Is Clickfunnels A Scam, Or A 6-Figure Guaranteed Path? The Secret Most People Fail To Understand About Clickfunnels!


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Is Clickfunnels a scam? It is a question often asked by skeptical marketers who can’t wrap their heads with the idea that a multi-billion dollar business could be established using an “internet tool.” But can we really describe Clickfunnels as an “internet tool,” or is Clickfunnels a scam? What if it was something completely different? What else could it be?

ClickFunnels has made a rather big reputation since it began, growing as one of the most massive marketing software as a service (SaaS) firms. I assume it’s no wonder people prefer ClickFunnels since it’s all about gaining its users’ money. More accurately, it’s about delivering business software supporting them to utilize their site traffic into buyers. It’s no surprise ClickFunnels has evolved so much in such a short period.

There is no doubt it’s famous, but is Clickfunnels a scam? Is Clickfunnels worth it? How much can you trust the users on this thing? It appears it’s just another site or landing page builder, so what sets it apart, and should you combine it to your marketing strategies?

Whether you decide to use it or not, It is still a vital choice for every online marketing or eCommerce. Before you dive in and pay for it, what’s our rating? I’ll give it at a solid 4.2 stars. With some downsides, it’s definitely good. Continue reading to find out why and to answer today’s question, is Clickfunnels a scam?

Russell Brunson

What Is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is a well-known software that promises to give its users the funnel page that converts with only one click. The website was established by Russell Brunson in 2014 to solve the marketing problem faced by many entrepreneurs who get sick of working with sales funnels that lead to nowhere.

The service was built by a great digital marketer and influencer known to be the best in his field. Russell Brunson’s $37 million net worth (mainly from Clickfunnels) asserts his well-established marketing methodologies and his funnel page builder creation.

So, is Clickfunnels a scam? Or is it a tool used to generate multimillionaire marketers? If you want to refuse the founder’s fortune proof, we need to dig deeper into how Clickfunnels works and what mechanisms it’s built upon. And the best way to start is by familiarizing ourselves with the concept of “funnels” and its role in the digital marketing world.


What Are Funnels? How Do They Work Exactly? & Why They Are Essential For Every Digital Marketer & Entrepreneur?

To put it in simple words, a sales funnel is a web page designed to track down visitors’ actions and tell you (as the site’s owner) the complete journey of the visitor’s transformation to a buying customer.

So, to understand how sales funnel pages works, we will conduct an example. Let’s say you have a website that sells T-shirts, and I wanted to buy a new T-shirt, so I entered your website (STEP 1) based on a third-party recommendation, then I checked out the sports T-shirt’s section (STEP 2) since that is what I wanted, after that, I select 3 T-shirts (STEP 3) that I like and pay for them (STEP 4).

Now that you understand how funnels work, you should have a clear idea of what value they bring to your business. Showing you each step I made while being in your site, funnel pages, made it easier for you to understand customers’ (like me) behavior and what would or wouldn’t lead them to perform your website’s actions.

Besides buying products, funnel pages can be used to track a comprehensive set of customer behaviors like signing up for a service, adding a product to their chart, visiting a related website, signing up for a trial period, and upgrading to the premium plan.

Besides regular websites, sales funnel pages are widely used in retail stores, email marketing, and sales teams, heck even Amazon and Netflix use it! Hold on, that’s not a guaranteed “NO!” to the question, is Clickfunnels a scam? We still have a long way to go through before concluding a simple “YES!” or “NO!” answer.


Is Clickfunnels The Only Digital Marketing Tool Out there? If Not, Why Is It The Most Popular One?

No, Clickfunnels isn’t the only tool a digital marketer can use to level up their business. Many powerful websites offer to trace customers’ on-site behavior, and most of them started before something called Clickfunnels.

You have Builderall, a state of the art 2011 digital marketing tool that offers checkout functionality and complete website analysis. Similar services provide customers with detailed info about their visitors like ThriveCart, Convertri, Simvoly, and Wishpond. So, why Clickfunnels is the only popular one? Is Clickfunnels a Scam?

The reason for Clickfunnels’ popularity is its unexpectedly high profits. For instance, if you googled, “how much can I make from Clickfunnels?” You will end up with a bunch of online marketer’s comments and claims, heck even a few claimed that they profited more than $4000 a month by using Clickfunnels! These kinds of claims make you question even more whether Clickfunnels is a scam or an easy way to make money online!


Who Will Benefits The Most From Clickfunnels?

Every business needs a funnel page to figure out its customers’ habits and needs, and thus, every business should be able to benefit from Clickfunnels services. Nevertheless, the ones who will end up making most of the profit from the service will be the well-established businesses that have decent traffic on their websites and who have built a well-appreciated product.

Sure, you can try Clickfunnels for your early-stage MVP (minimum viable product) site, but if you wish to make a fortune from it in this stage, you have been fooled!

Clickfunnels Pricing: Is It As Expensive As They Say?

After their very generous 14-days trial period, you will be asked to choose from their two main plans, the standard plan will cost $97 a month, and the platinum one will cost you a couple of hundred dollars on top of that, that’s worth $297 a month.

If you don’t want to commit a monthly payment plan, you can grab the two-month free offer that comes with their annual subscription.

You wouldn’t be wrong if you described Clickfunnels’ plans as expensive when compared to the $25 a month LeadPages plan, which can pretty much do the job. Nevertheless, Clickfunnels is still a good investment, especially when you look at it from the point of profitability, which Clickfunnels’ founding team promises and well deliver.


Is Clickfunnels A Scam, A Money-Making Tool, Or An Over Appreciated Online Marketing Tool?

