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How to start my own affiliate marketing business? I am pretty sure you have just come out of a very intense conversation with someone about this whole marketing thing. 

And I guess now you are interested in getting a grasp on the topic, out of curiosity maybe. But trust me, after reading this article, you will change your mind and decide to create your own marketing business.

Even today, where technology has invaded every aspect of our life, making money online is still nothing but a lie in some people’s minds or just a somewhat blurred idea of which they are unaware of its detailed steps and truth. Yet, the truth has to be told, making money on the internet is damn sure real.

Whether you are here to know more about affiliate marketing or to genuinely learn about starting an affiliate marketing business and earning money right now, this article is for you.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

I’m going to use the most straightforward formula here. Business marketing is a win-win relationship between merchants or vendors, known as the owner, and the affiliate marketer, as known as the publisher.

The owner has a company that makes certain products; such as clothes, jeans, furniture, creams, etc. or has a website for paid software; educational videos, online courses, and they want people to buy these products, so they use an affiliate marketing system to enhance their sales and increase their popularity in the market and amongst the public community.

In other words, the affiliate marketer’s job is to promote an object and convince the customer enough to buy it, and then earn a portion for each sold product/service.

Do Affiliate Marketers Really Make Money?

Guess before getting started. You may want the bold talk because if Affiliate Marketing is a trick or a scam, why would you like to learn anything about it? Okay, I’ll let numbers answer you. Back in December 2017, a successful, great affiliate marketer Pat Flynn announced that he made over one hundred thousand dollars from affiliate marketing only.

Another example is Ryan Robinson, that managed to make about nineteen thousand dollars in October 2019 from marketing other companies products.  Every year companies make some calculations about their spent $$, and one of the most critical cells on the list is digital marketing.

Even though these numbers may vary from one company to another, depending on how large the company is, a study showed that over a100 billion dollars were spent on online marketing in 2019 in the United States. Who do you think is enjoying all this money? Yes, you guessed it; affiliate marketers.

How To Start My Own Affiliate Marketing Business?

Now you know what affiliate marketing really is and the solid fact that it will make you earn money, time for you to know exactly how to get to the work.

Here are the one-by-one steps for you to get started and make money any time, any place when you are awake, and even while you are asleep!

#1 Know Your Passion

I can’t stress this enough because right now, you might be focusing on making money rather than anything, and you might think that you can go for whatever domain, but that is not the right way to do it.

First, you have to be careful and mindful about the interest or the niche you’re going to pick. Imagine picking technique, and you can’t even stand to listen to a two-second PS5 review! That’ll make the work so hard for you and might lead to a painful failure.

So first of all, know your passion, dear. Is it make up? Animals ? or anything you feel like you can spend time and effort working on.

#2 Create A Good Website

Now the second step is to get your blog or website going. After picking the niche now, it is time for you to create where you are going to promote all these products on, as known as your website.

You can always hire an expert for this very step if you are entirely new, or get some help from another website that offers educational courses, such as Wealthy Affiliate, where you can get free 10 lessons once signed up, three of them are about how to create your own website.


#3 Attract Your visitors

Obviously, if you are going to promote a product, you need an audience to rely on purchasing said products. Thus it would be best if you worked to get these visitors.

#4 Start Gaining Money $$

Once you have enough traffic on your website, visitors will check the materials out there, and once they buy something off your website, you can earn a portion of its price! (there are a few other ways to get paid as an affiliate marketer that we are going to mention later).

Out of these four steps, I can tell that the third one intimidates you the most, right? And you are wondering how the heck am I going to get people to visit my website, let alone buy the promoted products?!

Here Are 3 Absolute Keys To Generate Massive Traffic In Your Website And Get People To Buy Your Products!

I always believe that to be able to understand someone. You are going to have to put yourself in their skin. If you’re willing to get someone to buy what you have, you’re going to think, would I really buy from this website if I were them?

