Kajabi vs Kartra – Which One Is The Best For You?


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Kajabi vs Kartra? It is literally crazy how much life has changed during the previous decade! It was almost impossible for someone to switch from a five-to-nine job to a full-time millionaire in the past! 

Right now, after the evolution of technology, which was manifested by the effort of scientists, engineers, and workers, turning into a millionaire is not a very out-of-the-box idea anymore!

And how is that exactly? One word: the internet! 

Comparing the present and the past is not the main comparison of this article, to be exact. Still, it is really important to highlight how much the internet helped people achieve their dreams and witnessing the wealthy life they’ve always dreamt about.

In the past, if you would want to start a simple business, you would need a lot of money first hand to pay for T.V advertisement, newspaper features, and of course for co-workers, etc.! But today, all you need to do to get your business running is creativity and the help from designed websites like the ones we’re going to talk about in this article! 

Proved by hundreds if not thousands of experiences out there, making money from an online business is, without a doubt, real, so let’s talk about two of the best websites out there that help you build an online business from the scratch, market, and create your own empire!



One of the most popular leading websites of all time is Kajabi; it is like an all-in-one place that provides you with enough knowledge and interactive tools to build your business in just a few clicks.

Let’s just say that with Kajabi, you can control your business from the screen without having to purchase a lot of tools and try to get them all to work together.


Kajabi vs Kartra Round One – Kajabi’s Pros

Many features make Kajabi one of the best websites out there, but here we’ll talk about the six most important advantages you get to experience once you choose Kajabi.

1- Energy Saver 

When you are growing a business, time will be one of the most critical things you will struggle with. Trust me. You are going to need it every minute.

Kajabi knows that exactly. Thus, they give you the ability to connect everything about your business together from your dashboard; your products, marketing, and SEO-friendly content.

2-Accurate Analysis For Faster Results

If you are already in the business, you must understand the analysis game, social media analysis, for example.

Entrepreneurs and merchants tell stories about how they could make the best offers and sales after hiring a sound analyzer. How? Here’s a quick explanation.

Social media analysis provides you with information like when your website witnesses massive traffic throughout the week. It gives you accurate details of the exact (busy) hours on your website. 

Experts use that to choose the right time for a new product introduction, or sometimes offer special prices and trails, and then announce it in the busiest hours to get the needed attention.

That way, they ensure many people will see it, thus, more money to be made

3- Has Been In The Business For Ages

Kajabi is one of the oldest business websites out there, with an experience span of about ten years! Yet, they are still climbing the ladder of success until now, even after the existence of many other good platforms like Kartra.

Nowadays, a lot of experts, professional entrepreneurs trust Kajabi after many years of service.

4- There Is An Available App

Because sometimes you can’t afford to take your laptop everywhere, Kajabi gives you a new feature: the ability to download an app on your phone (available for both IOS and Android), so you can keep track of everything everywhere.

5- More Than 1.5 Billion Dollars! 

One crucial thing about Kajabi is that (despite the cons we are going to talk about later in this article) they managed to prove their platform legitimacy through the experiences of more than 50 thousand customers.

As they helped their customers make about 1.5 billion dollars through the years, this is an awe-inspiring number! 

6- 24/7 Support 

One of the most important things about using a helping tool to get your business going is having someone answer your questions! 

You don’t have to worry when you use Kajabi because the live chat is another service that allows you to ask, get answers and exchange experiences with other business owners from many different levels.

After breaking down the best features that Kajabi offers, let’s talk about the cons noticed by users who tried Kajabi for a while.


Kajabi vs Kartra Round One – Kajabi’s Cons

1- Expensive For Many Users

Actually, when you are a beginner, you might be on a strict budget. Thus, paying for an expensive platform might be challenging.

Kajabi offers three pricing plans for their customers, Basic, growth, and Pro. The basic plan is $119 a month. There you get 3 products, pipelines, one website, and one Admin user. Meanwhile, the other plans, Growth and Pro for $159 and $319 respectively, provide more features. (You can know more about Kajabi pricing here).

But since the website gives you a 14-day free trial, I believe you get the chance to know whether it is worth your money or not.

2- Might Need Coding Skills

This one has been reported among many users, and it’s important to know because some features require some knowledge to continue with your tasks which you might need to hire an expert to get them going.