No! “Clickfunnels Scam” is nothing but a myth, and a well-spread one too. If you conducted a cost account, you would find that you will pay far more on web hosting services, digital marketing, and email responders than the $97 a month Clickfunnels’ premiership plan (more on that later). That’s been stated, Clickfunnels is a good investment, but it isn’t for anyone!

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Clickfunnels?

Even after the question, is Clickfunnels a scam? Has been answered, many still have some hesitation regarding using Clickfunnels. Maybe these pros and cons of using Clickfunnels will help you settle with a decision.

? The Pros Of Using Clickfunnels

These are several pros of using Clickfunnels, which can give you a better understanding of what you will get from this SaaS!

  • Made To Be Suitable For Non-Technical Founders

Is JavaScript makes you toilsome? Do you struggle with CSS and HTML? No worries, you won’t need all that! Clickfunnels’ founding team acknowledged that most of their customers wouldn’t necessarily be tech-involved, so they structured the service to lead to its promised results without any technical knowledge.

Quite a few features are beneficial here. I like how straightforward it is to duplicate pages and the fact you can save templates to use it again later. Their page builder is a rather remarkable feature, and they’ve pulled it off well. Once you get used to it, it’s an easy to use drag and drop builder.

  • Easy Data-Tracking Capability

Clickfunnels will give you an accurate analysis of traffic inside your funnel page. It will also give you downloadable data you can share with your co-founders and the rest of the team to reach the results you were aiming for.

  • Effectiveness

Unlike other similar services that promise “funnel pages that convert,” Clickfunnels keep its promises, and its $390 million market capitalization shows that clearly.

One of the most beneficial elements of ClickFunnels is its focus on making money for the user. They make it very straightforward to create your account, put up your content, and start receiving cash. Plus, it’s pretty simple to select everything up—it’ll mostly take you a couple of hours to understand most of what you require.

  • A/B Tests

As a marketer, you already know how necessary A/B testing, especially in advertising. Built-in A/B testing is excellent too. All you must to do is duplicate a page, perform your changes, and choose the quantities of your traffic you desire to see version A or B.

Another good addition to previous pros is a hand WordPress plugin that allows you to add ClickFunnels pages you created to your WordPress site. It preserves time and is much less of a trouble than running between ClickFunnels and WordPress without a plugin. However, the Clickfunnels WordPress plugin is rated 3.5 stars, with 20,000+ active installations. The question here if the problems users face on WordPress will be solved fast or not!


? The Cons Of Using Clickfunnels

After going through all the pros of using Clickfunnels, it is time to discuss all the cons of using Clickfunnels, making our answer to today’s question “is Clickfunnels a scam? Or is Clickfunnels worth it?” complete.

• Support Can Be Slow At Times

Clickfunnels’ support team includes well-trained members that suit the job descriptions, but it would be tough to get responses from them at the time of need. That alone can make anyone hesitant to join Clickfunnels. But don’t worry! Although they are slow, they will help you and solve your problems when they get in touch with you.

• It Can Be Expensive

The price issue is what initially makes everyone wondering is Clickfunnels a scam or not. Even though its results are impressive, Clickfunnels’ plans are slightly overpriced, especially for early-stage businesses seeking different scale methods.

  • Software Interruptions And Bugs

Unfortunately, from time to time, ClickFunnels will go down or encounter some errors. However, this certainly doesn’t happen frequently. If you’re spending a lot in promoting or directing traffic to your funnels and a ClickFunnels’ glitch causes your pages down for even a few hours, you can possibly waste a lot of cash.

It’s also challenging to identify when your pages are running or not unless you regularly check or wait until you hear from raving clients.

  • User Experience Changes “A Lot”

The dashboard changes frequently, the flow of building new pages and funnels developments, a button will move around, pricing options alter, etc. It appears like ClickFunnels is yet figuring things out. I prefer consistency in the software I use, mainly if it’s a business solution.

  • It Can Be Too Simple

Lastly, I’ve heard a criticism but disagree myself: it’s too simple and too costly for its simplicity. These reviews refer to do-it-yourself methods that can be more affordable upfront and allow more control over handling certain details. Nevertheless, for less skilled users who are essentially seeking efficiency and straightforward use of a bundle of tools, I wouldn’t stress this too much.


Why Do I Need To Pay $97 A Month When I Can Simply Run Ads!

Ads have been used since the start of the internet, and they have been responsible for the generation of 134.81 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 alone! That’s huge! But, it’s nothing when compared to Clickfunnels’ profits (even though it’s not a multi-billion dollar industry), and here is why

Ads can be a great way to “spread the word” to the public, but they lack the customer tracking ability that Clickfunnels gives you.

Clickfunnels tracks habitual customers’ needs and tells you exactly what you need to do to improve your business and what you need to change or alter if you are hoping to scale up.

For instance, look at the example we conducted earlier, if I entered your site as a result of seeing an advertisement (and you weren’t enrolled in Clickfunnels plan), you would miss the steps (the 4 STEPS) I had to go through to in order to choose my final order.

This customer decision-making process is vital for business survival. Without it, you won’t know what holes are in your business, even if everyone is talking about it!


Is Clickfunnels A Scam? Is Clickfunnels Worth It? The Conclusion

Clickfunnels is a good investment for businesses seeking to know their customers better to satisfy them in the best possible way. Yes, there might be cheaper alternatives out there that “get the job done,” but if you are hoping for a high-quality tracking system to grow your business, this is one of your best choices.

What do you think of Clickfunnels?? Do you have more information about it? Or do you have another opinion/question about it? Feel free to write your comment, advice, or question below!

? Disclaimer:

Please note, this review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain as well as my personal experience and research. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See the full disclaimer for more info.

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