Pretend as if you are the customer, and you are looking for a high-quality musical instrument to start a musical career. The first thing you’re going to do is look around for the most popular brands in the market reviewed well by their clients.

After that, you’ll check out if they are truly worth all that popularity and useful comments by visiting their store and viewing for yourself. Here we have two options; whether this company’s reputation is fake and you’ll just move on to the next one, or you’ll find it useful and purchase the guitar you want.

That was just a simple example to simplify how things are going on. In our example, popularity is gained by good advertising and excellent marketing for that brand. Still, for your website, it is called mastering the SEO technique, second, we saw the excellent comments in the example had you really encouraged to check things out, here it is called the art of copywriting, and last but not least, the excellent quality, as known as content.

#1 SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO means search engine optimization. It is a technique in which you will get your content on the top search recommendation in search engines such as Google.

This technique allows your website to get the attention of searchers. Like advertising to get your brand going up to the top, you can learn how to write SEO content professionally or simply hire a writer to do it for you until you realize that yourself.


#2 The Art Of Copywriting

Copywriting means the ability to reorganize all the information and data in your hands and turn it into a clear, simple, and exciting description for the product you want to promote.

By highlighting its pros and telling people exactly what they need to know about it, if it was a promoted application, you can tell people about the free trials, gifts, and bonuses to get them really interested in purchasing it.

Copywriting is not that easy; it needs a qualified expert to creep through the customer’s mind, figure out the exact features they are looking for and highlight them in the right way.

You don’t want to seem like you are forcing your product on the customer. You just have to draw an excellent idea about it until they are convinced to get it.

#3 Content

Now this one is the most forgotten truth about growing your own affiliate marketing business, especially now where google search engines can’t be fooled, and content matters to get your website ranks high.

If you give your visitor garbage information and basically useless talk, trust me, no matter how good your SEO skills, your website will not last.

People need honesty and good content; you are talking about hair and promoting a specific hair product, but you didn’t help the searcher get the information they are looking for. You just used many tricks to bring visitors into your website to find useless information and boldly promote a product. They are going to be like: Is this an advertising website or something?

Nope, we don’t need that because your relationship with your visitors is the magic key to grow your marketing business and make you trustworthy enough for a visitor to purchase using your website more than once.

Can I Become An Affiliate Marketer?

Look, if all these people out there can do it, then I’m sure you can as well. Being an affiliate marketer is not so hard, yet it is not so simple because there are a few elements that you have to exercise in your life to get to that point of success you’re dreaming about.

4 Rules To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer

#1 Be Patient

Nothing in this world comes without patience. Even the smallest achievements are going to require hard work and consistency.

Learn how to wait for the right timing, don’t ever complain, and keep appreciating the work and the effort you’re putting into your business. Remember, flowers don’t bloom overnight.

#2 Every Successful Marketer Started From This Place

Starters are always the most challenging part, but you have to learn to keep your spirit up, keep working, and reach your goals as long as you don’t give up quickly because every success story starts with a very long, challenges-rich starting point.

Just keep in mind that every good marketer out there did the very same steps you are doing. Nothing comes by magic, only excellent content, good work sales, and there is no superb content left unseen, I assure you that.

You might get frustrated at first and feel the need to quit the business altogether, but if you did, you’d never be as rich as Pat Flynn, who was there, in your shoes, back in the time, but he chose not to give up!

#3 The More You Invest, The faster To Earn

If you already have a source of income, never hesitate to invest money to grow your website; whether by hiring experts or even pay the promoted products to ensure an excellent personal review, that’s a great way you can keep your visitors in the clear image about what they’re going to buy.

#4 Always Ask For Help

Great people out there are always willing to spread knowledge and help others. Keep that in mind. If you face a problem, learn to share it with the right people who might give you guidance and advice. Sometimes minimal information can be the turning point for you.



I hope you already have a vivid image and a clear answer to the question of how to start my own affiliate marketing business? And hopefully, we got you all interested and excited to create your own journey into affiliate marketing to get this cash right inside your awaiting pockets.

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