3- More Products Means More Money

As you could see in the pricing plan, if you want to increase the amount of sold products from three to four, you will have to switch from the basic plan to the growth one.

4- Hard To Get Used To For Some Users

Even with the brilliant features, Kajabi gives the customer. It is still reported to be challenging to get used to by some users.


You already know a lot about Kajabi’s pros and cons but, what about Kartra? Kartra is another all-in-one website, despite being a young one in the business, proving how outstanding and worthy its service is! 

It helps you sell products and other online services. You can also track and manage affiliates to promote your products. Another added service is that you can also make money by promoting Kartra’s website as well!


Kajabi vs Kartra Round Two – Kartra’s Pros

Here are five important advantages you get to enjoy by signing up with the Kartra plan.

1- 100% PCI And GDPR Compliant

When do you want to put your dreams in a website’s hands, you have to make sure that they are trustworthy, right? 

PCI Compliance standards mean that merchants can protect their credit cards to prevent hackers from making unauthorized purchases, stealing your identity, or causing trouble. In other words, Kartra is a safe place for you to start your business without worrying about hackers.

2- Kartra Replaces So Many Platforms

It gets really annoying working on many links and websites, and the more links and apps you add, the more likely for they to crush.

Kartra is indeed all-in-one-place. It replaces Softwares like calendar and appointment scheduling software, split testing and link tracking, and others such as membership portal builders and affiliate management systems.

3- Done-For-You Templates, Complete Sales Funnels, And Marketing Tools

With Kartra, everything is a lot easier for you because you do not have to be an artist or designer to create attractive sales.

Kartra provides you with brilliant pre-designed templates for your emails, checkouts, pages, and professional marketing assets. Relying on a team of graphic designers, artists, and marketing experts to attract the targeted clients for your business to get going as fast as possible.

4- Build Your Business With Just A Laptop

Kartra uses the SaaS system, which means the software is hosted in the cloud and can be used without any downloads needed. All you need is a laptop (it actually works on all systems and genres of pcs) and a recent version of any browser (works on every browser out there), and then log into your account and start working! 

5- Flexibility 

This is one of the best features within this website because Kartra enables you to connect with any other platform (such as SMS, Zapier, etc.) and use them to support your business.


Kajabi vs Kartra – Kartra’s Cons

1- No Blog Hosting

One of the things you will have to fix once using Kartra is that it does not offer blog hosting.

2- Glitchy Sometimes 

As hard as it might seem, a few users complained about having difficulties while trying to drag and edit using Kartra. Another issue is that the website slows down and lags when you are doing a few tasks at a time.

3- Not Very Great On Mobiles 

This con is one of the popular cons about signing up with Kartra, as the whole content might not be excellent on a mobile screen such as on an actual laptop.

4- Also Expensive 

Yea, even though Kartra is indeed cheaper than Kajabi, it is still considered expensive amongst some users. 


Kajabi vs Kartra

What we’re the most popular pros and cons of Kajabi and Kartra? They are both fantastic and influential websites to start your business.

I want to summarize what we’ve been talking about and give you some notes. Hopefully, they’ll help you choose for sure which platform is best for you.

#Point One

If you are a beginner, then I suggest Kartra is the best for you because their prices are lower, and their platform is easier and simpler to get used to. But if you can afford some help here and there, you would still be able to go with Kajabi.

#Point Two

If your business requires writing SEO-friendly blog posts, then Kajabi is the best for you, as Kartra does not offer blog hosting.

#Point Three

Kajabi is better when it comes to learning tools because as much as Kartra is one amazing website for selling online courses, they still don’t have interactive tools, for that matter.

If you wish to make sure there is a good connection between you and your students, you will need a tool that allows hosting for said online courses with learning materials like tests, quizzes, and assignments.

#Point Four

Meanwhile, Kartra surpasses Kajabi when it comes to their split testing and email marketing. We all know how keeping in touch with the clients plays a significant role in making great results for your cells’ growth, Kartra, again, surpasses Kajabi in this point, and it is indeed a very important one and is hard to ignore.



In the end, you are the one that gets to decide which platform works best for you, according to your plan, circumstances, budget, and the product you are going to sell.

Both Kajabi and Kartra are powerful platforms that provide a free trial, so you can take a look at how it works before purchasing. So the solution if you are still not convinced on which one to go with is trying by yourself, this way, you will ensure a great experience with either of them.

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