What Is White Hat And Black Hat SEO? What Are Their Tactics?

Are you a marketer or content creator? Since you are here today, you are probably asking this question: What is white hat and black hat SEO? Don’t worry about it; in today’s article, we will discuss the meaning of white hat and black hat SEO with their tactics.

What Is White Hat And Black Hat SEO?

Before we start with the techniques for each type, we need to form a good understanding of their meanings and the guidelines they follow. So without any further delays, let’s begin by discussing the white hat SEO.


What Is White Hat SEO?

First of all, let’s take a look at the SEO term “white hat.” To explain it in short, white hat SEO is the right and ethical way to optimize your website. To give you a clearer idea of what is meant by this; the white hat SEO strategy meets these main three principles:

1. Respecting Search Engine Guidelines

The white hat SEO is following Google’s webmaster guidelines. Google establishes these rules to find the right ways and techniques to optimize your website content and find them.

“Don’t manipulate!” This simple approach concludes all details in what an “ethical” SEO strategy is. Thus, as the principal rule, generally speaking, if you’re not trying to manipulate rankings or cheat Google’s algorithm, you’re seemingly following their instructions guidelines and using white hat SEO.

2. Focus On Your Audience

Following the instructions guidelines and using white hat SEO is all about making changes beneficial to your website’s visitors. Therefore, Google’s top priority is to provide its users with the best possible results. It makes sense that this is a crucial component of doing SEO the right way.

Fortunately, large numbers of the best SEO strategies and methodologies already include measures to improve the experience a website offers its visitors.

Tactics and strategies, for example, publishing high-quality content and improving page load times, improve the worth users receive from a site and the simplicity with which they can navigate it, making them worthy of Google-approved strategies.

3. A Long-Term Approach Is Needed

As you may know, the strategies and the methods that follow Google’s guidelines to create a positive user experience are often more time-consuming and complicated than “black hat” methods and techniques. This implies that it will require some time and investment before you see the desired results.

On the other hand, white hat SEO likewise has a much longer-lasting impact. This is because when you use strategies that aim to improve your website’s general insight, you can get consistent rankings for your targeted keywords.

To continue your understanding of the answer to the question of what is white hat and black hat SEO, we need to discuss black hat SEO and how it affects your website if you ever use it.


What Is Black Hat SEO?

The answer to this question is simple, and essentially black hat SEO is the opposite of white hat SEO. When your tactics meet the following criteria, it is considered a black hat SEO.

1. It Is A Violation Of Search Engine Guidelines

Black hat tactics violate Google’s guidelines and, in most cases, are listed as methods that should not be used directly in the guidelines (White hat SEO’s guidelines).

2. It Is Based On Manipulative Tactics

White hat SEO looks for ways to improve the user experience, while black hat SEO is based on manipulating Google’s algorithms to improve rankings.

When a strategy aims to lead Google to believe that a website offers more value to users than it actually does, this is a fraudulent strategy and black hat SEO.

3. It Focuses On “Quick Wins”

Numerous black hat SEO tactics focus on using loopholes in Google’s algorithm, leading to improved rankings with little effort. And while some of these tactics can be effective, they are almost always short-lived.

For this reason, Google is continuing to improve its algorithm to provide the best results for search engines and prevent website owners who fail to provide a good website experience from ranking well.

As a result, websites using black hat tactics risk losing rankings with each new algorithm update, making this method far more short-term than white hat SEO.


7 White Hat SEO Techniques

After going through the answer to today’s question of what is the white hat and black hat SEO, you might think that’s enough to keep going the right way. However, before knowing the proper techniques and the bad ones, you will probably have some problems. Therefore, we will begin by stating the white hat techniques.

1. High-Quality Content

At the heart of modern search engine optimization is high-quality content written for readers, not search engines. This is how best to ensure that search engines reward you and rank your website or blog. Always keep in your mind that Quality Content is king.

2. Relevant Keywords To Your Content

Using keywords relevant to your content is essential based on disciplined research around your website’s content. Ensure that you use keywords as well. Limit yourself to using one primary keyword and 2 or 3 secondary or supporting keywords.

3. On-Page Optimization

The on-page metadata for page titles and keywords is also indispensable. It is easy to overlook or underestimate these aspects, but the optimization cost is low for most websites.

4. The Use Of Clean Code

The use of clean code and semantic markup and the use of keyword-rich title elements on the page will facilitate search engines in finding what they are looking for when crawling your site.

5. Expanding Organic Backlinks

As opposed to paid links, organically acquired, effective inbound links have become an essential element of SEO efforts. Getting effective inbound links takes time and commitment; however, the significant impact on SERP rankings and the increase in overall traffic to your website makes it well worth it.

6. Easy To Navigate Your Site

Being easy to navigate will typically improve your site’s position in organic search results. Likewise, it helps visitors find what they are looking for without frustration, which can positively impact lead conversions.

7. Quick Page Load Time

A quick page load time is essential because, right up there with ease of navigation or mobile optimization, a responsive website ensures visitors don’t crash. A page’s speed is one indicator of search engine ranking from an SEO point of view. 

For whatever reason (large images, scrolling images, etc.), sites that take a long time to respond to visitor queries tend to rank lower in the SERPs because the user experience suffers. Please pay attention to features and functionality and how they affect load times.

Understanding white hat SEO is not enough; it is also important to avoid accidentally falling into the grey areas of SEO, or worse, by doing something that violates search engine guidelines: the realm of black hat SEO.


