Can I Make Money Online Fast? The Best 21 Ways To Make Money Online Fast


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Can I make money online fast? You might be using the Internet for browsing and chatting, but what you might not know is that you can invest this wasted time on the Internet to make money actively and passively.

Earning money while resting at home without driving to a workplace is a dream for many people. Although it is achievable, many people lack the proper information or training. Today we will answer the article’s question can I make money online fast? Also, we will give you many ways to help you begin today to earn money online quickly.


21 Top Ways To Make Money Online

There are many legitimate and easy ways to help you earn money quickly, and we will mention the most important of them:

#1 Online Paid Surveys 

It is an easy way to make money quickly online. All you have to do is fill out surveys for companies, these surveys are opinion polls about new products for these companies, and as soon as you fill out a survey, you will immediately get at least $5. The best-paid survey sites are SwagbucksBranded SurveysTolunaOnePolli-SayOpinion OutpostLifePointsYouGovPrizeRebelMarketagent, and many others.

#2 Searching The Web

Do you surf the Internet a lot? Are you wondering can I make money online fast? Yes, you can. You may not know that there are sites like that reward you for every search you make on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, and eBay. You can also complete surveys, earn money quickly, and increase your daily profits.

#3 Get Rewards From Your Online Shopping

Some sites allow you to get paid for shopping from them, such as and You earn a percentage of every purchase you make from these sites, and you may even get rewards.

#4 Be A Photographer And Sell Your Photos

You can take photos and sell them on reputable websites using your smartphone camera and photography apps. This way is legit, easy, and helps you earn money quickly. Here are some websites where you can sell your photos:

#5 Become A Website Tester

Some companies need someone to test their websites to see if they are easy to use or not in order to improve them. You might say, how can I make money online fast this way. It is easy as every visit to the company website or experience one of the apps; you will get at least $10.

#6 Create Your Own Website

It’s an easy and inexpensive way. After creating your website, all you have to do is communicate through social media to get visitors to your website. However, there are many ways to make money using your websites, such as blogging, affiliate marketing, advertising, and selling products.


#7 Create Your E-book And Publish It On Amazon Kindle

You have to gather information on a specific topic, format it into an attractive and easy-to-understand eBook, and then publish your book on the Kindle store and earn money. You can promote your book through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

#8 Earn Money From Your Old Mobile Phone

If you have an old mobile phone, you can make money from it, as there are companies that provide recycling services for old mobile phones, so they send you money for your old mobile phone. Then the company checks the phone to make sure that it complies with the conditions mentioned online. 

If your old mobile phone is not compatible with the company’s terms, it will take some money from you. The company will sell the phone or break it into parts for recycling next.

#9 Sell ​​Used School Or College Books Online

This is an easy and fast way to earn money. You can buy used books from students or a family member who may have school or college books and then resell them to new students online; eBay or Amazon Marketplace is a great place to sell old books.

#10 Sell ​​Old Things & Antiques That You Don’t Use

You have old clothes, CDs, DVDs, antiques, or empty boxes; you can sell them on sites like Amazon MarketplaceEtsy, or eBay.

#11 Teach English

If you speak English fluently and enjoy teaching others, do not be confused and ask; can I make money online fast. The English language you master is a powerful opportunity in your hands because it is the most used language worldwide. Set the English language teaching working hours on one of the platforms, and you will earn money quickly and make outstanding monthly payments. The newly facts and statistics in 2022 show the following:

  • The average age at which children worldwide start learning English at school is 7 and a half. And many of them in foreign countries need extra lessons after school.
  • People in the UAE are the keenest to learn English, with a higher ratio of searches on search engines being conducted for terms such as “Learn English” and “Translate to English” than in any other country worldwide. 
  • California has the highest number of people who speak a language other than English at home out of all U.S. states.
  • 62% of U.K. adults believe that English is the most essential language for non-native children to learn at school worldwide.
  • English is an official language in 75 different countries worldwide, meaning that 39% of countries have English as one of their official languages.

#12 Taking Care Of And Playing With Dogs

If you love to babysit, care for and play with dogs, you can earn money for this. There are sites like Rover that offer search services for dogs and cats, making you $1,000 a month.

#13 Watch Ads Online And Earn Money

You encounter many ads while browsing the Internet, and you may skip them and not see them. But you do not know that you can earn money quickly by watching these ads, and you may get 50 to 100 dollars per month; we will mention to you some sites that allow you to profit through their ads, namely:

This site earns you points when you watch ad videos, and you can redeem points for gifts or money.

This site earns you $5 for logging in, and then you earn money for watching ads, videos, and surveys.

You will earn $10 for just subscribing to this site and then earn points for surveys, and then you can exchange the points for gifts or money.

#14 Invest Your Money In A Real Estate Investment App

Do you have some money, about $500, and are wondering can I make money online fast? Really, you can. Apps like Fundrise allow you to make money by investing your money in real estate, where you get quarterly earnings.

#15 Earn Money Through Social Media

Some social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, allow you to earn money by publishing sponsored posts, selling your products, or providing marketing services. YouTube allows you to make money through views of your videos, where you get $5000 for 1 million views.

#16 Start Freelancing Online

You can use your skills in web design, marketing, teaching, or other skills to work as a freelancer and earn money quickly. Among the sites, you can work on as a freelancer are FlexJobs, Fiverr, and Upwork.


#17 Take Advantage Of Playing Games On Your Mobile Phone

Do you love downloading games on your mobile phone? So don’t ask can I make money online fast because playing will make you money quickly. Don’t be surprised. Some game developers pay you money for trying their games, and you can get $100 quickly for playing.

Among the applications that allow you to earn money quickly from games: Mistplay, which you can download from the Google Play store. Boodle, and also you can download it from the Google Play store. Also, Solitaire Cube allows you to earn quickly from games.

#18 Earn Money From Reading Books

If you love reading, this is your chance to earn money. Some sites pay you for book reviews like and The U.S. Review of Books.

#19 Sell ​​Your Ideas To Companies

If you are good at creating ideas, you can use this skill to earn money quickly. According to the company’s field, some companies are always looking for new ideas for products or tools, and they pay you money for the new ideas you offer. You can earn up to $1000 quickly for every new idea you seriously come up with. Some companies pay you for innovative new ideas: 3MDorman Products, Inc., and Henkel.

#20 Work As A Virtual Assistant

This means helping clients remotely with online administrative services such as data entry, content writing, social media management, appointment scheduling, and other services. You will make $1,000 quickly per month.

#21 Rent Your Car

Do you own a car? Does a question come to your mind: Can I make money online fast? Your car is a solution in your hands. You can share your car in online markets for renting it. These markets allow you to earn $700 or $800 per month by renting your car through them. Among these markets: Turo and Getaround.


Can I Make Money Online Fast? Is This Legit?

Before we begin with the different ways to earn money online fast, let’s answer an important question, are such things legitimate? Yup! Believe it or not, you can make a lot of money with only a stable connection, your laptop, and a cup of coffee. 

Nowadays, especially after the pandemic, everyone opened their eyes to the potential of working at home. Also, many new entrepreneurs started to understand the importance of being a freelancer rather than giving their necks to their “bosses.”

As discussed before, there are many opportunities to start today and earn money from home. However, it is up to you to choose the best way to begin your side hustle, and don’t forget that there are many other ways to make money online.

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