish to collect. This method may not be very profitable, but it is good for making money. Some sites connect buyers and sellers of game items, such as Player Auctions.

There are different marketplaces to sell your digital files that are based on video games as well such as Etsy. The profits are low, but once you start selling many files, you will have good revenue.


#13 Be A Composer

If you are familiar with music and composition, you can create a soundtrack for the game, adding excitement to the video game.  

The average hourly wage is $25, and creativity is definitely needed.

#14 Become A Video Game Community Manager

As a gamer, you can work alone or with a team of gamers to manage the game community, including answering people’s inquiries about the game and its problems and moderating conversations.

#15 Speedrunner

We will tell you how to make money with video games in this way. Earning depends on your popularity and your ability to be thrilled. Speedrunners stream on Twitch, give their rides and earn money through views and donations. 

And in 2019, the sprinter Hazeblade gained huge popularity during his performance at GDQ 2019, gaining over a million views.

#16 Facebook Games

This is another good way for you if you are interested in building friendships on Facebook. Earning money depends on you doing a live broadcast, and the profit comes through subscriptions, donations, and stars you obtain, and you can also sell stars to viewers.


#17 Gold Cultivation

While playing one of the best multiplayer role-playing games (RPG games), you can farm different (rare) items or gold. After that, you can sell those items and gold you farmed for real money.

The advantage of doing so is the fun of playing these games and the good amount of money you can earn after a good farming day.

#18 Farm Games’ Coins

Many video games are based on digital currencies, but you can mine these currencies. How is that? 

Players use in-game currencies to purchase products such as weapons, and here comes your chance to make profits, as some players who don’t like farming in the game very much buy currencies from you in exchange for paying you real money, and this is another way to earn money through video games.

#19 Design Levels In The Game

This is another way if you ask how to make money with video games.

If you are a pro, you can design a higher level in the game with parts of this game. Your earnings from this process are $27 per hour. It is a very good profit, but it needs a lot of efficiency and skill.

#20 Sell Retro Video Games Or Gaming Equipment

You may have a lot of old retro video games occupying a good place in the house. You can take advantage of these games by selling them or even the equipment of these games, thus earning some money.

Some sites sell used games such as Decluttr, and you can also sell by contacting some local stores or on Facebook pages/marketplace. Your profit depends on the condition and age of the games.


My Thoughts On How To Make Money With Video Games

By now, we conclude our article on how to make money with video games as we mentioned many ways to learn that. There are certainly other methods, but these are the best by far. 

Therefore, if you play video games for fun and very passionate about playing video games, then you have the opportunity to make extra income for yourself by simply playing what you love.

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