5 Black Hat SEO Techniques

Knowing the black hat SEO techniques is crucial for you to avoid doing them and, therefore, to gain Google’s trust. 

1. Keywords stuffing 

The content is hidden in the code but stuffed with keywords so that only search engines can see it – it used to work. However, search algorithms have become much more innovative. 

The owners of websites that use this “forbidden” method may face hefty fines and/or have their sites blocked by search engine authorities.

2. Clickbait

There is a close resemblance between content hiding and clickbait on the web. No content appears in the user’s browser that search engine spiders display. 

This double tracking helps to rank pages with irrelevant content without the user’s knowledge and to show different results than expected. The best-known example is submitting HTML to search engines while displaying images or Flash files to the user – a classic trick of spammers.

3. Low-Quality Content

Releasing low-quality content that provides no value to visitors and creates a bad image. Plagiarism or copying content from other websites is almost invisible to search engines and allows having an advantage in rankings. 

Google and other search engines’ algorithms not only detect duplicate content, but they immediately take down pages with duplicate or otherwise low-quality content.

4. Keyword Stuffing

Meta keyword stuffing, unnaturally stuffing keywords into meta tags, page titles, or link text is easy enough for a trained monkey, with no positive effect on SEO. In fact, it can scare off search engines.

5. Paid Backlinks Or Collecting Irrelevant Links

Channel harvesting is the practice of collecting more links from irrelevant pages that are usually hidden from the actual visitors to your site. A link to such a page will not bring you traffic, and you run the risk of your page being flagged.


Wearing A White Hat SEO

You are here today to answer an important question to every content creator on the internet! What is white hat and black hat SEO? We responded to the question, and by now, you have a clear understanding that white hat SEO is the best way for your online business.

Your website’s success can be helped or hindered by SEO, depending on the hat you choose. White hat SEO is an effective tool for delivering relevant content, a click-through rate, increased visibility, more opportunities for conversions and other business leads. 

On the other hand, black hat SEO carries risks – potential punishments, site closure, backlash, unsatisfactory user experience, and lost conversion opportunities. Just make sure you are familiar with black and white hat tactics to choose the right one.

Undertake our SEO guide to learn more about improving your search engine rankings and maintaining your website’s integrity with the latest search engine optimization of best practices.

Manual Penalties

Organizations that apply SEO in an unclean manner are also at risk of manual action by Google. When Google’s team of manual inspectors assigns these penalties, they mean that the site has been flagged as breaking the rules.

In contrast to algorithm updates, manual actions may result in a website no longer appear in search results. In this situation, “black hat SEO” tactics may be the exact opposite of what is intended by the SEO using them.

Is Link Building A Black Hat SEO Tactic?

Owners of websites often wonder if link building is considered an illegal SEO tactic. Consequently, most website owners build links for the sole purpose of improving their rankings rather than impacting the user experience. Their main objective is to increase their website’s credibility in search engines’ eyes.

Does This Mean You Shouldn’t Try To Earn Links To Your Website?

The answer, fortunately, is no, but you do need to be mindful about the tactics you use. As Google points out in its guidelines, you shouldn’t engage with links and affiliate programmers that don’t add value. And it would be best if you never tried to buy links.

Nevertheless, as long as you are not trying to manipulate Google’s algorithm with unnatural links, gathering these links is not a dirty act in itself.


Stick To The White Hat SEO Tactics

It needs a significant investment of time, effort, and money to achieve meaningful results. Searching for black hat links to speed up the process can therefore be tempting.

But in the end, the risk is not worth the potential rewards. By investing in a white hat’s strategy, you will be more successful in the long run without having to worry about algorithm updating or prospective penalties.

Examples Of Practices Banned By Google

Black hat SEO tactics are bannable by search engines. Some have been particularly sanctioned in recent years.

  1. Cloaking, which includes the use of scripts to display different content, depends on whether the visitor is a robot or a human? Accordingly, the page being indexed is different from the one seen by the Internet user.
  2. Hidden text and keywords in their pages: each page’s editorial content allows search engines to visualize its subject matter. The wealth of vocabulary fields used then allows essential expressions to appear. Therefore, it may be tempting to add a long list of keywords to ensure good placement, keeping them hidden behind images or using the same font color as the background.
  3. Keyword stuffing, which includes the accumulation of abusive keywords in the text or hN tags.
  4. Copying content from other sites by simply copying and pasting competitors’ text and displaying it on your own site.
  5. The use of bots to generate links in large numbers automatically in the comments of articles or blogs.
  6. Generating a large number of external links to the same website (Paid Backlinks).

My Answer To The Question, What Is White Hat And Black Hat SEO?

As you search into the world of digital marketing and explore the best ways to optimize your website, you will ask, what is white hat and black hat SEO? And often come across the “black hat vs. white hat” debate. 

It is important to remember when you do so that this debate is not worth your time. White hat SEO is clearly the best method – and you shouldn’t listen to anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.

As much as black hat SEO may get some website owners quick results, it is in direct violation of Google’s guidelines and relies on manipulative tactics that are more likely to result in penalties than the desired results.

On the other hand, white hat SEO follows search engine guidelines, is human-focused, and takes a long-term approach. Altogether these are key to having a lasting positive impact on your search engine visibility.

Having this in mind, you may want to think about precisely what you can do to optimize your website and make a positive impact. Failing that, you’ll find the specific strategies you’re looking for in our on-page and off-page SEO guide.

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